Thursday, 3 April 2008

"Anjing Tersepit" Psyche in UMNO Baru / Govt?


"All political revolutions, not affected by foreign conquest, originate in moral revolutions.
The subversion of established institutions is merely one consequence of the previous subversion of established opinions.
-John Stuart Mill

The recent 12GE results have opened the Pandora's AMNO's Box in Bodohland- especially that of AMNO Baru's politics and mindset.
They appear to want a change in "leadership" but don't appear to want to change their attitude or the system within, and are thus quite confused and clueless.

The weak neo-Fascist cabinet line-up, is nothing but a superficial face-saving gesture at "Reform" of an administration in denial, conflict and under siege.

As a result, the Government/ AMNO Baru appears to have entered a phase wherein they behave like "anjing tersepit" - hence they appear to be lashing out in confusion at anything and everything, while scrambling and grappling in the dark for direction.

The unrelenting search for political scapegoats & bogeymen today, while denying the sins of the past is the communicable disease that has afflicted AMNO Baru - but there's plenty of anger and rhetoric about "reform", though .....
Some other Fascists are furious ........ and they wanna prove themselves as the real Fascists with teeth. They're baying for blood like hyenas and They need prey.
They need to subdue the People of Bodohland, who have woken up and aren't so bodoh after all!
Without a subdued people this is no longer Bodohland! They need to return Bodohland to its former Fascist "glory" .......

Let us see what our "prominent politikus"/ agencies have said of late ......
  1. Mr.Badwa believes that he has a strong mandate as in the valid BN majority in parliament. Mahatheeran believes that one needs the 2/3 majority to be PM.
  2. So, Mahatheeran says Mr.Badwa is shameless to hold on to his post.
  3. Mr.KaTie, after having lost Selangor says, ""Dalam blog saya yang kini mencapai hits lebih 40,000 .....", declaring himself a full fledged blogger of repute (and all he has done is request "feedback" from people, who weren't really giving much feedback)!! LOL. ..... quite a "pencapaian"!
  4. Mr.KaTie said that there was "interference" in selection of election candidates.
  5. Mr.Chris says that nomination for AMNO Baru candidates in recent elections had no "middleman" influence, as alleged by Mahatheeran.
  6. While acknowledging that reforms were needed in AMNO Baru Youth, Mr.Chris also says that Mr. Phuart himself needs to reform with the whole party hierarchy - but he supports the current hierarchy.
  7. AMNO Baru Ketua Kampungs tender resignation from posts, but wish to be on Federal payroll for duties of a different description - that's where our taxes go.
  8. Some agencies/ depts wish to prosecute non-Muslims for "Khalwat" in Civil Courts - (if that isn't a brain-dead idea, I really don't know what is!) while pedophiles, rapists and murderers run free.
  9. Then, we also have a campaign by a Dr. Must-Shittah who wants to "save" a British prostitute (who is apparently the daughter of a Pakistani tutor-cum-child molester), while neglecting the economic plight of Malaysian "working girls". This Dr. Shittah definitely deserves the Pea-Brain Award for 2008, up hers!
  10. No "Opposition" politician can be invited by schools for functions, unless approved by Mr. Chris or his "machais".
  11. Mr. SuKun tells LGE to stop "harping" on land scams that are "being investigated" by ACA. Meanwhile, Mr.Cutting and Uncle Sam are silent after being neutered.
  12. The Ex-Putri [Non-Wanita AMNO Baru but AMNO Baru member??!!] Minister says, Tourism MoUs with Tourism Action Councils in "Opposition"-ruled states will be terminated, but "will appoint commitee members from tourism community" to help develop tourism in these states.
  13. Mahatheeran promotes the "rising son" (the failed Tongkang Medivest entrepreneur, who "does a Che Det" while hiding behind Daddy), saying that AAB should "stop listening to family".
  14. Zaid says that Govt should apologize to Tun Salleh for the 1988 Judicial Crisis. Others say Mahatheeran should apologize ......
  15. Mahatheeran says everything in the 1988 Judicial crisis was "Legal" (not necessarily "right") - hence not wrong (that's what Hitler said about his anti-semitic laws....), and no need for apologies - interesting.....
  16. Mahatheeran says he resigned "respectably" when the time was due .....
  17. Mahatheeran now says, Mr.Badwa is "shameless"!!
  18. Mahatheeran also supports The Disgraced Coolie's calls for an EGM and wishes to contest for Presidency!
  19. Mahatheer promotes the obedient son (who "does a Che Det") while saying that Mr.Badwa should "stop listening to family".
  20. Mahatheeran drops initial overt support for Mr.Badwa, then the "mongolian candidate", and now "doesn't know why" he has changed his mind to anybody else. He has also changed his mind about the ground rules of the AMNO Baru elections - it was good in his time, apparently! (I wonder what else is coming.... and we say AAB flip-flops ....)
  21. And the great "A-moral but legally upright" Mahatheeran says - Mr.Badwa is "shameless" .......

These are just a few things that have been happening in Bodohland.
Now, with a Pakatan Rakyat coalition to contend with, I really wonder what else would be in store for the nation as a whole in time to come ......

"Somebody" is subverting the AMNO Baru Federal Govt,
and "somebody" else is subverting the "Opposition" State Govts.
- I'm pretty sure though, that Pakatan Rakyat isn't party to either of these subversions at present .....

This is simply the royal rumble, bloodlust & chaos in al-AMNO Baru's Bodohland ....... what else can we expect from these "anjing tersepit", huh?


"May we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

All names and incidents mentioned above (except for the quotations, Zaid, Tun Salleh and Pakatan Rakyat which were added for "realism") are purely a figment of a CruzinThot imagination - any other similarities with people or organisations dead or alive, is purely coincidental.