Monday, 30 November 2009

Deceit - Ruling Ignorance, Fear & Apathy

"....This casts serious doubt on the Malaysian Government’s
for the sanctity of contracts and the rule of law.
Let’s not talk about spurring investment .....
if we fail to understand the importance of abiding by contractual obligations."
- Tengku Razaleigh, Honouring our agreements



With a certain ruling elite in this country - DECEIT is the only way they know how to rule.
From the 20-point agreement with Sabah, NEP, to the Federal Constitution, to ISA/ Police act, to oil royalties, to sabotage of non-BN held states, to legalised Illegals with "Bumi" status, to the Bank Bumiputra/Islam financial scandals, to Chin Peng denied entry, to OPV, to Bakun, to PKFZ - one thing remains consistent with Umno - DECEIT!

Change starts from Rakyat
- so said the article on Malaysia Today by Tohkong Mosjid. Indeed, it is as true as can be. To depend on our politicians to bring about any change is at best, foolhardy. Politicians (even the clerics, in fact) are concerned with only one thing - power to rule over the masses. It is however, quite a wonder, when you see the people drowning in their fear and apathy depending on these very people to bring about the changes they desire.
When things don't work out as they predict or hope, they're quick to complain about those who have made every effort against all the odds stacked against them, to bring about that change. It isn't enough that changes are being made to the extent they're empowered to do - Malaysians demand "Instant Noodles" & quick-fixes to all the problems that plague the country. Never mind if the Federal Constitution is raped, never mind if the dispossessed are trampled on, never mind if your neighbour faces injustice ....
As long as their bread is buttered and on the table, Malaysians don't give a fig about anything that goes on under the UMNO regime. It doesn't matter if UMNO whispers sweet little lies as the sexual predator does to his victims- Malaysians love it. and beg for more!!

“So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom,
those who wish to tyrannise will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent,
and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods,
religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.”

- Voltaire

Just yesterday, I had a man come and announce proudly to me that he's "politically active". When asked which party he worked for, he proudly announced that he was with (of all parties) Gerakan - the neutered lapdog of UMNO!! All I could say was, "Despite all the evidence presented before them, Malaysians are generally quite stupid politically & such suckers for some feelgood sweet little lies from the ruling elite". The worst part about meeting him was the fact that he agreed with me!! I then went to get him some peanuts, which he gladly accepted as continued talking his usual crap.

Frankly - I admire RPKs resilience at his "crusade" into raising awareness among the public. As things are, I'm beginning to get quite frustrated with the general public who fall for all the stupid lies dished out by the Umno regime. I'm not so sure that we can make much of a difference when we try to save the country from the wolves, when the people willingly become sheep following their "Judas Goat" in Umno, to the slaughterhouse.As long as Umno rules - the modus operandi of the so-called BN alliance Govt (the Mahathir way, i.e.) will remain as DECEIT.

Ultimately - it all would depend on the people, if they want to treat or live with the Malaysian Disease of Fear and Apathy. If those who accept Umno/BN as the only way for Malaysia to progress, especially if the Malays allow themselves to be hoodwinked into believing that only Racism, Piracy, apartheid and Umno can save them - this country is doomed, and I better keep my bags packed.
Of late, there was a book published on Mahathir's exploits in his 22 yrs. I liked one forum entry entitled "Buku Panas!! Mahathir Songlap RM100 billion" ...... let's see what Mr. "Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy" has got to say about this.

"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible".
- Voltaire