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MoHA's "Engrand" so Fowerfacked, ah?

Thanks to some vigilant people,
we have been alerted to some
very "crever" people working in

some critical sectors of our Government.
Please visit

Ministry of Home Affairs- Frequently Asked Questions
for some good laughs.

Below are some screencaptures from the official website of Hishamuddin's Ministry:-
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MACC- WHY The 'Elegant Silence"?!


Dear Abdul Rahman Bachok,

I am referring to the visit Manjeet Singh Dhillon, Amarjit Singh Sidhu and myself made to your offices in late July this year when we handed to you the questions and answers affirmed by my Client Mr. Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal, in London, as per your request.

I also refer to my email to you dated 19 September 2010 requesting an update on your investigations into this matter but unfortunately I have yet to receive your response.

I have therefore been requested by my client, Bala, to write to you again for an update.

Please note that it has been 5 months since we handed to you the above document at which time we were advised that all other parties had already been interviewed by your team and that Bala's answers to your questions was the final part of your investigations.

We would very much appreciate your immediate advice.

Please also be informed that my client Bala is more than willing to attend court as a witness against any of the persons you may have suggested be charged in relation to this matter but he insists that a guarantee for his safety be provided by the relevant authorities for obvious reasons.

Please could you revert to me at the soonest.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Americk Sidhu

AFF Cup 2010 Indonesia 5- Malaysia 1

Sarawak’s billion dolar bride! « The People’s Parliament

Sarawak’s billion dolar bride!

December 21, 2010

Received the following alert :

Sarawak Report has been subjected to a cyber-attack, which has knocked it temporarily off-line. This follows a number of death threats sent through our mail, which have been notable for their creepy, ‘black-magic’ format.

Disabling websites by using millions of hits is a very expensive process, even more expensive than hiring top lawyers. So this limits our list of suspects in this case to people who are both very rich and have a direct interest in shutting us up, but who would rather not face the scrutiny of an open court.


In solidarity with Sarawak Report, which has done so much for the people of Sarawak in the short time that it has made its mark in blogosphere, I am posting the Sarawak Report that would have been posted up but for this cyber-attack.


Billion Dollar Bride

Meanwhile, we have exclusive pictures of Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud’s, new young bride. Kuching has been aflame with interest and amusement at the leaked information that the 74 year old has found himself a second wife who is still in her 20s.

However, the government has refused to issue official confirmation of the wedding ceremony that was celebrated at the weekend in the Chief Minister’s vast mansion (the financing of which remains a mystery, like the rest of his properties). Even senior Government Ministers are scouring the web for details of the new “Thief Lady”, who has yet even to be announced by name.

In desperation calls have been made to Sarawak Report and so we feel honoured to oblige.

Sarawak’s wealth around her neck

Sarawakians will not fail to notice that several thousand hectares of irreplaceable jungle must have been felled and turned to oil palm to adorn this lady’s neck.

One top London jeweller today gave the opinion that the rubies in her diamond tiara, necklace, ring and broach are “likely to be fake glass”. His reason was that if they were genuine cabochon rubies, like they appear to be, then they would be “priceless at such a size as that”. When pressed the jeweller hazarded that they would be worth at least RM150 million.

Since the Chief Minister has yet to release details about his bride we will leave Sarawakians to decide amongst themselves whether the Chief Minister has adorned his new wife in glass or cabochon ruby.

Christmas is a time for sharing

As they depart for their Christmas honeymoon, doubtless utilising one of the Hornbill jets funded by Sarawak’s hard-pressed taxpayers, we hope the happy couple spare a thought for the many hungry children in the longhouses who are hoping for a nice present this year.

However, times are hard because more and more land has been snatched away from these communities by the Chief Minister’s BN government, so their parents will have already told them not to expect too much.

As ever, these parents will have to remind their children that the Chief Minister’s favourite advice to the rural folks is that they “must learn to wait”. Apparently, Taib is promising that at some stage he will begin to share his wealth with the people he took it from!

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YouTube - bloody wealth/harta berdarah,taib mahmud

YouTube - bloody wealth/harta berdarah,taib mahmud