Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sodo Mee -The Production Dispute Press Conference

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has taken refuge in the Turkish Embassy, saying he fears a government plot to assassinate him.
"I have been told that my assassination has not been ruled out as means to subvert the people's will and bring an end to the transformational changes taking place in Malaysia," Anwar wrote on his blog from the Turkish Embassy where he was holed up since early Sunday.
- The Canadian Press

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That's all fine ..... charges may be trumped up, it may be a conspiracy and blah, blah...
not that I care what anybody does in their spare time with their tennis partners, pet monkeys or asses anyway - but ....,
I was wondering .... what the hell was a newbie wannabe "volunteer" with no track record (like PsyFool), doing as a "personal aide" to a prominent personality??!!
What's so great about this Uniten flunky, that he should deserve to be what he supposedly was?

AI has definitely lost a great deal of credibility here ...
That too, with A Kid (Sai-who??) - not even a pro (unlike Emu Hafelda, the last time ...)!!!!
It's failure of colossal proportions - to protect himself from these charges - malicious, trumped up or not!
And here we are, hoping to have a political rebirth for the nation under your leadership!

Tell me it wasn't a FOOLISH act on your part, DSAI!!
Jeez man - wake up and look around you, Anwar ---- how can you let anybody, "unscreened from A-Z", even near you?
You know as well as the jackass nextdoor that there's no such thing as "in good faith" in politics!
And you say that you "fear an assassination plot"??

Get real, Anwar ..... in politics, YOU ARE PUBLIC PROPERTY - especially in leadership; and you have to take care of yourself as a national treasure!!!
You cannot let every little kid volunteer wander in to be your personal "aide" (whatever that means).
Hope you know what you have done here, DSAI - don't worry, though - the people are still with you ....

I'm really not sure who's behind all this, although the writings on the wall does implicate a prominent person who denies any involvement and is using this as a "diversion".

"A little bird" gave me a very unlikely spin, though -
Maybe DSAI set up the whole thing himself, to ridicule the authorities and "prove a point"!
That's quite laughable, if you ask me.
Ridiculous, one would say .... but who knows, huh?
As they say, "It Politics!"

Forget about the many Keadilan membership forms that are being held back by those who wish to wait-and-see Anwar in action first ...
We're still waiting for the much trumpeted "crossovers" that are now "derailed" and by-elections for you entry into parliament lah.