Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Fearing the 'Trojans' of 916?

Has anyone considered the possibility that all this Penang "race issue" is a big drama to "destabilize" create tension to scare the people?
That the BN partners may be co-starring actors in the whole "racial-conflict" drama perpetrated by this Ahmad Ismail character?
Just so that the "chinese-based" parties can attempt to show that they have some "teeth" and would "defend the Chinese Race" - who knows ..... maybe there be an "Indian-based conflict" soon, so that that "ayah" can make some noise.
It all seems so .... "artificial", in that it is set in Penang which is under PR. Gerakan "stands up to" Umno, MCA joins in the fray - makes police reports and creates so much hype ......
And just when things should be dying down, somebody ups the ante,
then the Army General has to make an "announcement",
and Mahathir should be joining Umno again and so on and so forth ...
The whole thing is just too fishy .... maybe we should just ignore the animal and his antics!

Here's a comment on MT:
written by ez24get, September 09, 2008 22:30:35
Raja Petra,
Just be careful! It may look like a mad cow disease, smell like a mad cow disease but it is not a mad cow disease! It may well be a "wayang kulit cow disease".
Although the disease is inflicted on Ahmad Ismail at the moment but the real disease, more deadly and more devastating, will actually be unleashed on Raja Petra and those people who are responsible for UMNO's slipping grip on power in Malaysia.
Don't you sense that the bravery shown by Ahmad Ismail in playing up the racial sentiments of malays, going head to head with Gerakan while ignoring the president and vice-president is very fishy?
By sacrificing Ahmad Ismail, they will turn around and say that in order to be fair and show that they don't practise double standard, all people who are considered as threat to harmony and race relation in Malaysia will be rounded up and detained under ISA. Effectively NGOs, foreigners and oppositions in Malaysia cannot now argue that only action is taken on Ahmad Ismail for uttering racial slurs but the others like Raja Petra, Bloggers and opposition parties be spared from action.
They would sacrifice only one low level UMNO politician, albeit Ahmad Ismail, but they are able to put the big fishes like Raja Petra, LKS, LGE or Anwar behind bars which would slow down or stop completely their march to Putrajaya! In the end, MCA, Gerakan and MIC will fall over themselves in praising UMNO for practising fairness and justice to the non-malays. They will be duped into staying in BN for the time being.
So watch the wayang kulit carefully. UMNO is likely to take stern action on Ahmaid Ismail tomorrow! But very soon, they will go after the real target with greater zeal!!!

X ->TO -> ?
Demikianlah ketakutan mereka sehingga apabila hak mereka di buruk-burukan dan diserang, mereka tidak berani mempertahankan diri mereka.
- Mahathir, CheDet.com

"I urge the Chinese not to become like the Jewish in America, where it is not enough that they control the economy, but they also want to dominate politics,"
- Ahmad Ismail, Umno Penang.

Not only has Ismail won widespread support in Umno Penang but also elsewhere in the country, indicating that the old Umno-dominated order is not dying ....
Some Malaysians still have hope that the BN can transform itself ...
.....whether it accepts the realities of the changed political landscape and is able to shape for itself a new and meaningful role.

- A battle between the new and old political order, Malaysian Insider

However, he has also decided to support Gua Musang MP and his former nemesis Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for the post of Umno president in the party elections in December.
- The Star, Dr Mahathir persuaded to rejoin Umno

What we see from the quotes above, cements the fact that Umno Baru (the shell of the dead & gone real UMNO of Onn Jaafar) insists on perpetuating their bull-headed ways in dealing with the political realities that it faces.
There are among these, the pseudo-entrepreneurs/leaders, who have lost everything as a result of the absence of power/political patronage.
As a result of their intellectually challenged status, they today choose to exhibit their muscle, for fear of 916 - instead of humility, reflection, repentance & solidarity.
Some are crying out to the NGOs/Bar council/ bloggers for not codemning the "immorality" of defections".
Some of course have chosen to run to Taiwan, so as to become experts in kangkung agriculture ... but nobody seems to care anymore about these has beens (except the pirates)!

Having played to the tune of Fascistic ideas for 25yrs, Umno is so clueless, that they don't even know how to play the tune of reconciliation and solidarity - they only seem to understand the evil language of supremacy and intimidation, thus alienating themselves from their own. And they simply just don't give a chance, to those who give them the benefit of doubt!
This attitude in defending the indefensible is goaded on, by none other than our dear ex-PM, Mr. Mahathir himself who appears to have settled for a lesser bargain in the Umno Baru Kuli, lest the "chill he faces is mortal".
(Take note that being "spoilt for choice" as a result of his meticulous planning of his "vision", he has chosen "anybody", over burying his baby- Umno Baru). Of course the 513 rhetoric is being blasted all over again so as to play the "fear" card - without that, these pretenders are NOTHING.

Despite all their fears, my bet is it won't happen on 916 - I agree with RPK that 919, 920 or 922 would be more like it. Don't ask me why - I can't give you a spin on why I say so ...
That weekend will see nerves fraying and mercury rising among all parties.
Let it not be said that there is no anxiety on part of the Rakyat, come 916 - even if that day comes to pass with no change in Govt.
Let it not be said either, that the rakyat love the idea of "defectors/crossovers" - the problem remains that the people are caught between "the devil and the deep blue sea", and any right thinking person would choose the latter.

It is not that Anwar offers a hierarchy that is definite to produce impeccable results - Pakatan Rakyat is simply an electoral pact which is at its infancy and nowhere near a full-fledged coalitio. In it, there is much anxiety with regard to the "old school" politicians who don't seem to to have adapted well with the current climate which has hit them like a ton of bricks. As in all political parties, mutual (intra and inter- party) suspicions and conflicts still do exist , which are yet to be ironed out.
One one side, the Malays are anxious if the DAP plans to usurp power for the "Chinese" (which I believe is ridiculous) while diluting the beautiful Malay nature of West Malaysia with its talk of "meritocracy" and Malaysian Malaysia.
On the other side, we have amny a non-Malay nervous about trusting PAS with power, lest they resort to the "old-school" hardline Islamist/theocratic rhetoric and enforcement, thus curtailing freedom/pluralism and promoting "dhimmitude".
PKR while holding on to the "middle ground" has elements like Zulkifli who have obviously slithered past QC, to become an MP on the PKR ticket - and now creates anxiety among the people.

Yes - Many still fear the Umno Baru Trojans who slithered past QC in the new Pakatan Rakyat and the prospect of political/economic turmoil that may be imminent. But it pales in comparison the fear of a Racist & Fascist regime, perpetuated by the Pirates of the Constitution, who are intent on leeching on the industrious and living a life of decadence, while reciting scriptures for the gullible.
Despite all their teething problems, inconsistencies and the anxieties they provoke, they appear to be saints when compared to the alternative in the mindless band of pirates who now cry foul, because nobody is on their side on the issue of "defections".

It is heartening to note that Raja Petra has come out strongly, rebuking the proponents of violent assertion of "rights" (notably Khir Toyo & Ahmad Ismail) for playing up the threat of violence against the Non- Malays. He also went on to say,
"... warn the Umno Malays, in no uncertain terms, that they take to the streets at the risk of facing fellow Malays from the opposition who will defend their non-Malay brethren to the last drop of their blood. I, for one, am ready to stand by my Chinese and Indian comrades.
So let Umno be warned."

I was truly touched by the expression of solidarity, and I would be vindicated in my faith, in my good Malay Brothers & Sisters should this be the general sentiment.
Should this sentiment be proven, I'd bet my last penny that there is no reason for my Malay brothers to fear being sidelined economically (although they would still need to understand the nature of money & work for their rewards, despite the affirmative action in MEA) in time to come.
All it takes is that they rise to the occasion just once and speak the language of justice, (instead of the language of the seige mentality/fear/insecurity/inferiority complex promoted by Umno)- and they'd dispel the fears and anxieties of the minorities, to create trust like never seen before in Malaysia.
And what a beautiful scenario of hope it would provide for a dynamic Nation!


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