Friday, 16 October 2009

Discipline and Reason, Is All It Takes.

"PKR, DAP and PAS must be buried, and buried deep.
But from the ashes of PKR, DAP and PAS must arise Pakatan Rakyat,
the legendary phoenix rising from the ashes.
The next election, whether it be another by-election or the next general election,
must no longer be about PKR, DAP or PAS. It has to be about Pakatan Rakyat."

-RPK, "Over To You Zaid"


So said Pete.
Does he really mean it? That we have to disillusion the electorate who voted one way or the other, and rock the non-BN parties? Although Pete's got the idea, I seriously doubt that he meant it literally- that's a little extreme/ idealistic I would say. What RPK is doing here appears to be, endorsing Zaid's idea of complete multiculturalism - a good idea, which Malaysians (the politicians, actually) indoctrinated by 50 yrs of Umno hegemony and the siege mentality/ghetto mindset, aren't quite ready for. That is the sad fact.

But then again, what he could have meant was - that they have to seek more common ground, rather than harp on the differences - as PAS (read Hasan "Beer" Ali/ "Concert" Nasrudin) and PKR (read Zul "intelectual amoeba" Nordin) insist doing, like they were Khir Toyo's Umno members. Meanwhile, (take note, Anwar, LKS & Hadi!) -I suppose those higher up the party ranks should not impede the progress of the ambitious younger ones in the party.

PR is of course busy riding the wave of discontent among the people, while ridiculing the Umno/BN regime (and little else). It has escaped them, that they should be busy consolidating their positions on gained ground through a better party/alliance hierarchy, and start thinking big. While BN as a coalition may be rocked to the core with the increasing irrelevance of the major allies, Umno is trying it's its best to regain the high moral ground using all the tricks in the book - state resources included.

No offense guys ...
I think it's about time PR cool off on the Umno bashing, and concentrate on sustainable coalition building. C'mon ... gimme a break - at least Umno knows that they are screwed!
Does Pakatan/PKR/PAS/DAP know that? Either they do and don't give a fig, or the leadership is blind as a bat (well ... at least bats aren't so bad, in that they can manage with their hearing).
As long as they (PR) keeps behaving the way they do - there's some truth in calling them strange bedfellows (as everybody with some gray-matter would) who would feign cooperation, in their lust for political power.

They (BN) may not be able to win the love of the people - but they can quite easily make the people hate PR and its ideals (and they're doing just that, while PR is busy strutting away). They're masters at creating discord among the any opposition - it is how they've ruled since the post-513/Razak BN days. They don't just divide people, they even divide institutions and political parties - it is what makes them tick. Meanwhile, they give an impression of united BN, even if they're at each others' throats behind the scenes. It is what kept them going for for 38 years (not 63 as some 1-Malaysia posters may say).
Now - has Pakatan Rakyat been able to do that? NOT one BIT!!

PR's problems reflect their myopic view of Malaysians and the greater malaise within- they don't even understand each others' common ground and the people's wants (more so, those in Sabah/ Sarawak), and hope to rule effectively?
They're united only in opposition to a greater evil- BN/Umno, but divided among themselves (more so where the fascist little mullahs of PAS are concerned - take note, Hadi).

To top all these bickering, we of course have the little-mullahs within PKR and PAS who wish to show their chest thumping religiosity and arrogance by calling for the banning of this and that. They seem to believe that the cloak of religiosity can wash away the sins of economic decadence & corruption - or else, they'd be more concerned about the poverty, instead of liquor, women's skirts and concerts. As for DAP, well, I suppose they could show greater empathy for the dispossessed, instead of just harping on the idiosyncracies of their political opponents, while having dinosaurs themselves.

Then we have this very annoying semblance of either indiscipline or helplessness in the leadership - they don't seem to be able to reign in their own members for flouting the ethical standards and giving the impression of discord within their parties. We have Nasrudin screaming MLTR and Beyonce, Hasan Ali barking out "Alcohol", and Zul Nordin blabbering about some religion being "threatened" (despite evidence to the contrary) and attacking public forums. None of them have yet to be taken to task, reflecting their helplessness (although spun as being a sign of "freedom of expression"). It appears that if anyone has a desire to be "feared" - he just has to ride the "little-mullah" bandwagon, and the leadership would have their balls in their throats!
A consolation though - PKR managed to shut Mike and enlightened him on the wisdom of a table talk ..... but of course we have another drunkard from that mosquito MDP who made plenty of noise. Hopefully Teoh Beng Hock has managed to satisfy his bloodlust .....

On another note - Of late, many have come to the conclusion that the people of Bagan Pinang voted for "corruption" - this is a simplistic gross error in judgement. It couldn't be further from the truth. They didn't vote for corruption. They are simple folk - from military/Police kampungs/estates/ small town.
They voted for the familiarity of the devil they know, over the possibility of chaos under PR or PAS Islamism - PR has to be very clear about that! They believe that the possibility of being delivered economic gain was greater with Isa, than with PAS's Islamist stance.
Call it bribery, call it corruption, call it victimization- It doesn't change a thing. If PAS/PKR (and Pakatan) cannot get its act together and work together as a team with discipline and pragmatism with its allies to get to Putrajaya - far from being the "government in waiting", they are just waiting to be booted out.

It's about time, PR - you have to put a stop to all the charade. It is imperative that DAP, PKR and PAS learn to sit down together and come up with something more concrete on policy matters. The people are beginning to get sick of their lack of cohesion and selfishness. If their wish to go on with what they're doing, they will without any doubt squander away the chance that the people have given them.
We can all then lament, that the jubilation after their electoral victory, was nothing but an explosive "premature ejaculation" ....... and they're still in the euphoria!
Reality doesn't play mind games. Think about it all you PR old-timers and stalwarts - Discipline and Reason, Is All It Takes.
Well, maybe you could throw in a little pragmatism into the picture .....