Tuesday, 25 November 2008

"Bubble of Hope & Faith" Blues .....

"He never chooses an opinion; he just wears whatever happens to be in style."
-Leo Tolstoy

Do not let this Hope & Faith that the people have in democracy through the ballot-box, be just another bubble that needs to burst!
It would be wise for our leaders to start heeding the voice of the people - real soon!! Or else, they risk being the laughing stock of their opponents, and being branded as traitors to the rakyat.
If Faith and Hope in our secular Federal Constitution & Democracy is lost, we are headed down the drain. This reminder would especially significant to the two parties that cater to the "Malay Heartlanders" - not that PKR is absolved of this crime of indifference, anyway.

Issues that have been "staple diet" among the politicians on both sides of the fence lately, has got me wondering if I've just been feeding the "Bubble of Hope".
Our politicians are coming dangerously close to bursting this "bubble", if they do not take the people seriously.
Same goes for the actions of our Men-in-Blue too - the blatant lies that are dished out in the media by some quarters pretty high in the chain of command doesn't do much to enhance their image nor the confidence in the rule of law.

Here we have a State that's politically lost - playing up non-issues like the DAP, Pas in booze sale row, Pak Lah says yoga is ok for Muslims, "Allah", 'Nod not needed for fatwa'.
Umno knows that Yoga won't fill bellies - nor will a ban on candlelight vigils or the pro-ISA demos. They are just concerned with preserving the status quo of absolute executive power and their grubby hands in the cookie jar, thanks to Mahathir. Umno is obsessed with their "transition" and "money politics"/corruption, 'malay rights"/pseudo-NEP, sabotaging "opposition states" and their show of power against peacful and unarmed citizens.

Meanwhile, PAS trying to "exert its influence" in the PR electoral pact. Then we have PAS/ PKR trying to "play it smart" where the anti-ISA vigil issue is concerned - just how many PAS/ PKR MPs have come out in support of civil society movements' against the ISA?
Do they need accolades and glory in order to make themselves felt?

Or is it because, we cannot roll out the red-carpet for them?
Maybe it is because they fear being hauled up by the "men-in-blue" for attending an assembly deemed "illegal" by an unconstitutional law?

At one time, it was PKR that I had this "Hope" in - it is now slowly dissipating.
They seem more obsessed with posturing, and making a pretense of the real issues that plague the nation. I did not see any PAS or PKR politicians taking up issues seriously with the BN/Speaker in the Dewan. Nor have I seen any of them (or their thousands of ardent followers) making their presence felt at any of the Anti ISA vigils.

Then we have our Selangor MB speaking of 15 minute vigils indoors
(I can almost hear echoes of - OMG, WTF!!)!!!!
If he's so concerned about "playing by the rules", what the hell is he doing in the opposition bench? Doesn't he realize that it is these very unconstitutional laws/rules he wishes to subscribe to, that subjugates the people & keeps his opponents in power?
Maybe he just wishes to be what G.B. Shaw would call, "A man of great common sense and good taste - meaning thereby, a man without originality or moral courage".
Of course they are always there to pass comments and press statements for political mileage, though .....
Don't they see that they are being manipulated by their political adversaries, and they are swallowing the bait - hook, line & sinker!!!

And what's with PAS and their issues with alcoholic beverages? Why do they play the Umno-esque "siege-politics"? Aren't there any other issues that they have to fight for? Should corruption and the economy be their priority? Don't they understand that they need to address the "bread & butter" issues?
Don't they know that they have to learn to work with their partners and the electorate, who have given them greater voice?
Is this the "Thanks" we get from a party that's obsessed with "morality"?
Don't they know that too much of a good thing, loses its virtues?
Don't they know that "It's the Economy, Stupid"?

As much as I have had misgivings about DAP and its "confrontational" style of politics in the past, it appears to me now that they seem to be only ones who are actually sincere about fighting for the rights of the people! Probably it doesn't fantasize about being the "dominant" party in a ruling coalition - which is why they do take risks to express themselves in dissent (which incidently, is the true mark of a patriot).
If only DAP could somehow transform itself into a truly multi-racial party by attracting more "people from the heartlands" by speaking their language, and acknowledging that there has to be a more significant presence of Malays in their midst.
Now - is that a "bubble of Hope", or what .....