Thursday, 31 July 2008

My God- It's Your God!

(WARNING: This post contains an 18PG class of advertisement at the bottom)

The article on No Holds Barred by RPK entitled "My God is different from your God" was something that many saw as an "attack on Islam/ Malays" who are enamoured by the trappings of wealth, luxury and "privilege".

It didn't quite seem to be so to me - it was more of an attack on the philosophy and morality that has bred a generation of bigots and liars. A philosophy that breeds the idea and "ethics" of robbers .....

The following was my comment:

written by cruzeiro, July 31, 2008 | 20:17:03

It has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with education.
It is the education that has been corrupted since the start of the NEP (aka 'social contract') and formation of Biro Tata Nincompoops - two immoral institutions that breeds corruption.

I'm sorry RPK - but I think you're hitting out at the "people of a race/religion", but not the institutions that breeds the corruption at the expense of justice and integrity.

The problem starts when these ideas of "crook" are stressed on via the "creed" of "Racial Supremacy" or "Religious Chauvinism".

They believe that they cannot be wrong - they are "Mr & Ms Right", and their fisrt name is "Always" - that is in God's name, mind you!

Children at a tender and impressionable age, are thought and programmed from elementary classes, that it's their right to come up tops - by hook or crook.

They are taught that it is okay to cheat - that it is their "God-given" privilege to cheat, as long as a man in robes and a serban says so in the name of "religion".
Or a kris-brandishing maniac who's an "acclaimed" leader by virtue of birth! Ethics and morality are lost on these guys.

When they are rewarded for dismal performance, with cooked up results (different standards used), given opportunities when the more desrving are denied - they are already bribed and corrupted!
Any which way you look at it , any man who can say that he deserves to be rewarded for mediocrity by virtue of "birthright", when excellence isn't, is already corrupted.
We have a whole generation of them in Malaysia.

What else can we expect?

Integrity or excellence doesn't mean anything - it was never part of the curriculum.

The curriculum is twisted to have ego boosting and corrupting effect on the students! The result is "brain-dead" holier than thou automatons who have lost the ability to think.

Corruption is the "ideal lifestyle" that is sought to be emulated (..... just look at how they glorify gangsters and robbers with awards).

The Malays have been corrupted (not that 'others' aren't - but in Malays of 'high standing', it is quite 'endemic'), without even them realizing it - no matter how much they indulge in penances.

Even the Tok Guru "rebels" in certain parties, are willing to negotiate with the corruptors, based on these very ideals of corruption. As long as it is for the greater glory of "Islam-as-I-say-tion".
Their faith appears to be weak at best - they seem to thrive on the fears induced upon them by the corruptors.

One Guru even mentioned about some political leaders being killed, people being deprived of 'things' and oil royalties being stolen, as reasons to work with the devils.

I wonder who's corrupting whom ....

These guys should just concentrate on the Google Ad above, and forget everything else :
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As you said earlier, Pete - it all boils down to conscience and "shame".

When you have lost these two, you have lost all it means to be human.

[the ad mentioned above was on the page ......... just couldn't help noticing it ;-D]