Saturday, 7 March 2009

0803 - UMNO & PR, One Year On ....


"All political revolutions, not affected by foreign conquest,
originate in moral revolutions.
The subversion of established institutions is merely one consequence
of the previous subversion of established opinions.

-John Stuart Mill


The Pakatan Rakyat campaign was won on a single platform - it was about a "Moral Revolution", and liberation from the shackles of Umno rule. It was about a psychological revolution where votes were cast based on a true desire for a better Malaysia. It stood for equality, righteousness and justice - as opposed to the Umno platform of corruption/ NEP/ "social contract", sectarianism and the politics of fear.

The results of March 8, 2008 was nothing short of a peaceful revolution - more on the psyche of the people, than anything else, that Umno is corrupt and dispensible.
The sad part of it all was the fact that the victorious politicians weren't prepared for the change that had taken place in the minds of the people, as a result of the cyber activism that had been going on long before they started theirs. They were caught off-guard, were faced with a steep learning curve and hence started bungling at every other step - but they have done fairly well thus far in governance (yes- even in Perak).

It was about 11 months ago that I wrote about 080308, when I likened the "defeat" of Umno in the 12GE to the different "phases of grief" - "You have denial, loss, anger, sadness, and then you come to accept it."
Umno went through the first two phases pretty quick, although there still traces of it that linger (the transition, after all is gradual and overlaps with no clear cut cut-off points). They quite quickly passed on to the phase of anger, which persists to this day.
There was much fear and uncertainty in the air, with subtle threats of a "mass reprisal".

In the same article, I had also written:-
"Of course ..... all this while, the monkeys are crouched in a corner, hoping for the dust to settle - only then can they start monkeying around.
When the monkeying starts, the voices of the UMNO Baru dynasties will ring loud and clear once again - the disdain which aristocrats hold for the masses will be seen in its full glory, back with a vengeance.
But that's another story, for another time ....."

Crouching Monkey, Wounded Tiger - Ep. III

As mentioned above, I had presumed that the reprisals would be faced by everybody as a whole, from non other than the "Umno nobility" - the aristocracy. This has begun in earnest with Perak, which heralds the times ahead for the rest of the nation. They have begun showing their disdain for the masses who have thus far kept them in power - as a result of being hoodwinked for 50 yrs.
Yes - the aristocracy almost without fail, would despise the empowered proletariat/electorate/citizen! The same sentiment is harboured for the - however, the royalty
which legitimizes their role, is a "necessary inconveniece" to the nobility (especially when subservient). This is why they are bent on projecting the image of "protector of the crown", while depicting others as republicans.

Just what is this thing called "aristocracy"?
According to Wikipedia, Aristocracy is a form of government, in which a few of the most prominent citizens rule. This may be a hereditary elite, or it may be by a system of cooption where a council of prominent citizens add leading soldiers, merchants, land owners, priests, and lawyers to their number.
Doesn't that sound a lot like Malaysia under Umno/BN rule?

One year on, and we now see Umno doing its job in Perak - just so that it can be Najib's crown jewel as he aspires to ascend the "throne". What we now see, is the backlash from these "nobles" who despise the very notion of a democracy, the doctrine separation of powers and the empowerment of the electorate. They do this by instilling FEAR into the minds of the people through the various institutions/ instruments of state which they now have absolute control over.
We are now faced with nothing less than a class struggle/war.

The true colours of Umno are now there for all who doubted the contention of the non-BN parties. Under Umno, there never was, and never will be a democracy - it was simply a charade meant to hoodwink the people and the international community. The Federal Constitution was simply an instrument for posterity and convenience. Otherwise, to Umno, it was and is simply "toilet paper". Their philosophy is simply that of a dictatorship of the aristocracy, using the catch-phrase - "Ketuanan Melayu".
We have the father of the Umno's "crown prince" to thank for that - he was definitely a visionary. Single-handedly, he orchestrated the subversion of the Federal Constitution, in the name of a "social contract", which is also known as the NEP that was meant to make their control complete in stages. This dominance, brought about unbridled greed and lust for wealth & power - which is now the "inheritance" of his heir.
The people are meanwhile left powerless- save some deluded Umno supporters who still believe that having aristocrats eat their cheese, is a sign of "empowerment".
It was always about being a kleptocracy of the aristocrats, which pretended to be a dictatorship of the majority - while masquerading as a democracy!
Nothing more, nothing less.

The power that they have consolidated over the years, is quite a formidable force, even in its weakened state - and it is this fact, which the PR are awakening to. The PR being a new alliance and to holding power, were naive, and were caught off-guard (despite numerous calls from bloggers to dissolve the assembly while they could). The PR were still living in denial of the facts that were staring at them in their face. (So much so, it made me say that I'd have no sympathy for them should they lose the state to the evil plots of Umno - but of course I do - especially with the spirited defense which Nizar has put up).

They did not expect an attack so blatantly unconstitutional, it would make Machiavelli purple with envy. The show of power Umno has exhibited through the Election Commission, Judiciary, the newly "baptized" but disgraced MACC and even the Police, defies not just all the tenets of a democracy, but also logic and common sense.

It is done on the premise that they are fighting for "Malay Political Dominance", when the real issue is nothing more than plain old dirty money!! The Malays are told that they have been displaced/dispossessed and hence need to take back what "rightfully belongs to them" by whatever means necessary.
Umno must've taken some tutoring on realpolitik from Hermann Goering who said, "people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and attack the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger".
It is why there were some guys who shouted at the PR supporters - "Ini Tanah Melayu punya!!", on the day of the historic "Tree Assembly" in defence of Democracy.
The immorality of it all, is lost on a group of people bent on perpetuating the kleptocracy that has managed to plunder the wealth of the nation for 50yrs.

With the Umno AGM coming up, what happens in Perak and Malaysia as a whole depends now, entirely on politics in Umno - on whether they have the courage to stand up to corruption, and if necessary, sacrifice their own political future for the sake of the nation.
It remains to be seen if Umno has the moral and spiritual courage to reject the most scandal-ridden "leader" the party has known in its history, and prevent his ascent to the throne.
That one action alone by the Umno delegates, will determine the path Malaysia will takes in the coming years.

Mr. Setev Sharibuu will also be closely watching the coming AGM, hoping for justice in the murder of Altantuya. It will determine if reforms will be implemented, justice/ judiciary restored and if selective persecution/ intimidation will be ended. It will also determine the freedom that RPK, Uthaya, others under ISA and all deserving Malaysians will enjoy.
It may well determine the fate of Malaysia as a Democracy with a Constitutional Monarchy.

For what it's worth - Happy Anniversary, PR and Malaysia!

"The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity,
and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity,
will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy:
neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water."

- John W. Gardner