Thursday, 6 November 2008

O' Bummer ...

"Genocide begins, however improbably,
in the conviction that classes of biological distinction
indisputably sanction social and political discrimination."
~Andrea Dworkin
There was no doubt in my mind even as far back as 6 mths ago during the US primaries, that Obama would emerge as the "most powerful man in the world". The hype surrounding this dynamic speaker, fired a campaign which was run by the people more than the candidate.
Even if the elections were simply a staged event, how is it that he had managed to capture the imagination of a world beyond America? Why did people celebrate so much when Obama was announced as the victor? He has yet to do anything significant. He only managed to articulate his ideas and ideals to galvanize a world with a message about "The Audacity of Hope".

A leader is a dealer in hope - so said Napoleon.
Just like JFK, Obama "sold" hope, and made history. The central message which was celebrated in America and worldwide with Obama's victory, can be summed up in a word - "Hope".
The recent carnage on Wall Street was almost forgotten with this "hope" which Obama has managed to sell.

In stark contrast though, "many politicians" , peddle a different kind of message - "Hope in Audacity & Despair". To fulfil their selfish agenda, they seek to get their electorate to abandon hope, and ferment despair among the electorate - more so among the Malays and their political allies trapped in the "30% social contract" rhetoric (not that which is articulated in the Federal Constitution).
A daughter of Hope and Fear,
explaining to Ignorance
the nature of the Unknowable.
~Ambrose Bierce


The following was a comment I posted on MT's ROV today:-
Obama, Obama, Obama ... smilies/tongue.gif

My God - what peasants people can be - that guy is untested and overrated!
He's just a freshie in american politics - as yet untainted by the system - and his ascendency was designed right from the start by the shadowy "elite" of America!
Do you think he's gonna make decisions on "policy"?
No way, Jose - he'll have his political masters who'll be holding his "family jewels", to whom he'll have to kow-tow.

Dang, man - Reading "between the lines" in the /american media, I could have told you six months ago that he was gonna be the President, without him announcing his candidacy!
As in all Presidential elections, his rise was planned 4yrs ago at the DNC address, when they were still talking about "who's the man with a funny name and big ears"!
Yes - he can talk (& think like a "white", despite being "black"), he can write, and is an intellectual.
Beyond that, as a politician - so far, he's nothing!
He's simply a symbol of hope not just for America but the world, when the Conservatives have screwed up big-time.

But at least they know the problem, & have a symbol of hope spreading to spread the message of "The Audacity of Hope", while attempting to overcome racism - what we have here is the opposite.
We have an elite that reinforces a racist siege mindset, spreading the message of Despair among the electorate - more so the Malays/ "Bumiputras".

A "certain party" today is like "an aged man" with ED, who believes that his problem is due to his aging wife - and so seeks "tongkat ali", urut, jampi/susuk and a new wife. No amount of telling him that his obesity, poor stamina, diabetes, hypertension hypercholesterolemia etc is the problem. To him, a young wife would solve the problem .... and when his wife is unfaithful, he runs amok waving his kris!
Best part is, aided by certain "cultural factors", he can convince his "mindless family" (read - his own kind) that his decision is valid - and they applaud him, so that they can eat the pittance he give them.
No amount of enlightened opinions from "cultural enemies" can convince him or his family that he's wrong ....

Big problem we have in this "kampung household" - soon the guy is gonna have an MI, and the family will mourn his passing, oblivious to the freedom they have achieved ....

Btw - I wonder if some American "Utusan" paper will publish a cerpen called
"The Assasination Of O'Bummer" as 'Mr.Mansur White" claims they would tolerate ...

Aah batsman - you've got a point there, and I agree with you.
And the sentiment is quite obvious - even on MT.
It isn't with "Chinese" only - you even get letters upon letters from some who only lament the "persecution of Indians/Malays/Muslims(or other religions)" and what not. Seeing each other as Malaysians as a whole being persecuted, doesn't quite figure in their minds ....

However, you must understand that the "unholy alliance" of racists, is what reinforces it so as to play one with the other ..... and all are to blame for sucking up to the siege mindset they propagate.

"Confidence is that feeling
by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses
with a sure hope and trust in itself."
~Marcus Tullius Cicero