Saturday, 7 June 2008

Bernama Spin On Hindraf.

“Whatever it is, they found the real enemy … It is much easier to
fight against another ethnic group, rather than the MIC”
“The elite used the lower-income group to show as if the issues championed by Hindraf were Indian problems.”

- Shamsul Amri (Professor, Director Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s (UKM) Ethnic Studies Institute)

In his article, ‘Hindraf: Bane Upon the Nation’ in Tehran Times, he wrote: “It was not widely made known within the community that the temple was on private land and the developer had offered cash assistance to the temple committee to build a new temple on an alternative site.
Describing the claim of ‘ethnic cleansing’ as utterly ludicrous, Dr Chandra said if it were true, the government would not have allowed Tamil language to be used in Tamil schools, in broadcasting and the freedom for Hindus to practise their religion.
- Bernama

“He (Waythamoorthy) has to return from abroad to clarify matters. "
- A. Rajaratnam, ( President ,Malaysian Indian Youth Council).

Bernama recently published an article (later published in MT) entitled, "Hindraf’s action seems to have damaged Malaysia’s image abroad".
The above were quotes of some Malaysian "luminaries" taken from the article.
If anything, I thought it was a shameful exhibition of Bernama's lack of balance in Journalism.

Your thinking skills leaves much to be desired, and does not augur well for the image of Malaysia, abroad.
You're a shame to the academic community, should you not be able to see that Hindraf never directed their anger at any particular ethnic group - it was directed at the racism, corruption and elitism, that the famed political spin called "the social contract" bred.

Hindraf had very legitimate reasons to air their grouses, even if they were amateurs at it - they were a small group of consciencious citizen trying to get heard. That's all.
Had they been more sophisticated, they might not have chosen the racial platform they exploited (just as the BN parties).
They just chose what came naturally to them, and exploited it so well that it shocked the BN elite.
That they are passionate, educated and are able to see through the lies of "social contractors" , doesn't make them "elite".
If there were "elites" using the masses, it would be nice of you to identify them, and the issues that concerned the "elite".

What they aired were simply what they were passionate about - the discrimination against Hindus.
This however, was a reflection of sentiments of all Malaysians, of all color and creed, in various ways - anger against discrimination! It was this courage that caught the imagination and empathy of all Malaysians of sound mind.
That they had the courage to voice against the might of the Govt, is praiseworthy - unlike your parroting of Racist ideas peddled by the Govt.

The issues that they brought up, transcends the race and religion that they represented - this fact is however lost on many a "kangkung" blockhead in academic and political circles.
It is pathetic that you count yourself among these .....

My little toes are laughing at your Prof status in UKM, Shamsul!!

I'm disappointed that certain MSM still consider you a "social activist" - I consider you a Govt spin-doctor.
It is "impressive" that much lauded foreign MSM like Tehran Times publish your opinions on Hindraf!! Bravo to you.
Just as in the case of Shamsul, the hypocrisy that you now espouse, gives Malaysia a bad image.

On the term "ethnic cleansing", strictly speaking, they were and are right - the only problem appears to be the perceptions that the word arouses in the media.
I remember clearly what a speaker at a "Kursus Induksi" by the Govt said long ago - "You can leave, if you don't like the system!"

Racial/ religious profiling is compulsory should one wish to be a Malaysian, so as to facilitate this institutionalized apartheid - and none escapes it (unless of course you "do the necessary" to call yourself 'bumiptra'/ Melayu, like some people we know).
The govt creates a system that discriminates against it own people (more so the "nons"), in matters of job/ education/ businesses/ promotions, and then makes media spin saying that the "nons" are "unpatriotic", and are leaving instead of staying to support the nation!

If that isn't systematic ethnic cleaning/ social engineering, I donno what is!
They only publicised Government policies for the world to see - you could consider them your image consultants, who do their work for free!
And you have the cheek to say that Hindraf has damaged Malaysian image Internationally?
Social activist .... tsk.

And oh - Rajaratnam,
Just go give yourself a royal flush - it may help clear your head a little .......

"And Umno has no ears for the component parties like Gerakan and MIC. We are just sideshow to legitimise their struggles".
"We have been trying to tell them (Umno) for the past three years why the Chinese, Indians, Hindus and even Christians are unhappy, but they just won't listen".

-- Dr. Tan Kee Kwong (after quitting Gerakan)