Monday, 11 August 2008

When the "Means" is Priority over Outcome


"Where is the life we have lost in the living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?

Where is the knowledge we have lost in information ?

The cycles of heaven in twenty centuries

bring us farther from God and nearer to dust."

- T.S. Elliot

Recently, there was a "mainstream" supported NGO protesting mob that caught the headlines, after having successfully subverted the rule of law.
In fact the mob almost appeared to be (unwittingly or was it by design?) assisted by those entrusted to protect/ uphold the rule of law, in "storming" the recent forum at the Bar Council.

It was quite obvious right from the start that certain "leaders" had chosen to misinform and misrepresent the objective of the forum, to their ardent fans .... and the Bar Council had unwittingly (or was it by design?) jumped headlong into a politically charged controversy.
Were members of the mob or the Bar simply proxies of "other forces"?
Probably God and some higher offices would be privy to such information ......

Without a doubt, the Bar Council had every right guaranteed under the Constitution, to hold the very necessary forum.
However, the timing and methods in used, would've had the pirates rub their hands in glee - knowing full well the "political opportunities" it gave rise to ....

The organisation of whole event was so totally ill-conceived, that it was doomed right from the start. It is quite a wonder that the erudite Bar Council President could not see, that without political clout/ patronage, the intelligentsia are nothing - for the mob don't see or listen to reason.
Malaysia Today had an article written by "Teh Tarik", which said that - "Bar Council is legally RIGHT but politically WRONG". That article pretty much summed up my sentiments about the whole "issue".

G.K. Chesterton once said, "What we need is a Leadership that is not only right where we are right, but right where we are wrong".
The picture above wherein the police silently observes an assertive mob, would however, definitely illustrate the malady that we are faced with as a "nation"....
Coupled with a report from MSM (Najib: Bar Council’s persistence caused extreme reaction) when politicians turn "mob justice" apologists and condemn the lawful party in the conflict - it speaks volumes about the credibility of the Bolehsian leaders.

Meanwhile, Rice & Bulbar Inc. are busy trying to convince the "bogeyman of the Muslim world" that we in Bolehsia practice "Rule of Law" under the guidance of Islam (at least when in politically beneficial to the pirates of the constitution, I guess).The fact that the Bar Council was "warned" by an unruly mob which is "subtly assisted" by the leaders, is I'm sure very convincing.
That the politicians support primitive responses to "perceived threats to Islam", is in itself a testimony to the "effectiveness" of the real people in power.
One would be hard pressed though, to seek out where in sacred literature, it is encouraged to make a mockery of human rights, the law and institutions of Justice ....

The "Neanderthal" response of "flight or fight", repeatedly becomes the the favoured option (over intelligent debate), under the under the current "Rule of Law", epitomised by the likes of Bung, KJ, Mr.Kris, Nazri and gang.
More and more, we see that when the leaders speak, it appears that their words lack any element of logic or common sense. Indecision, flip-flopping, racist statements, undermining of public order and justification of mob rule has today become the trend.
It almost appears that the leaders wish to push the nation into a state of chaos - slowly but surely, so as to justify "drastic action" in the near future.

[Before I go on, I'd like to say that when the sanctity of a theology is perverted through politicization, it is doomed to extinction
- it would then remain, only as a "Godless" shell of a religion devoid of spirituality, and serves only to shackle the minds of its deluded adherents/practitioners.
History will vouch for that indisputable fact
Having failed to play up the "Race Factor" for the sake of political expediency, "Religion" is today the hotbed of political manouvering by pirates competing for pop appeal.
A confused electorate infused with sentiments of pride, rage, chauvinism and disillusionment, then applaud the mindless mob who have subverted the constitution, and have the audacity to "warn the Bar Council" while "enforcers" and politicians coolly look on.

As mentioned before, in the post-5.13 ideology, Morality, Reality, and the Conscience has no place in the "grand design" of our political masters - in fact, it would be detrimental to the deceitful agenda of the pirates who propagate a Godless "social contract" (and not the Federal Constitution), which benefits only themselves.

"Sensitivities & perception" - These are the most potent and effective tools that are exploited so as to cover their guilt of incompetence and corruption, and hold the state at ransom. These two potent tools a manipulated so as to rile up the emotionally vulnerable electorate and so, subvert the constitution and rule of law that they love to preach.
With these, they can easily cover up their guilt of plunder under the guise of "national security" - and that's ultimately, the bottom line.

Guilt Concealed By Fear was the title of a post last year, in which the speaker (Ravi Zacharias) said,
"Guilt that is concealed seldom stops with the one who harbors that hurt.
Sooner or later that pain of fear and guilt is spread to others, particularly to those closest to us.
“Victimless” crimes are an illusion, for deceit is a monster that needs constant feeding.
It would be foolish for us to think that we can deal with guilt by somehow covering it up.
The moment that we cover our guilt we escalate the tension in our lives by adding the dimension of fear.
We may then become people who seem okay on the outside, but inside we are struggling to maintain the facade........

Carried to a different level, this same tendency underlies all our national preoccupation with one social or economic crisis after another.
No one seems willing to admit that at the heart of our malady is a mangled spirituality.

Contradictory signals are seen in the responses coming from the general Malay/Muslim electorate - on one hand they wish to rise to the occasion and create a "masyarakat madani", but on the other, they justify mob rule, and support the stifling of civilised debate on matters which are of national concern.
It is probably that they aren't quite as ready as previously thought by many, to come out of the "siege mentality" which has been drummed into them for 50 yrs - and embrace the "change" that they voted for on March 8.
Again & again they fall victim to the emotional manipulations of pirates who hold the nation at ransom.


"So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause."
-George Lucas , Senator Amidala in Star Wars

"Lest the proponents of this "cooperation" forget, may I remind you - that the reason we oppose actions of a government isn't necessarily to vote it out, but to demand better governance."
-The PAS "Cooperation" and Vote.
( Note: The quote above, is actually meant for all parties on both sides of the fence, and not just for PAS per se).