Friday, 11 July 2008

It's just his "Bung-Style" .....


"It is up to the people to interpret (my hand sign) but I had no intention with the gesture.
"Some put their hands in the pocket or like this (making thumb movements of clicking a pen), is that a gesture?
This is just their style and that (his hand sign) was my style,"
Bung Mokhtar said, adding that the public can interpret whatever they want.
Meanwhile, Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek when sought for comment, said he would need to look back at the footage before commenting on the issue.
- sun2surf


Dedicated to the Bung

As a whole, things don't look too good for your style.
You're a walking JOKE!
You definitely aren't envied for it - not within the party, or even out of it.
Your children would probably be growing up with that much less respect for you - never mind the Malaysian public.
The audacity that you exhibit in saying that viewers are entitled to "interpret as they please" is shocking to say the least - and it is truly in your inimitable crude & shameless "style".
That too, defended by the bung-diots around you!

It is pathetic that your comrades in the party and BBC (bumpkin bung club?) that you represent (as the deputy Chairman, I understand) seem to put up with such misconduct. Despite the 'strong support' from your brotherhood only indicates the moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy within your party. Without a doubt they'd probably be avoiding you like the plague, had it not been for political reasons.

It is understandable for Shabby hesitate condemning you in the bumpkin spirit. I just wonder what the others have to say about such behaviour - Sharizat, Shahrir, Ku Li, Musa Hitam and Mahathir. Oh sorry, Mahathir has decided to abandon you guys for good - thank goodness ....

I wouldn't want to drag the "CEO/ board of Directors" into this, as many seem to have absolved him of the responsibility/duty to put you on the leash that you so badly deserve. Considering his predicament - The CEO who's under siege, probably has bigger nincompoops to deal with.

Despite having grown in years you fail to show any signs of wisdom or really "growing-up". The thrill/excitement (as seen in video clips) that you derive from such outbursts is at best, juvenile and shameful, for one "elected into the august house".

Just hope you and the other Bungs in the BBC will grow up, instead of just growing old shamelessly - wish you well, guys!

And oh .. here's to you BBC bungheads:-
- and as you say, it's up to you to interpret it!!