Thursday, 24 April 2008

"Hindraf"'s support for Online Petition Against ISA

The Following Letter was posted today on the blog

A Malaysian Indian's View :-


Sign Petition To Abolish I.S.A

Dear readers,

Kindly support the petition to abolish I.S.A. As of today, they only (23rd April 2008) received 1024 signatures. The slow respond mainly due to not enough of advertisement. Please dissipate the message to concern citizens.
I.S.A is an act of abuse against human right in democratic country. ISA has been used by the executive arm to ridicule and harass those pursuing some justified causes. The link is as below:

Pls pass this around to all your friends and family if you care that human rights must be respected.


HINDRAF calls on the Malaysian government:
Immediately Release All I.S.A Detainees!
Abolish I.S.A !
Close Down The Kamunting Detention Camp !


Thank You "Hindraf", for showing your solidarity with all Malaysians, in the struggle for justice.

Makkal Sakthi!


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