Monday, 5 January 2009

Education - Malaysia Style ...

Maybe they should be renamed Ministry of Persecution or something like that.
... any better idea would be welcome.
I was "tickled" to read a comment on MalaysiaKini (Vox Populi - below), describing the capacity of today's teachers' thinking faculties - needless to say, trained by the Ministry of "Education".
It looks like they "train" teachers to be stoopid!

Can you imagine your child being arrested for "illegal assembly" at a coffee shop in school compound!!??
My God! This is mind boggling - How pathetic can our Ministry of "Education" get!
With teachers-training like this, who needs schools?
Is it any surprise that the Home Ministry bans usage of BM by the Catholic Herald,
while we get kids becoming Rempits, drug addicts, or saying the things as reported Star/Metro in "Tudung-clad teens who are hooked on sex"??!!
About time, some people realize that religious dogma indoctrination and outward religiosity doesn't translate into sound spiritualitycharacter or ethics.

The very 'macho' but braindead Malaysian defenders of Race/Religion

Is this the "Jaminan untuk anak-anak kita" which the keris-waving Hishamudin promises (I just heard that on the TV3 news - in KT, was it?)? Who needs a "Ministry" that peddles immorality, mediocrity, idiocy, and preaches bigotry/ hypocrisy to the kids under the guise of "education"?
Words such as these (mentioned in the article linked above) coming out from kids, would never even be dreamt of in the pre-Mahathirism days!

More & more, The Ministry/ Goverment appears to be prostituting education in schools, under their "Ketuanan" policies. I wonder what role BTN plays, in inculcating such "noble " values in the current crop of imbeciles who masquerade as teachers/ principals.
Whatever said and done, much "credit" has to go to the "Ministers of Education" since the inception of the NEP - especially during the time of Mahathirism vs. PAS ("Islamisation" period).

As much as I'd like to agree with Mahathir Jr. who proposed a single education system, (and disagree with DJZ on Mandarin "vernacular" education system), given the scenario in the comment below (and of course the abusive teacher - remember?), anything is better than the Sekolah Kebangsaan.
No thank you Mukhriz - your dad's "education" policies belong to the gutters, and stink to the high heavens. It highlights the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Mahathirism/Umno/BN policies!

The kids would probably be better off left to their devices .....

On Malay-language edition of Catholic paper banned: editor

Mr Yest: My friend's daughter who attends a national school organised meetings with fellow Christians in her school to understand their religion better. The principal came to know of it and made it impossible for them to continue. So they met at a coffee shop.

The principal then reported them to the police for illegal assembly! I don't know how many brownie points he gained with masters at the education ministry but this is the reality. So it is not surprising that the home ministry acted in the way it did.

I suppose if the officials had been more fair-minded, their masters may have felt that they were giving ground to their own religion's ‘enemy' and may face the wrath of God.

We all know it took nearly 30 years for a church to be approved to be built in Shah Alam and the designated place was at the edge of the forest. We all know the restrictions placed on the height of the steeple of a church.

As long as people in government do not feel confident of their own religion, such repression will persist. Compared with the US, a country the Malaysian government has never ceased to preach about religious tolerance and other high-minded matters, Malaysia is still in the Dark Ages.