Sunday, 29 May 2011

MPS and Dog Enforcers(1)

"If the Klang dog pound was bad, the Selayang Municipal Council dog pound is mayhem at its worst. These pictures were taken by an animal activist who has been trying to bring change to the Selayang pound for years.

NONEThe photos were taken yesterday morning. According to her, there were many dead dogs lying around and some had been packed into black garbage bags and placed at the entrance of the pound.

There was a lot of blood on the floor......"
Animal hell at Selayang dog pound


The dog being tortured at the KTM station

So MPS appears to be "efficient" when it comes to dogs?
I now wish to start a series of articles on the criminal conduct of MPS where the treatment of animals are concerned- which I shall highlight internationally wherever possible.
This is going to be the first in the series ...... until they stop this bigotry & hypocrisy of "Little Napoleons" in MPS- for good!!

For Starters
a Google search for
"Selayang Dog Pound" generates
an impressive 4,800 results!!

The results are SHOCKING!!
Here for images, and here for videos.

These are the people who have been put in place to "Govern" the people!!

Of late, there has been more "Dog" issues being created by MPS.
At Amansiara,
(Note: The developer sales office enticed buyers by assuring them that they'll be allowed to keep pets- but upon handing over the keys, threw a rule book that stated otherwise to them) despite efforts at containing the situation through internal monitoring, MPS has thus been very uncooperative at have chosen to harass owners at their whim & fancy.

While they have been cooperative on on front, just when we are on the verge of a settlement- somebody decides to sabotage the whole process and criminalize all dog owners due to a few bad apples/owners who should be penalized instead.

Despite the fact that local by-laws does allow the keeping of pets in landed property, MPS (which is a state authority) refuses to allow it - citing the STA (Act 318) as being the highest law! Their excuse (not "reason", mind you) is that the Strata Titles Act disallows it in the by-laws (Third Schedule).
Just today at 9 am- two guys landed up in front of my house without showing any identification, politely warns me to remove my dogs!!!

It is very obvious here that there are "certain quarters"- while smiling and feigning support/cooperation at "meetings" - claim that their "hands are tied", and that they have to "abide by the law"!!

All these, while the MPS health authorities have a HORRENDOUS track record of Animal Cruelty where dogs are concerned. Meanwhile, they ignore the problems created by irresponsible cat owners who allow their pets to roam freely and defecate in other people's property.
This is not to mention the filthy drains around eateries or the Dengue Fever incidence in Selayang itself. Never mind the allegations of demand for bribes from industries by the health officers- just so that they are not shut down for breeding mosquitos that kill!!

Gunaraj screaming his head off to Dr. Razif over the phone to be allowed in.

YB William Leong & Tuan Gunaraj have been most cooperative in this matter.
However, "some other people" appear to feign innocence while they insist on the bigotry, "rule by law" and selective enforcement of it- and in all their hypocrisy bemoan the same when UMNO persecutes them though the very same attitude.

I now post my letter (in part)to YB Leong (who like I said, was very efficient and cooperative) ...

Dear Sir,
This letter is written after a few meetings with MPS on the above matter which has yet to be resolved.

It was with great hope that we attended a meeting chaired by Tuan Gunaraj- which apparently sorted out the problems, only to be held up after all the time spent to come to a working solution. Following up on this matter, at a meeting yesterday, Tuan Husnal "Az"hari said that he instructed that the approval be withheld. (I understand that it was after a complaint was brought to his attention by a resident at about the same time).
Therefore, MPS still refuses to licence dogs owned by residents, even if the JMB were to make the house rules/guidelines to monitor and control pets/animals and agrees to get a consensus from all residents prior to allowing pets. Even if they don't licence- all we ask is that they help us monitor pet owners and enforce discipline among them to the benefit of all.

While the NYDP (Tuan Husnal) of MPS apparently understood the problem, he says that he is helpless in this matter, as the act states that animals that "may be a nuisance" aren't allowed- and hence does not wish to "expose MPS to the possibility of lawsuits".
Meanwhile, although he has "conscientiously" agreed to refrain from conducting "operasi" to pound dogs, licensing is still being withheld- and abandon Amansiara in this matter. This means, we do not get the support required to enforce proper discipline among pet owners.
Effectively, this takes away any possibility of the JMB enforcing the house rules which we are entitled to make for ourselves. He also mentioned that MPS would not hesitate to conduct an "operasi" against ALL dogs, should there be complaints lodged by any resident.

This action although appears to be a reprieve of sorts (to pet owners like me), not only does it not empower the citizens as it is intended to under Act 663, but also exposes us to further anxiety & the pets to the uncertainty/insecurity of future operations conducted in response to a few "bad apples" which are bound to exist.
This mode of action sound much like the BN modus operandi of "destabilize to stabilize"- wherein an undesirable situation is artificially created so as to enable the enforcement of draconian laws.

Dear Sir,
Pakatan Rakyat has been speaking of Ketuanan Rakyat, and Merakyatkan Ekonomi- and it can only be done through rational and conscientious implementation of the law. I hope and pray that I would live to see the day when Malaysia lives up to its true potential through the implementation of the progressive policies of Pakatan Rakyat.
While I write these things, I'm fully aware of my limited knowledge of the law and the politics that make them happen.

In my humble opinion, quite often, laws aren't really suited for certain circumstances- but are still used to achieve a different target. The law is meant to allow for harmonious coexistence between all - that is ultimately the spirit of the law, and it is up to us to allow space for that spirit to be developed through mutual respect. When times have changed, concepts have changed it is imperative that we disregard some of them- even if they may not have been amended.

To enforce them selectively, and then bemoan the persecution of Anwar or the deprivation of funds when the Federal Govt practices "rule by law", would be nothing short of hypocrisy on part of the Pakatan Rakyat Government of Selangor- of which many of us have vouched for.
The law is only an instrument and a guide by which we live- and it isn't something we should enforce at our whims and fancy, when it suits us.

Dear Sir,
I have proposed that I resign from the post of Chairman of the JMB due to this matter, so as not to compromise the neutral image of the JMB. It is impossible for me to remain neutral in this small matter, which is of great importance to me personally- especially when MPS has made the situation so complicated. I for one would like to have the "rule of law" over "rule by law" to exist in Amansiara.
It would a great comfort to us responsible pet owners if you could assist us in bringing about a resolution in this matter (which is incidentally, a matter which is very close to my heart). Rather than abandon my furry friends, I would rather leave Amansiara- after having spent a fortune for the land upon which I reside now (which I actually got for my two dogs, and not myself).

Once again, I appeal for your assistance in resolving this matter of pets on landed properties in Amansiara.

Thank you.


Dr. Victor D'Cruz,
JMB MC Amansiara,
48000 Rawang.