Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pimping the Penal Code ....

We often think of the word “shame” in a negative light.
However, the very reason we feel shame
is because we believe in right and wrong.
But what happens to a society when there is no shame?

There is a tale that Aesop tells of a fox who lost his tail in a trap. He was overwhelmed with the shame of having to go about without a bushy tail like the other foxes. Then he hit on a plan: He would counsel the other foxes that being tailless had numerous advantages and actually looked better. If all foxes had no tail, he reasoned, then he would no longer feel his shame.
Could that be what is afoot?

In a bizarre turn of political events, Mixing sex with religion, Malaysian-style - Malaysiakini has taken a truly revolutionary "Boleh" spirit.....
It appears to herald the greater aspirations of a 1-Malaysia Government, scrambling for ideas on how to divert the attention of the people, and to justify the corruption, plunder, and decadence which permeates every facet of the political hierarchy.
It was truly a landmark 1-Malaysia moment in the administration of justice towards preserving law & order.

After declaring that a video depicting sexual acts are documentaries- and that it is okay to watch it with "proper intent" (i.e. if it is to ascertain the actors), they have taken it one step further.

Someone apparently swore on the Quran, so that the people will believe him in the Carcosa sex video (even if the law prohibits from showing it) - that he was in a sex video (apparently proudly shown on TV3 for all Malaysians- young & old- to see), facilitating a sexual act between a prostitute (and someone that looks quite like himself).

Act 574, 372. (1) (f) Whoever— acts as an intermediary on behalf of another
exercises control or influence over the movements of another
in such a manner as to show that the person
is aiding or
abetting or controlling the prostitution of that order,

shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to
fifteen years and with whipping, and shall also be liable to a fine.

The fact remains, though- that it all doesn't matter to the Government or the Attorney General's Chambers. But of course- Najib says that Umno and Government not involved in oath-taking.
I suppose he believes that the man should be running around free, after having a Porn Show for the press at Carcosa Seri Negara. Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr Najib- the portfolio belongs to Nazri, and the Attorney General's office is still waiting for "investigation papers" from the police ... but that can wait-
it's an "educational documentary ", right?

In the Aesop's fable (above), a wiser fox exposes the ruse of the tailless one.
But in the Umno-led administration, they
have all been convinced to go tailless- and are now trying to convince the public of the same .....

Never make a country your home that denies you respect,
that offers no means of livelihood,
that does not give you a family and Friends
and a country that has no education system.
Do not live a place for a single day where there are rich people ,
no king, no scholar, no river and no physician.
Do not live in a society which is devoid of employment opportunities,
fear, shame, cleverness and spirit of sacrifice.
-Sri Chanakya Neetishastra (The Political Ethics of Chanakya), 1:8-10