Thursday, 13 March 2008

Hitch-Hiker's guide to Politicking.

It isn't a safe practice to pick up strangers and hitch-hikers these days. Those were the good ol' days when Hitch-hikers would thank you for the free ride.
These days, with the culture of Mat Rempits (with powerful patrons), snatch thefts, rape, robbery and murder, are the Thanks that you get.
Such is the case that we see with the Political parties that make up the Barisan Rakyat as we see it.

First we have our Old Man LKS saying that BR doesn't exist - he thought he was being very "politically savvy" by making that statement. He thought it was "cool" just because the people kept quiet in the heat of campaigning.
Now he raises a fuss when the Sultan of Perak selects a PAS candidate (of course he apologized, but the damage was done).

Not wanting to be left out, Syed Husin now decides to jump into the shit-pot so as to stir it further .... he wants to pullout for some crap - probably some poor orgasm he had last night!

Then in Selangor, we have the DAP trio, and the PAS candidate indulging in what one could almost call treasonous/ traitorous conduct that could derail the pact - that too, after they had knowingly signed the "People's Declaration"!!

One can almost hear the claps and laughter of the BN and their running dogs. Of course their twisted media would be having a field day casting doubts in the mind of the people on the viability of these state governments - which is definitely their intention.
This was made clear by UMNO Baru of Penang that made press statements, requesting that Federal aid for development in the state be suspended.
They wish to suspend aid to their own people simply becos they wish to punish the rakyat for excercising their constitutional rights!!
(Sigh ..... That is how much they care for their own citizens .)

In Yellow card for the opposition, Raja Petra writes that :
"In Selangor, Hassan Ali engaged in secret negotiations with Khir Toyo to explore the possibility of PAS forming an alliance with Umno to jointly rule the state. This alliance would of course exclude PKR and DAP who were going to be Menteri Besar and Deputy Menteri Besar respectively. The delay in forming the state government due to the disagreements and the DAP infighting about who should be the Deputy Menteri Besar meant that this would give Hassan and Khir time to come to an agreement. But they could not come to an agreement because both Hassan and Khir wanted to be Menteri Besar and none would back down in favour of the other.This is treason of the highest degree and Hassan Ali should be tied to a tree and shot."
RPK then goes on .....
"Is Kit Siang's 'stage-show' merely a distraction from what ails DAP in Selangor? Supporters of Teng Chang Khim, Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu are locked in battle. Each has their clique that wants to see their candidate installed as the Deputy Menteri Besar of Selangor. But there is no Deputy Menteri Besar post and His Highness the Sultan of Selangor will not appoint one. So why bother to squabble over who should be the candidate to fill a post that does not exist? Yesterday, Teng's supporters held a demonstration to demand that their man gets appointed as the Deputy Menteri Besar. In spite of the announcement that there shall not be any Deputy Menteri Besar, today, they plan to hold another demonstration and MCA and Gerakan are going to send their supporters to help Teng mobilise a crowd of 10,000 to prove that his support is overwhelming........"
"And in other parts of Malaysia a couple of other PKR candidates were bought off as well, the going price being RM1 million per head. But it appears like PAS and DAP are bigger slime-balls than PKR. At least PKR did not try to sabotage the forming of the Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor state governments....."
"Let me tell you, my dear Kit, that Barisan Rakyat not only does exist but is also a very potent force."

In response to the above I had written this letter to RPK in his comments section:

RPK Sir,

This was what I said long ago (as written in my blog – although targeting PAS more than DAP)- it is two idiotic oldies, PAS and DAP, that actually keep the BN in Power. They are ideological trojans to each other - favouring BN.
PKR is catching on too ....
They are both unwitting accomplices to the crimes committed by the BN regime.
The only difference is, they got shagged so bad for it all these years, that they've forgotten their true roles in society. (In fact, they've come to believe that it is their role to be just that!).

And also, they don't seem to know that it is the people who can and will decide if they are ready to rule.
All these years they've run their organizations as personal fiefdoms, in very much the same mold as that of BN parties - and they've come to believe that they're always right.
Both PAS & DAP have used the BR campaign as a political tool to gain power - an alliance of convenience to use the people, for their own interests.

Now - Syed Husin of PKR speaks like a Moronic “hero” to stir the shit ....... idiocy sure is infectious.

They did not see BR as a real & living entity, but as a marriage of convenience - they want all the credit for themselves!!!
They think it was a "trick" - an illusion.

They've actually come to believe that they were so "terror" in campaigning suddenly, or that "God" showered blessings on them miraculously.
They've become angkuh, sombong and bongkak so bloody fast! (either that, or they are just so shell-shocked by the scale/magnitude of their victory, that they've lost their minds).
They'd probably sneer at You, Haris and all bloggers/netizens if you told them otherwise.
They really don't deserve what they got - they got too much for too little (except in a few cases).

Maybe we should withdraw our support, give BN the state govts that they squabble over - only then will they realize that they had netizens campaigning for them for free, long before they even started their campaigns!
This is what happens when we give people a free ride - they try to rob you!
Give the word when the time is right, Pete - and we'll start the campaign to demolish them! Especially those turncoats who talk to BN parties (and seek their "support").
Let's show them that BR is Real.

I'm really sick of these lying fork-tongued maggots and faggots .... fighting for morsels like the stray "kurap" dogs that they are.


But of course ....... the whole thing might've been a charade (aka wayang) so as to identify the traitors, and see the reactions from BN/ UMNO Baru and the rakyat ........

That seems a little far fetched - but should that be the case, hats of to all you guys for the perfect wayang.

But remember this DSAI/ LKG/ TGH - Barisan Rakyat does exist and is very much alive - even if it isn't formally on paper.