Saturday, 3 May 2008

Reply to TDM's Criticism on

"Politically, the opposition is the enemy. Being forced to work with the opposition is not undemocratic but it shows up the weakness of the Government.
A weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia. It leads to unwarranted challenges against its authority. Governments cannot please everybody."
- Tun Dr. Mahathir (


Dear TDM,

It is unbecoming of you to make sweeping statements based on personal sentiments and presumptions. That too, without really articulating your reasons for these statements.

I tell you most solemnly, Dear Sir - You lie.
You lie to yourself, and the people, when you imply that the Opposition are the "enemy".
Before I go further, allow me to say that I truly appreciate the positive, during your leadership - for that, I humbly thank you. What I wish to address are the negative, though.

The problem here Tun Sir, is that you perceive that the Government and party as your personal political tools despite your verbose DENIALS. Hence, the Opposition is your personal political enemy who can render you relatively powerless to manipulate the state and constitution at your pleasure.

However, you do desire also, one that is toothless, so as to permit an authoritarian Government which can disregard this "strong and toothless opposition" at liberty.
Since you appear to advocate this (strangely) "strong opposition", could you elaborate as to how this “strong opposition” in an authoritarian state should do its job with a “strong Govt” which it is powerless to oppose?

What you have expressed, is not of national interest, dear Sir. It is one of personal nature, as the "opposition" is only a "political enemy" to you, and your party's grip on power!
It is simply, only your perception that they are "enemies", which you impose upon the people who have chosen them.
You have effectively rendered the rakyat who disagree with you, "enemies".
It means you cannot accept any other opinion.

It also means, that you believe that you can only accept and work with those who say "Yes, Master!" - anybody else is the enemy! That should explain your style of governance for 22yrs, shouldn't it, Tun Sir?
However, you now go on to accuse AAB of being the same?

If you truly had a vision of building a stable state, you would have advocated a strong opposition that is a viable alternative to the elected government. You would recommend working with the people's representatives, and transcend partisan politics wherever possible.

This competition between the parties for excellence, would lead to a more secure future with a wider choice of quality leaders, as opposed to the litter of imbeciles that you left behind for AAB. Now you have conveniently dumped the blame on him, so that he becomes the nation's punching-bag.
What you propose Tun Sir, sets the stage for a corrupt and despotic regime that wouldn't relinquish its grip on power despite electoral defeat, as we see now in Zimbabwe, under your good friend - Mr Robert Mugabe.

Could you explain how you have come to the conclusion, that a Multi-racial Malaysia which has embraced and accepts (rather than "tolerates") its diversity, is a threat to a government that is willing to work with an opposition (or vice versa)?

You definitely wouldn't desire a harmonious state, where the government is controlled by the people who are confident of themselves.
In fact, you would prefer "strong government" that requires repressive laws to control an irrational and emotional people prone to "perceived insecurities", as a result of "fear mongering".

In short, what you propose is a "Nanny-state" that controls an infantile/insecure citizenry, that live in fear and mutual suspicion, with a “strong opposition” of clowns for posterity.
This of course what you consider the noble "Asian Values".

Sorry Sir - Malaysians aren't as infantile as you presume them to be - provided you choose to play up these fears of "May 13"(that has been the BN mantra) thru a servile media, as an excuse for what you propose.

No offense Tun Sir, but just as an irritable bladder in prostatism, your arguments don't hold no water!

What you propose is nothing but a formula for the slow destruction of a state that is governed by the sheer arrogance of power.
What it breeds is nothing more than an intellectually bankrupt future generation, which is what have today.

You question, "Why are these conciliatory gestures towards the Judiciary made now, and not in 2004?"
Allow me to do the honor of enlightening you, Tun Sir.

First and foremost, let me say that it is always better late than never.

May I ask, if not NOW, then when? Does it matter if it is done now becos the Rakyat have asserted themselves, and the govt has a smaller majority?
The Rakyat have spoken. They voted for change.
Now efforts are made towards achieving this - why do you oppose it? The Rakyat appreciate it, no matter how small the gesture may be - why don't you?

Why do you presume that the "opposition" would always do the wrong thing?

Your argument that the constitution can be changed only with a strong 2/3 majority is deeply flawed, Tun Sir. If the "opposition" feels that the proposal for amendments to constitution is warranted and reasonable, I'm quite certain that they would support it.

Is it becos you have been indoctrinated into the idea that MPs should “toe the Party line” even if it is a bad idea? Or is it becos, the MPs should posses a siege mentality, to remain on a party leash and should not transcend partisan politics in the interest of the people?
Unless of course, you believe that the state benefits from the countless number of amendments and subversion of the constitution (that is rendered to being toilet paper) by this “strong government” and a helpless but “strong opposition”.

Any support coming from the opposition, is deemed suspect - even if it means supporting the leadership. Considering the "talent" that you have left behind for AAB to work with, I'm not surprised that Pakatan Rakyat supports AAB. But of course, that is something you wouldn't like to see, as you've been calling for AABs head for some time now.

Yes, Tun Sir - You have every right to be concerned about the party that you "helped revive in 1987" after abandoning the democratic principles upon which it was built, and criticize as a citizen. And also about the precedent set, wherein the power is centralized to the President, and the members are powerless!
You have every right to be concerned about the pre-existing "little Napoleons" who started baring their teeth, after you handed over power to AAB. Indeed, you have every right to criticize the leadership that your "system of governance" helped create for AAB.
You have every right to be concerned about how AAB has failed to rein in the little Napoleons that you had created (unwittingly, or by design).
However you can rest easy & need not worry about AAB not having anyone to criticize him - we have enough capable MPs on the opposition bench, members of civil society movements, and a more liberal media for that.
We don't need any has beens stooping so low, as to come back to save his legacy of "Virtuous Govt" - thank you, Sir.

Yes Tun Sir – the system of political patronage and feudal mindset built on politics of fear that you propose to be perpetuated, has to be dismantled. It is the cancer that is tearing the nation apart.
The people need to be given the freedom to voice out their opinions, in a climate of trust, instead of suspicion and fear, which perpetuates a siege mentality.
The Nanny-state of “Asian Values” that you propose doesn't work, unless you desire an insecure and timid public - A public that surrenders their rights to “leaders” willingly amidst plenty of chest-thumping patriotism, “to keep the peace, harmony & tolerance”, while the state decides if your convictions are criminal, even if doesn't hurt a fly.

It strikes me that you have a desire to be considered a liberal (as Machiavelli might recommend) by advocating a "strong opposition" in an authoritarian state!
How sweet of you .... ;-)

You want a “strong opposition” but no opposition to your plans in parliament, regardless of the consequences.

Like another reader said in your comments section, “Is that an oxymoron, or what?” Have a coffee, think about it or simply sleep on it, Sir.
I'm sure you'll think of something .....

Thank You.