Monday, 29 September 2008

Thinking out Loud ....

In the spirit of the coming Eid-ul-Fitr, I wish all my Muslim brothers/sisters
- Selamat Hari Raya.
More so, to all ISA detainees and their families.

As we celebrate Hari Raya, let us all spare a thought about the state of the nation, and the future that would come to pass, should the current political norms be perpetuated.
Our "stake holders" in power, harp on "unity" and "race relations" and "religious harmony", while they provoke ill-feelings through the backdoor (e.g. the recent Toyol & Ahmad Ismail incident).

Have you ever thought about the "need" for a war with neighbours, so that "people see the need for Unity" or get distracted from the issues that plague a nation?
So that the unsuspecting bogeyman, get's victimized, while the chest-thumping zealots cheer with pride?
Leaders often do beat the drums of war as means to "unite a certain people, against themselves" - although a bogeyman is the point of focus.

In Malaysia today, what we have is nothing short of "war" - although it isn't exactly blood-letting. It's a battle of ideas.
A war of ideas that can lead to a very real war, should the "old order" refuse to change with the times - and then all gained thus far would be lost.
Not that I advocate it, but just maybe, a certain level of strife would be in order, so as to have people appreciate of "Humanity", instead of "racism and religiosity". That may just be what it takes to make them learn, if things don't change soon .....
No amount of ISA, PPPA or other barbaric legislations can prevent it - that is the law of mother nature.

On one front is the idea of "nationhood" while on the other is that of "racism" manifested in the form idea of "Ketuanan Melayu" that appeals to the pirates and those who seek simplistic and symptomatic "solutions" to complex questions.
They then propose and extol the virtues of creating a "Race Relations Act" so as to exert control on the victims (and will possibly be enforced through selective persecution, as is currently practised in all matters),while they subtly stoke the flames of racism and promote ideologies of hate among the ignorant of "their own kind".

It is this ignorance that the pirates we know of capitalise on, to perpetuate this ideology. Hence, it was only fitting that 'top-dogs' like Mahathir should be the apologist for these ignorant ones, and ridicule intellectuals who attempt to educate the masses. Meanwhile some also gave tacit encouragement via "protection" to the those who force the suspension of such forums, or by discouraging apologies for such mistakes.

On the other front, Anwar has his hands full in trying to convince the elite the real need for this change. He also has quite a distance to go before he can convince the Malays that they would be the biggest losers in this political game should they insist on holding on to Umno as their god-ordained saviour. Taking this into consideration, I'm quite relieved that Anwar has wisely exercised discretion, caution & patience in his attempt at assuming his rightful role, despite having (I believe) a parliamentary majority. The current handicap is, though, is his inability to convince them that he doesn't seek retribution.

The economy is the new frontline in "war", and the post-WW II "Nation-state" as we know it is obsolete.
History teaches us that with the onset of every revolution in philosophy & communication/technology - telegraph, the printing press, radio, television, transport, military etc, social revolution is inevitable and the balance tilts towards who masters these new technologies.
It is now the age of the Internet/ cyber revolution and (the "Age of Aquarius" - for those into such things) you adapt accordingly by absorbing these progressive ideas, or perish . Ku Li said it very well by saying that Umno has brought shame to Malaysia through its "Banana Republic ideas", and its decadent culture of patronage, by disregarding democracy within its fold.
"Independence" as we have been taught to believe, is simply a figment of imagination that pirates capitalise on.
It doesn't exist!

In a globalized world, those who refuse to assimilate in this economic/political reality, will be ravaged by a real blood-letting war - as in the African and banana republics.
It's just a matter of time, if they don't reform - just hope they don't realize it too late.
They may just have to pay a very stiff price as they delay reforms and play their primitive racist tune, and perpetuate the plunder!

The retribution will come to pass whether we want it or not - and the Umnoputras are unknowingly begging for it, with their plunder justified through racism.
Just as prosperity was granted by investors based on promises - it can be taken away if politicians deliver on these promises.

Sometimes too much of a good thing culminate in very bad results. "Some people" have been having "too much of a good thing" over the last 50 yrs, without really appreciating how it came to be.
It wasn't through the "goodwill", as they want us to believe. Rather, it was through blackmail and the politics of "fear & apathy" forced upon those who live by trade (by those who live by favour, patronage & the gun), that this was done.
It is these shackles cast upon men at the "altar of prosperity", that the pirates define as "progress/success" - so that they can exert their will upon the masses, without them knowing it.
The pirates have prospered in this unfettered market under the guise of NEP - and mind you, it isn't just Umno members who have benefited from this. There have been many others (local and foreign) who have benefited more than we know, and they wish for the current methods to remain.

Just as they plunder today under the protection of laws, there'll be far greater pirates/plunderers who'll hasten to relieve them of their ill-gotten gains - and be allowed to do so by the real powers who control money. People will suffer - even though it is only meant to start a new political order that will abide by their promises, in dealing with money.

Umnoputras will be wiped out in due time, and their "wealth" may not even last their lifetime. (But they may last a couple of years yet, though ..... they aren't as vulnerable as some think they are.)
Malaysia is living up its "prosperity", on borrowed time - simply becos of the strategic location of the peninsular in the east-west trade routes (and not becos of the so-called "economic fundamentals").

The Umno ideology actually sets the stage for the extinction of the Malays as a force to be reckoned with, as they perpetuate their primitive politics and siege mentality.
So much for the wawasan that Mahathir speaks of and parroted by many a politician & Malaysian.


Note: This blog may not be updated for the next few days due to unavoidable reasons. Things should be back to normal after Raya hols ....
Once again, Selamat Hari Raya to all you guys.