Saturday, 11 April 2009

Spinning for the "Real Ketuanan Melayu" ......

"The Lord of the Manor does not make enemies of his charges.
Instead he looks after all their needs and interests.
For that he is called the 'Lord of the Manor'.
Itulah Ketuanan yang sebenarnya.
Syed Akbar Ali, Lets Start The Perubahan : Ketuanan Melayu

"..... But we have some real ass@#l@s."
- Mathias Chang
, Why I Am Happy .....

Well said Syed ..... well said. Good job.
Jeez, Dude - I didn't know there was a "Real Ketuanan Melayu" ...... thanks for the enlightenment! What were the "real Malays" thinking ....
I curse all these guys who made me fall for the "UnReal Ketuanan Melayu" - may the fleas of a thousand Arab Camels infest them where the sun don't shine(Mathias Chang calls them ass@#l@s!!
It almost made me burst with pride to know that this was what Umno meant all along - and that it was only these days that they got it all wrong.
You know what? I'll go see Fr. O.C Lim, and confess that I have wronged Umno-ites who have had such depth to their philosophy since the 513 they brag about. Maybe I'll even flog myself silly for having "sinned" in ignorance against Umno.

This is lipstick on a pig. Crap when repackaged and resold, is still crap, Syed. No matter how you try to twists the words, to mean something "magnanimous" - they'll still stink to the high heavens. Redefining four letter words don't make them any less vulgar, Syed - and that applies to the term "Ketuanan Melayu".
The very notion of the literal interpretation of the words send nothing less than a Fascistic Nazi message of supremacy to the "uninitiated", who may not be able to comprehend the deeper 'divine nature' of it all as defined by the spin-masters.

It is simply a symptom of a much more malignant illness which plagues Umno (vis a vis the Govt)- for a long time now. It is something that many Malaysians from all walks of life have been lamenting all these years.
It is just something that Malaysians have gotten used to - disgust with Umno's philosophical bankruptcy.

It has been there since you were a child - the only difference is, they boldly express themselves these days. The vulgarity of the posters are no less then the call for a chinese bloodbath, or the waving of the kris with blood curdling screams from "eminent persons" who feign innocence.

Really Syed - It beats me how you could've missed the fact that this was indeed the culture within Umno since its inception - overtly expressed or not.
Forget Mr. Chris or Mr. Mongolia - One needs to look no further than the institution of BTN to see an even uglier facet of the political ideologues who rule the nation. The ("New") economic policies which are akin to that of Pietr Botha's South Africa, is the manifestation if it all. The Arab wannabes are of course a whole new chapter in the "Ketuanan Melayu" ideology ....

What was expressed in the posters is the least of the problems, Syed - which Umno needs to confront and eradicate. What it needs to do is dismantle the institutional racism and apartheid that has become synonymous with the Govt. It is something which unlikely to change for some time, 1 Malaysia (among many) not withstanding.

Come what may, it's better late than never.
Nevertheless, well said Syed - after all these years, thanks to you, I now believe in Santa Claus.

Another "Kuganized Criminal"?

Thinner-drinking detainee: Family seeks answers

(MalaysiaKini report)

Andrew Ong | Apr 10, 09 6:15pm

The family of Adi Anwar Mansor, 23, wants the police to explain how he had allegedly drank paint thinner and sustained injuries while he was held under police custody.
According to the family’s lawyer, N Surendan, there were doubts over the police’s account of the incident as there were injuries on Adi Anwar’s body.
adi anwar mansor thinner police 100409"The story that he consumed thinner is pretty thin. The police have to explain where the injuries came from," said Surendran, adding that a letter has been submitted to Klang district police chief Mohamad Mat Yusop to seek clarification.
The letter also urged the police to immediately suspend any police officers suspected of hurting Adi Anwar pending investigations by an independent body.
Adi Anwar is currently semi-conscious and is under observation at the intensive care unit of the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang.
Mohamad was quoted in the media today as saying that Adi Anwar was arrested for alleged drug possession at about 11.30pm on Tuesday in Jalan Kebun.
The police chief had said that Anwar was near a table at the police station and reached for a bottle containing the poisonous liquid and consumed it before police officers could stop him.
On the injuries sustained by Adi Anwar, Mohamad was reported to have said it could have occurred during the scuffle when he was apprehended.
Don’t cuff unconscious man
Mohamad stated that the man was being probed under Section 39(A) of the Dangerous Drugs Act for possession of 44 grams of cannabis.
The report also quoted Adi Anwar’s sister Noraila, 21, who claimed that her brother sustained lacerations and bruises to his head.
Meanwhile, Surendran said that he would be meeting the Klang police tomorrow to secure the release of Adi Anwar from police custody in order for the family to seek treatment.
hindraf to palace 250408 n surendranSurendran also criticised the police for handcuffing the detainee to the bed despite him being semi-conscious.
"There is no need to handcuff him. He is not going anywhere in that condition," he said.
PKR Youth vice-chief Khairul Annuar Zainudin who visited the family yesterday told Malaysiakini the incident was regrettable, particularly after the public outcry over the death of police detainee A Kugan.
"Just a few days ago, they released the findings of the Kugan case and again this has happened in Selangor. It is regrettable. Didn’t the police learn anything from that episode?" said Khairul, who distributed pictures of Adi Anwar in the ICU ward to the media yesterday.
Khairul also urged the new Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who promised reforms, to look into the matter as well as police lock-up procedures.