Saturday, 14 June 2008

What about the Monkeys?



Raja Petra wrote a nice piece of story in his No Holds Barred column entitled "You eliminate the plague by killing the rats" which was very interesting.
(I wouldn't expect & accept anything less from RPK anyway!)

Very true, RPK - the problem is, the Rats have blinded the Monkeys who grope for peanuts (when they aren't groping the asses, at least).
Many a lesser Monkey fed on these peanuts for just jumping around, are quite happy with it, and demand that the peanuts keep being thrown at them.

It is their right, apparently - That's why we have "Ketuanan Monyet" ideas floating around!
If the Rats are eliminated, who's gonna throw the peanuts at us poor Monyets?
[Yeah - who knows .... maybe I'm one of them too ....;-(]
For Pete's sake - if they don't get their cheese, they may just decide to chew my butt! They already warned all monkeys to that effect during their electioneering campaigns - the fuel price hike is prolly meant to achieve that, with all the rhetoric about losing rights to fuel the discontent!
Shouldn't we be feeding them with more thick cheese to prevent the price of peanuts skyrocketing and availability dwindling?
You don't understand ............. - this Monkey King and King Rat needs monkeys who understand their concept of "financial prudence".
We need Patriotism with a Rat's Kris & the Compassion for the Monkey's Crutch.
That is what we have BTN for - to make the Monyets who understand these sophisticated concepts.
Everybody knows that consumer spending drives the economy ......
To get people spending, what you need to do is give them money for nothing - that is called "subsidy" lah .... ala NEP style.
That's why we need a 1.2 million "strong" civil service, who are all ISO certified "to deliver" what the King Rat wants - Spend, Spend & Spend.
(If you don't finish your budget this year, your allocation will drop in the next - so make sure we have plenty of "conferences", "lawatan sambil belajar", jamuan, hari this & that towards the end of the year ....)

It doesn't really matter if the value of the money slides down the slippery slope - after all they aren't doing much, except thumping their chest in the "Ketuanan Monyet" spirit.
And buying Proton on loans for life, bonded with non-performing "study" loans and thus have become slaves in their own land without realizing it!
Never mind if they are just puffed-up monkeys, in souped-up Proton tin cans ....
That's called a Vote Bank!

Their purchasing power also sliding?
No problem - Mugabe/Mahathir will tell you .... just print more money - the peasants will think they're getting a raise, just becos their pay-slip shows a bigger number, and will thump their chest harder, till it hurts!
[When it hurts, they just need to seek the nearest Hospital/ Pusat Kesihatan for free pills (.... and maybe an MC as well lah). See - the Govt is so compassionate!
It's so easy, Mate - and you "need to understand that".
They'll think that the piece of paper signifies wealth - even if it isn't good enough for the toilet.
They'll scramble for the peanuts thrown at them like monkeys - it's real fun, watching these peasants grinning ear to ear, running to spend their money at the malls/petrol pumps/handphone outlets, to feel "hip" & "happening" ....
The idea of wealth creation is lost on our wise guys - they think wealth & money is a piece of paper.
They don't believe in generating wealth thru ideas - wealth has to be waiting for rahmat "durian runtuh" ..... only this time, it is called Petronas Runtuh (or minyak pancut lah).
It is a God given thing, like the durian runtuh, and the minyak pancut - without it, you're supposed to survive on ikan iblis & nasi kosong .... it's really monkeylicous. Period.
Anyone who tells you otherwise is an agent of the despicable Jew, who is intent on destroying the great Islamic nations of the world.

The money/ wealth lost in wasteful spending is peanuts to them - meant to feed the monkeys.
Hey- why should they complain when it assures the Rats access to the precious cheese .....

The Rats are still grinning & skimming.
The peanuts are dwindling.
The monkeys are crying.

The Rat smacks his Lips.
Now, Read My Lips - This is what New Economic Policy (or is it Monkeys' Development Policy since the 90s?) stands for ....