Saturday, 10 July 2010

Bring it on, Pete!!!

One more word from Khairy and the shit is going to hit the fan.
- RPK, Sekarang faham, tak?, MT


It's been months since my self-imposed silence .... well, I'm back now, & will slowly start blogging again.
For starters, I must say that the political heat our UMNO/PDRM/BN buddies are under, hasn't dissipated one bit in that time.
RPK has come out swinnging from what I see in today's post on No Holds Barred - and KJ & budies/cronies/sycophants are now in shit which is waiting to hit the fan.
All I can say for now is, "Let the 'good times' roll again, Pete - bring it on" ......
& let's internationalize our struggle, show the world what the BN/UMNO/PDRM are & shame these pirates ....