Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Now Playing in Sabah:- The Ketuanan Gambit.

Talk about the people finding it difficult differentiating PKR from UMNO,
you have here the classic example of how similar both parties are.
A snake sheds its skin, that’s all.
For the question of who should lead PKR Sabah,
Ketuanan KL has tromboned Ketuanan Rakyat.

- Hantu II, zorro-unmasked


The euphoria of the 080308 electoral "victory" is dead and the reality is now setting in - Anwar is the party, and the Party is Anwar. What Anwar says, goes - the Rakyat be damned.
Just 18 mths into creating history with the help of non-PKR members and after one by-election slaughter, Anwar is already backsliding on his Ketuanan Rakyat rhetoric, and PKR appears to be on the verge of a "nervous breakdown".

Zorro has declared that the above logo of Ketuanan Rakyat will be removed from his sidebar - until ".....I GET THE MEANING OF WHAT ANWAR MEANT WHEN HE SAID:
“No way in hell will I have Jeffrey as chief”". What was Anwar thinking? That he & his desire for power takes precedence over the will of Sabahans? Does he not know that it is not for him to dictate terms to Sabahans, and that it is his duty to work with those whom Sabahans wish to lead them?
Maybe Anwar misses the power he wielded as the Umno DPM in the "good ol' days" before the black eye ....... and Haris had this to say, "My source in Sabah tells me that Thamrin is an Anwar loyalist and his appointment will not go down well with the division chiefs and the PKR grassroots in Sabah".
So it is now manufactured leadership - as in the Umno/BN cronyism/nepotism ......
Another factor seems to hang in the air, he appears to be hesitant where taking disciplinary action against racist/religious bigots like Zulkifli Noordin is concerned. What's with this "endless love" he has with Zulkifli Noordin? Has the individual become more important than the general well-being of the party and country?
Does this guy take precedence over the Rakyat? Maybe he's hoping that Malaysians with stunted memories will forget Zul's antics .... but Zul just keeps reminding us that he can do what he wants, and that Anwar is a political wimp when faced with mullah-wannabes!
Or maybe .... just maybe - Anwar wishes to have an Islamic "syura" with wish he can rule with dictatorial powers? After all Zul Taliban has already proposed that the Federal Constitution be amended to make it subservient to the syariah.
Did I hear silence from Anwar or what?

Listen Anwar, if you have ears - Zul Taliban, the intellectual amoeba - has to go!! There's no two ways about that!! And you gotta learn to work with the Sabahans, instead of trying to get them under your thumb.
They don't trust you ever since you kick-started the Umno rule and destroyed their autonomy. Sabah is that much poorer culturally and financially ever since. It is time you seek redemption in their eyes, rather than dictate terms to those you betrayed in the past. Learn to work with the leaders of their choice - and not your's!!
Be thankful that they're willing to give you a second chance.

Anwar better get it into his grand scheme of things - that the people will drop him and his charisma like a hot potato, if he believes in going back on his word. The people would rather not risk political turbulence for more of the same - and mark my words, they'll slaughter PKR/Pakatan Rakyat at the ballot-box in the next elections.

The choice is your's to make Anwar - work with them and save Malaysia, or kiss PutraJaya goodbye and let Malaysia be damned - the people are quite ready to abandon you, if you and your party cannot be disciplined on principles of justice!! (It is what I wrote about in Discipline and Reason, Is All It Takes.)
If that were to happen, you will go down in Malaysian history as the biggest political joke, even if you were persecuted by your rivals - for having made a wrong turning at a critical juncture.
By the way things are going in PKR, it looks like Anwar is set to take the starring/ lead role in an upcoming movie called "A Black Eye- Episode II" ......