Wednesday, 6 May 2009


See how the BN scumbags makes a MOCKERY
of the august house!!!
from MalaysiaKini:-
2.15pm: Assembly has resumed. Pakatan reps are trying to physically stop Ganesan from entering the chamber. There is a lot of pushing and shoving among the state reps. A few punches were thrown. A number of reps climb up the table. It is complete pandemonium in the assembly.

A couple of police officers are now inside the assembly to try to restore order. Pakatan reps shout at the police to leave the assembly.

the following is from live updates on
The Pakatan Aduns are trying to stop Ganesan from using the mike.

Two or three police have entered the Dewan.

The Pakatan Aduns are shouting at the police, asking them to leave the Dewan.

The Dewan is about to resume proceedings. Siva hasn't left his seat.
The Raja Muda is in the state secretariat building in the same premises. He has not yet officially opened the Assembly sitting.
[Comment From Penangite ]
News on all BN spin channel says new speaker apointed. How can a motion be passed to appoint a speaker when the state assembly sitting is not officially open....
[Comment From shaka sun ]
Thomas Su's facebook status "there is a lull for now. We heard tat BN is holed out on the 3rd floor....discussing their next step..."
Pakatan Aduns are chanting loudly, "Bubar Dun!"
A lot of shouting in the Dewan. It's pandemonium in there.
Wouldn't it be a lot easier to have fresh state elections?

It looks like most of the mikes are still shut.
The Pakatan Aduns are asking Ganesan to leave. They say he is not authorised to be a Speaker and point to his name tag which says only "pegawai". A short scuffle breaks out briefly but it is over now.
Ganesan's makeshift "Speaker's" table is in the middle of the aisle. He didn't have a normal seat in the Dewan like the others as he is not an Adun. Before he was appointed, he was sitting in a corridor at the back of the Dewan. When he was "appointed" Speaker, he took a position at a table on the aisle. Now, after pressure from Pakatan Aduns, Ganesan moves to a seat near Zambry.


"Tangkapan dibuat secara kasar dan tidak bertamadun, mereka (polis) menyerbu dengan menangkap beliau tanpa mengemukakan waran."
-Salahudin Ayub, Harakah

Police crackdown continues with three more arrests

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid (MalaysianInsider)

KUALA LUMPUR, May 6 — The police have arrested PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu, PKR Youth leader Badrul Hisham and another unidentified activist just a day before the Perak state assembly convenes amid accusations of a crackdown.

Mohamad, known popularly as Mat Sabu, was arrested at 3.45pm near party publication Harakah's office here today while Badrul and the unidentified activist were detained at 2pm in Putrajaya.

The arrests came just after the police arrested Wong Chin Huat, a spokesman for The Coalition for a Fair and Free Election (Bersih), under the Sedition Act yesterday.

It is learnt that Badrul and the unidentified activist may also have been arrested under the Sedition Act. It is unclear as to the reason behind Mat Sabu's arrest.


Mat Sabu arrested roughly; CheguBard just taken in. Month1 - 1Malaysia, Month2 - Ops 2Lalang?

Update: Got ADILsms saying CheguBard taken in at Putrajaya, presumably over his Altantuya cake.

See Harakah, Penarik Beca (another former guest of the CCID), et al.

Ah. What a sweet honeymoon it was, in those early days when Najib sang such sugar coated songs designed to charm our hearts, especially the non-Malay demographic.

Even I wasn’t prepared to reject his overtures out of hand.

The jury is back though, and I think the verdict is clear.

Najib will learn like so many others before him, that when deed fails to match word - cakap tak serupa bikin - leaders get replaced.

Maybe this is why they clever to talk about review ISA (like anyone believesla, though), who needs ISA when got Sedition Act, OSA, etc etc.

Speaking of which, Chin Huat’s detention at the Commercial Crimes Dept might suggest the possibility that he was detained for something that he wrote online. We will see where Mat Sabu will be brought, and whether that will yield any clues to the angle the cops are trying to take.

Mat Sabu, kami diri sama hang.

Chin Huat Arrest - Why the "Whisking away"?

Chin Huat whisked by cops to unknown location; Will you let them silence his attempt to turn M’sia black this Thursday?

I arrived at Bukit Perdana just before 10. There had been people there probably from 8.30 or 9, waiting to see Chin Huat.

As our patience wore on, a team of lawyers started getting more insistent on entering the building to give Chin Huat a chance to exercise his right to legal counsel.

Bar Council President Ragunath was present and leading much of the charge, intimating at one point that his office gave him access to the King, but he couldn’t seem to get through to some deadbeat police officer who was too cowardly to come down and face the crowd (instead sending down a sergeant who I had the pleasure of meeting during my time in the same building, who found himself arguing with a very tough crowd).

Datuk Ambiga, Sivarasa and Latheefa were all also there banging the table, so to speak. A number of DAP YB’s as well as PAS’ Dr. Dzulkifli were on hand at some point or another.

They forced the cops into a stalemate, as we refused to move out, and they refused to let the lawyers see Chin Huat.

Eventually, while we gave them the benefit of a little more time (after waiting more than 4 hrs), a car suddenly sped out of the compound, and some of us spotted Chin Huat in cuffs, bravely waving to us before the care was rushed out of sight.


Presumably he is spending the night in some godforsaken lockup. The cops were too devious to let us know which one, but hopefully we will pick up on this the next time.

It is also presumed that he will be taken to court tomorrow to be either charged, or (more likely) brought to face a remand hearing.

I suspect the cops will once again purposely not inform Chin Huat’s lawyers of his remand hearing, which will leave the team scrambling around town trying to find out when and where the hearing will be held.

If they touch one hair of his head, or deny him even an iota of his full legal rights under the law, I think we can safely bury Najib’s already dying political credibility.

To imagine, all this because of they *know* they’ve acted against the people in Perak. As a result, one Ipoh boy born and bred, has been jailed for his struggle to return democracy to his home.

It now falls to you and me to keep the flames of indignation against injustice burning bright.

Make Chin Huat proud, make his sacrifice not in vain, make sure we turn Malaysia black this Thursday.