Friday, 29 June 2012

The "Brains" of Bolehland ...

"I feel offended ...

(Such trend) was influenced by 

the theories of liberalisation 

and human rights, 

to the extent that 
Bahasa was sidelined...
 Gapena will also be producing 
a 30-minute drama entitled 
'Tolol Bahasa' .... 
to poke fun at Malaysians

~Prof Datuk Wira Dr Abdul Latiff Abu BakarKetua II Gapena 

 “Yang dipertua, yang dipertua, yang dipertua. 
I am a disciplined citizen. My party is disciplined” 
~Umno MP Datuk Mohamad Aziz, 
Umno MP withdraws ‘hang Ambiga’ remark

“I cannot confirm yet because 
Lynas has not submitted 
(its disposal plans) actually, 
they are not required to do so until 
the temporary operating license (TOL) 
has been issued,” 
Dr Noor Hasnah Mohamed Khairullah, 
special adviser to the AELB director-general.

"If we have men marrying men, 
and women marrying women,
there will be no children.
One generation and the whole 
human race will be wiped out."

~Mahathir, on democracy/freedom