Saturday, 25 October 2008

A Foreigner's Perception of Malaysian Politicians

The following was "lifted" from Din Merican's blog.
This was in response to Dr. Anees's experience in the well known Matress case masterminded by "you-know-who".
(To think that all the mindless membership of Umno Baru and the hordes of idol-worshippers commenting on are oblivious to these facts - is quite a scary thought!!).
Read how accurate his assessment of Mahathirism is ......

3 | Abubakar

October 25th, 2008 at 5:43 pm


I’m a Somali living in Malaysia who follows the local scene here very much. I would have to admit that Tun Dr M’s greatest disadvantage is his pure, unadulterated hatred for anyone who disagrees with him. Never have I see a human being whose sole motivation, drive and engine is pure hatred. Just visit his blog which is read by friends and foes, locals and foreigners and I must tell you it epitomizes him in every way.

Since he started it after complaining of UMNO media strangulation, did you see an article that he has written concerning the poor, the needy, the widows, the orphans, the handicapped, the downtrodden, the wayfarers, compassion, empathy, sharing, sacrifice, charity, morality, accountability, God’s fear and Judgement, forgiveness, patience (etc)? No.

Always it is about some people, blaming others, calling them names, dishing out unvanished, pure hatred. Blaming others for this and that and exonerating himself from all blame? Surely, at this age? You can’t build a society and a nation through hate, vengeance, intense anger and mean spirit. You would have to remind the people the higher purpose of life for them to get motivated and work harder for the less fortunate and for themselves. Finger pointing, blaming others, planting defeatist culture in the Malays, reducing them to mad people (we are sensitive, we will run amok society that makes even foreigners despise the Malays) will not help this society and nation.

My people (the Somalis) suffered from cruel leadership and when the hatred became too much, we turned to each other and till today, we the only nation with no Central govt. The Malays share with us almost every trait, veru feudal, manipulated easily, territorial, misuse of Islam for expediency, rigid explanation of Islam and too much interest in outward Islam than inward Islam that strengthens the hearts, our only difference is that the Malays have the Chinese and the Indians around that make sthem watch out for the “enemies.”

For us, we didn’t have that and that’s why we turned to each other. If God has loved the Malays and Malaysia, it is because He brought other people here. If some Malays regret the presence of the Chinese and Indians, ask us the Somalis and you will know what it means to be an incestous (homogenous) society and you will praise the Almighty day in day out. If it was possible, I would have shipped the Chinese and Indians to Somalia to create diversity in my nation but it is wishful thinking.

The other person who makes me cringe in shame is one Curry[Khairy] Jamaluddin. Never have I seen a more uncouth, uncultured, degenerate, pugancious, ill, nefarious and utterly infantile being than this young man. I have a big heart who tries to understand everyone and put itself in their place, but I don’t think my heart can accommodate one Curry Jamaluddin. He is a primate and deserves the worst treatment (though I hate it because we are Muslims and human beings) but honestly he is too much.

In the news today ...

Naina Merican Zindabad!
Hidup GPMS!

(don't you just love the trio's - or three stooges- pic from Husin?)
PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Reezal Merican Naina Merican (pic) is now the political secretary to the Prime Minister. Reezal was previously the political secretary to the Finance Minister. The change in portfolio is effective Sept 18, said a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office. On Sept 17, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi swapped his finance portfolio with his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s defence portfolio.
- StarOnline


Lets forget about his personal life - who cares if he needs 10 wives or 25 harems....
This is what says (translation of Khairy Chronicles, I guess), of Mr Naina .... sorry - Reezal Merican
(GPMS president, and potential Umno youth No.2)
& the US$50billion "loan" (with links to letter Here & here).
Read also what Husin Lempoyang has to say about Reezal and guys.
(don't you love the trio's pic above from Husin?)
On another note,
Khairy Jamaluddin is just one nomination shy of qualifying to contest for the Umno Youth chief post.


And - Facing journalists, Zaki "just smiled and put his finger on his mouth to" say ....
Sshhhhh!! - "No comments".

No comment on appointment as CJ By FLORENCE A.SAMY- staronline

Let's all wait patiently as he requests - not that we have much of a choice here ....
He might be planning to pull a rabbit out of his hat " after launching
‘Words, Phrases & Maxims - Legally and Judicially Defined.’
.... sshhhh.
I'm sure everybody would be pleased with the upcoming show.... ;-)