Tuesday, 24 June 2008

SOS - "Saviour Of Souls" is in Town!!


PETALING JAYA: Rock band Daughtry is slated for a concert in Kuala Lumpur on July 26.

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor PAS Youth will ask the state government to meet with the relevant departments and state-owned companies to discuss the types of entertainment programmes which should be allowed in the state.
“We (the Youth movement) can also play a role in perhaps coming up with guidelines on the kind of activities to help instil good moral values among the youth,” he told reporters after a visit to the state mufti’s office here yesterday.

- The Star

KOTA BARU: Muslim women employees working here are forbidden to wear lipstick and high-heeled shoes to work.
This directive is contained in a municipal council circular dated May 25 and signed by its president Shafie Ismail, which has been distributed to business premises here.
The directive on the wearing of lipstick and high-heeled shoes are in addition to the wearing of scarves, which should cover the chest and not be of transparent material, blouses with long sleeves, which were long and loose, as well as socks.
Those who do not adhere to the regulation can be fined up to RM500.

– Bernama

PAS is also compounding the problem...... Two days ago, a policeman at Putra Heights raped an underage girl. The girl was not sexily dressed. She was not even a criminal but a mere pillion rider. But she was detained and taken to the police station and raped. Why has PAS kept silent on this matter? Where is that massive demonstration to protest police officers raping underage girls? Is fighting with the Sultan of Selangor over whether female singers not dressed like Arabian Bedouins should be permitted to sing in public more important than an underage girl being raped by a policeman?
- Raja Petra, Pakatan Rakyat is losing the plot, Corridors of Power, MT.


Save your souls!
Ban the Heels! Ban the Concerts!
Down with Ella! Down with Mas Idayu!
Down with high heels!
To hell with the nation and your lives- Save your souls, Mate!
Ban all women from everything (except in the "service of man" lah)!!!!

It is quite obvious what PAS thinks of itself.
They believe that they got votes becos it was preordained by "God",
and that the Asoh & the Anneh across the street, want their souls to be saved!
They actually believe that the people "Love" Them!!
By default, they think we have elected them to be our "moral guardians" and cultural experts - they now spout the same rhetoric that Umno used to - "It is not our culture"!
They believe "culture" is something that stagnates in time & space - there can be nothing 'dynamic' about it.

PAS apparently don't seem to care if "nationhood" is on the agenda - only Islam-as-I-say-tion matters.
A chauvinistic show of power matters. The ego matters.
Weber, Marx, Engels, Guibernau, More, Smith etc were Kufr, hence stupid! - so what they say is irrelevant, mate!
All that matters is that they have a state that Islamic as per their perception- a transcultural nation-state doesn't really figure in their "pure & simple" minds.

Why did we vote for PAS? No?
Of course you did - a vote for DAP & PKR was a vote faux PAS!
Yes, I too voted them in with my vote for Pakatan Rakyat - becos I wanted BN to wake up from its slumber party. I seriously doubt that I'd have any qualms about voting them out should they insist on saving my soul, instead of concentrating on saving the nation.
As much as I stretch my mind to try and understand their obsession for souls, I cannot seem to find any space for this childish concern of theirs. What's so difficult about minding your own soul and damning mine?
I just don't get it .....

PAS should get its priorities right - it is in politics to save the nation, and not impose "Islam" as it perceives it to be.
I insist that they do not have a monopoly on truths, rights, wrongs or morality.
At times I wish that these guys have to go through poverty, hunger and rape - before they start shouting out their "holier than thou" convictions.

If they are so intent on the afterworld, aren't they in the wrong place (ie national politics)?
They should be running NGOs to provide for the needy, educating the people on the ways of the world, preaching and spending hours in prayer & meditation.
They want "Islamic supremacy" not through winning hearts and minds, but "gunboat diplomacy" - that's "Islam" to them!

They are no better then "Rage Boy" .... that illiterate ex-con, who made waves with his "Islamist Protest" participation!
He was surprised that he made headlines around the world for all the wrong reasons. He just couldn't understand why he was considered a fool in the eyes of the world, when all he wanted, was to be a "good Muslim".
Pathetic, if you ask me .... no wonder many of them end up taking up arms, so as to prove that they are being "better Muslims".

I wonder if the wise ulamas of PAS agree that they actually become "better Muslims" in being confrontational, instead of winning hearts and minds of the "impure" through acts of benevolence, compassion and wisdom.
Hope the leaders of PAS will see the wisdom & virtue in understanding, instead of demanding to be understood and accepted unconditionally through
"gunboat diplomacy" of manic protests.

You give Islam a very "negative image" in the eyes of those who have reached out to you, PAS! Wake up and look around you - the world moves on, leaving you behind because of your arrogance and "holier than thou" ignorance.
You would then be quick to scream foul, "Islamophobia!", adopt a seige mentality and would accuse your allies of being "unIslamic", which would make Amno-philes applaud with glee.

You too- like the "rage-boy", are in danger of being confused by the laughter of the world
Wake Up, PAS !
Listen to the voices of Wisdom.
Listen to Dr. Asri -
Stop the Islamic Rhetoric!!!
Try saving the nation for a change!


Sometimes, Love Just Ain't Enough