Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Preaching and Pleading to The Devil ....

"What do we call a man who jumps into a barrel of night soil
to clean it from within, and hopes to come out smelling like roses?"

The following (minus the pix) was written as a comment (in the blog)in response to ArtHarun's -
"Lament for the Fall of Saville - an analysis of UMNO's undoing." on ARTiculations

“Everything declines after reaching perfection,
therefore let no man be beguiled by the sweetness of a pleasant life”


Very nice, Art - beautifully written!
However, they aren't "beguiled by perceived perfections" - on the contrary, they are well aware of their shortcomings. In fact, they go far enough to demonstrate that they can perpetuate it with impunity!!

Be very sure of one thing though - they'll defend these very "shortcomings" tooth and nail, for they are gone too far down the road to turn back. And if necessary, they will unleash an episode of bloodletting like we've never seen before, before they lose it. Even if this doesn't happen, there are enough proponents to this idea which was mooted by a party stalwart on TV (note: an apology warranted here - I somehow cannot recollect who or when exactly, as I tuned out) some time back - they see no wrong or sin in bloodletting, as long as it is apparently in the name of the 3Rs - "race, religion and royalty" - while they pocket the fruits of blood & sweat of the proletariat.

Who then are the biggest victims, you might ask. It is none other than the Malays they claim to "defend". After all, to back them (Umno) up, they have the instruments of state and the Malay public whom they have "beguiled and corrupted".

Indeed, the Umno-ites are "blinded" by the "seven deadly sins", to the moral and spiritual corruption that it represents today - and the sins feel too good.

Yes Zaid did "lament" and failed- and so he quit. However, did Razaleigh really, actually do so?

If so, allow me then to pose a question to you - that which I posed to KuLi (and replied to the presumed answer) as well on his preaching blog as follows-

"Dear KuLi,
What do we call a man who jumps into a barrel of nightsoil to clean it from within, and hopes to come out smelling like roses?

Yes, you got it right, Ku Li …."