Saturday, 6 December 2008

OMG - Mahathir ... Is this true????!!!????

First things first....
Shah Rukh Khan knighted
Malacca authorities said Khan was knighted
because six of his movies were shot on location in the historical state
and helped boost its tourism.
Doesn't he look just great?

If he were Malaysian, I'm certain that he could've fit the "Malay" definition quite easily ....
Enough of the "Indian in Baju Melayu"'s story -
Now we can talk about Mahathir .....

We all know that some people were listed as "Indian" when they did their Medicine across the causeway, .... but a confession on air?
Mahathir - did you f$#@-up or what???
I mean, did you CONFESS on TV that you are ONLY Malay by definition???
And all these years, these geniuses in the Malay Organisation with an English name, fell for all the spin????

This is what was posted on Sham Rais's Tukar Tiub:


Dalam wawacara Aljazera, Pesauh Riz Khan secara terbuka telah mengatakan bahawa Madey a.k.a Mahafiraun adalah orang India. Madey gelabah.

Madey mengakui bahawa dia hanya Melayu kerana difinasi.

kah kah kah… kah kah kah… kah kah kah… kalau rtm.. tv3...boleh kelentong... kah kah kah...aljazera kantoi...kah kah kah…kah kah ka