Monday, 16 June 2008

Doubletalk:TDM's 'Racenomics'.


The former prime minister has come one full
circle in his political rhetoric. In the early days of his political career, he was part of a group of young Umno politicians known as the "Ultras".
This group believed that Umno should not share political power and blamed Tunku Abdul Rahman for pandering to other races. In 1995 he promoted the concept of Bangsa Malaysia. Today he has adopted his old rhetoric, perhaps acknowledging that his goal of pushing Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi out of office will only be realised if the Malay ground, particularly Umno members are galvanised into action by fear of losing power.

- The Malaysian Insider

(Dr M says it again: Don't question Malay rights)

.... Mahathir Mohamad pagi ini menegaskan bahawa orang Melayu mempunyai hak untuk menuntut sebahagian dari kekayaan negara, tanpa perlu mengambil hak orang lain...... Mana ada negara dalam dunia menerima kaum pendatang diberikan hak samarata? ......(sebagai warga negara dan mempunyai hak samarata),
janganlah orang lain kini mahu mempersoalkan hak kita!
- quoted on BigDogDotCom

"We (the Malays) are not the type to protest and have accepted those who came to the country."
"We even accorded them rights unlike other countries,"
he said at a talk titled "The Future of Malaysian Malays" .

"When they speak of their rights, people say it is all right as we live in a multiracial country."
"We have come up with policies to help the Malays without sidelining the interests of other races."
- Mahathir Mohammad (quoted in NST's
"Dr M's 'racist remarks' draw flak")


Here are some "snippets" from of Dr. Mahathir:


Bank Account

1.Several blogs have given space to a scurrilous statement that I, my wife and my children, have USD 199.45 million and S $ 42,000,000 in fixed deposit in the Israeli National Bank in Singapore.

2. The scum who alleges this does not have the guts to give his name.
3. ....................
4. I give full permission for the Israeli National Bank to make public
these accounts
6. As for the anonymous scum, give your true name, I/C and address so that I can sue you.

(Escuzi, Tok - after 4, is 5 - don't let your pressure muddle your brains ... may result in a stroke.
It may just be a blessing in disguise though, should you persist in the furious incontinence of the scum you spout.
Anyway I'll pass the message that he should be kind enough to send you an e-mail with his I/C no. BTW, nice writing Tok - unlike the normal Mutt-hias style .....
Take care, Tok)

Nice "economics" he fights for - demand "a piece of the pie" that's "rightfully" Malays' without taking away what belong to "others"!
Hello, old man - WTF does he think he's been doing all these years - Taking away the opportunities that belonging to whom? Who's been paying taxes as citizens - masquerading Bumiputras in the 1.2 million civil service and GLCs, or the "nons"?
Any Malabaris you know from Kerala paying taxes or studying here, masquerading as Melayu?
He's telling me that you can eat your cake and have it too?
This must be his idea of a sick joke for rempits and monkeys, or a perverted idea of "jizya" and dhimmitude with "hak samarata", right?

He must think that Malaysians/ Malays are all really "donggoi", and don't see through his lies & self-serving political rhetoric!

I don't normally read the old man's cribbing anymore (save for the 'nice expose' on RapidKL lately).
However, since I was a little bored, and wanted some light entertainment, I decided to visit it today. I was truly tickled - What a laugh it was!!
Mind you - comments on his blog are stringently moderated, to avoid "scummy" comments ...... it's okay if he says scummy stuff about "unworthy pendatangs threatening Malay rights" though.
He's 'da man', y'know - so it's okay.

It was really entertaining to read the comments at the blog from an "illustrious leader", who now cries about the “injustices” meted out to him these days, oblivious to the "free, fair & lovely 22 pendatang-Kutty years of fighting for Malay rights".

The "rationale" of the old man is quite "intoxicating" for some of his fans.
Truly amazing, and what a riot!
They actually compete in the Malaysia Bodoh spirit to be first to comment on the blog! Imagine what a glorious achievement that is!
Hmmm ..... So - That's what we call real NEP competition, huh?
It's all so 'intense', really - and gets one all dizzy, wanting to barf ...
He could possibly regain his mental strength if he takes up the offer in the last comment that I copied & pasted here.

Just for laughs, lets take a look at some of the "intense intellectual discourse" (no scum here ...) on - I guess these are the people that he loves to appease with his "Racenomics" :-
(I'm sure he'll get similar responses should he say that his flatulence is the only thing that can save them all)

"im the first ... hehe"
"yeah i'm the second..........."
"The Blog Alert can assists you to be among the first to read new posts here."
"im the second hahahahaha hidup tun"
"me 2nd"
"Dulu, i used to tgk berite and one of my favorite news is BULETIN UTAMA."
"There is nothing interesting when you watch the prime news in RTM or
TV3, nowadays i prefer to watch Bernama News at Astro502. Seems they
are a little more balanced."
"Go on Tun... we support u... 2nd i guess..."
"You are blogging with your toughts & truth. I believe you & will support you till the end."
"Blog Tun adalah satu-satu tempat rakyat mengadu hal, ibaratkan
tempat anak mengadu nasib kepada si bapa, meluahkan isi hati yang
terbuku didalam pelbagai isu kehidupan yang dibangkitkan."
"Assalammualaikum Tun...semoga sihat selalu."
"you are right.. for me Pak Lah is a komunis.."
"totally agree with u Tun,nowadays, everything been controlled by the"
"Tun, your articles are rally good lah. Next time you are in Bangsar, I
want to belanja you toseh or Utthapam in Saravana Bhavan and have a
chat with you in appreciation of your good articles."


Enjoy your Toseh & Utthappam, Tok Det - it may trigger some common sense in your aging grey matter .... & who knows - maybe you'd even remember good ol' ancestral Malabar aka Kerala!