Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Music Essay

As you go on, what you would hear would be an essay on thoughts that were expressed in the form of music that I liked over the years.
Music itself was something that I often got lost in ..... it had a strange way of expressing thoughts and feelings, although I cannot play or sing a note/ key correctly to this day.
It was for this reason that I had chosen to give up listening to music, to concentrate on work.

I start it with a beautiful song by Sting:-


Desert Rose

You Sang To Me

Feeling a little "jiwang" today - Just couldn't do well with words.
Looked around, but couldn't find it .....
So here goes my musical essay for the day ............................................


I had a very strange and vivid dream last week, and it brought back a lot of thoughts about the past.
The thoughts it brought back were quite difficult for me to put in words - I tried to write, but it somehow didn't quite fit.
Tried to write poetry - nothing came to mind.
So I settled for music, which expressed things pretty well ......

The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it.
Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881)



Something Stupid

Flying Without Wings

Oh Boy - This one still gives me goose-pimples for a very special reason.

Strangers In The Night

Unchained Melody

Always on My Mind

Reminiscing ....

This song, My Way definitely makes me all so "soggy" - I can still remember the first time I heard this song .....
There were many things I had done in the fire and haste of youth - things that could've been done better.
However, strangely, I don't have a regret at all as it has made me a tougher person (despite the occasional emotional outbursts).
Yes, things were tough when I was in the "in search of ...." mode - it's a path, something I would never encourage others to take. It can change you and your perception of things around you forever. There were times that I thought that I could go further in my explorations and to push the limits of my endurance - thank god I didn't! It might've just pushed me over the edge!
In a sense it is foolhardy, as there are no answers to certain things in life - at times one needs to learn to humble oneself and accept that not all things are meant to be known. We just have to live and let live. We have to do do our job and do it the best we can ... and everything will fall into place.
The rest, I'd choose to leave it to God.