Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Umno's Plan for an Muslim Sabahan Sultanate?

The installation of a planted UMNO operative as the "SULU SULTAN". Sabahans must understand the motives behind this installation.Akjan has been an UMNO operative all the while.A PTI himself,UMNO gave him a Malaysian MyKad for a reason,to secure the votes of the instant maggie mee bumiputra's that came to Sabah illegally.Sabahans must now go down to the grassroots and inform the kampong folks,Sabah is now under siege,UMNO/BN must be STOP at all cost,or all Malaysian Sabahans will be slaves of their own backyard.If you claim to be a true Sabahan,you will defend Sabah with every last drop of your blood,failing to do so,you are then in cahoots with the very people who are destine to destroy Sabah.I will defend Sabah with my life,are you prepared to do the same?