Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Masturbation, PDRM? Oh boy- what a Low Down Dirty Shame!!

Student arrested during Bersih 3.0 asked by cops if he masturbates

UPDATED @ 05:34:31 PM 08-05-2012
May 08, 2012
Lawyers for student activist Khalid Ismath today expressed “shock” over the interrogation tactics used by the authorities. — file pic
KUALA LUMPUR, May 8 — A student arrested for alleged acts of violence during the Bersih 3.0 rally was allegedly asked by police while under detention whether he masturbated or was involved in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LBGT) activities.
Lawyers for student activist Khalid Ismath, who was arrested for allegedly kicking a policeman during the Bersih 3.0 rally, today expressed “shock” over the interrogation tactics used by the authorities on Khalid, “who had willingly surrendered to the police to assist investigation”.
“Khalid was asked many times if he likes to masturbate,” Latheefa told a press conference at the PKR headquarters here today.
“They also asked him if he was involved in LGBT activities, why he was on Facebook as it belonged to a Jew, and why he was paying so much for his Internet bills as the money was being contributed to Jews,” she added.
She stressed these questions had nothing to do with ongoing investigations into the alleged violence and were instead similar to questions posed to detainees under the now-abolished ISA (Internal Security Act).
“What have these things got to do with the reason why he was arrested?” she asked.
Latheefa said the questions were a form of “sexual harassment” and also claimed that Khalid was tortured while under detention.
“When Khalid was in detention, he was kept in a cold room with the air-conditioner and fan turned on. This was a way to pressure him. It’s a form of torture,” the fiery lawyer said.
Her colleague N. Surendran also alleged that the ongoing investigation into Bersih “is not actually a genuine investigation”.
“It is a political propaganda investigation in order to further the agenda of Umno and Barisan Nasional,” Surendran, who is also PKR vice-president, said.
“The police are being manipulated, used, with the agreement of the top police leadership to carry out political investigations against innocent civilians, citizens who were participants in Bersih 3.0,” he added, likening the interrogation tactics used on Khalid to “terror tactics used in Syria by Assad’s forces”.
“Their intention is to frighten people so they can no longer gather peacefully outside, question the government and put fear in those who were brave enough to peacefully gather in the city on April 28.”

Desi Replies:- RPK, you are still a LIAR and a COWARD! No wonder, Umno took you in!

RPK, you are still a LIAR and a COWARD! No wonder, Umno took you in!

I have stopped reading m2day for a few years now, especially after I faced-off with the fugitive blogger-owner living the high life in London; but sometimes secondary or third parties would bring Desi's attention to his current articles/fiction where he had mentioned Desi-Y:L Chong as part of a PKR complot against him.

Yesterday a close BUMmer kaki told me that the devil-in-disguise has again cited my name, alongside Malaysia Chronicle and its founder-editor Ms Wong Choon Mei. More seriously RPK continued with a sin in Islam greater than murder -- committing SLANDER (Membuat Fitnah) and character-assasination against an MP YB Tian Chua of Batu.

Let me go on record that I was a card-carrying member in PKR from January 2005; had also been a member in DAP the previous decades.

I DON'T OFFER any apologies for facing-off with the privileged blogger hydeing up in luxury living when I beg to differ with him strongly ON THE ISSUES, but now since he has been a BANKRUPT, he cares two hoots about DEFAMING PKR leaders with whom he once marched alongside to topple the evil BN-UMNO regime.

YES, we have been told for several years by RPK's statutory declaration that his well-informed sources claimed that ROSMAH MANSOR was at the scene of where Mongolian beauty-translator Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered. Conveniently, years later, RPK spun a story ala-Arabian Nights that is to the effect: "No, it is not possible for a woman to go into the jungle in the middle of the night!"

Then the famous/notorious RPK gave a new meaning to the word GO-STAN by appearing on TV3 on the one hand saying he's still fighting for Change and a Better Malaysia, yet he constantly and viciously attacks Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim just before the Sarawak State Electons, and again on various mainstream media on New Year's Day 2012, focusing on all the weaknesses of Anwar again and PKR in general.

Do you think I was surprised? Well, read my article which led to his (RPK's) Declaration of War, and my calling him "a Liar and a Coward", the latter piece which drew no reaction at all from the "great RPK", a term coined aptly by MChronicle!
Also as to why the sudden RPK attack seems to be he was found out in this story  RPK, admit it: You're lying through your teeth to help Nong Chik beat Nurul in GE-13.
I would only reprise TWO OF MY POSTS later which are relevant to preliminary rebutting RPK's latest writing titledEpisode 30: A declaration of war,which I won't dignity with full reproduction, but if you think it worthw'ile, go to this LINK:

Let me first reproduce the THREE (3) "segments" in RPK's piece which I would comment on:

(1) So, Malaysia Chronicle a.k.a. Suara Tian Chua, do we continue? What more shall we talk about? Shall we talk about how Desi YL Chong was rejected by Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today before he joined Malaysia Chronicle to become a member of Tian Chua’s team? Shall we talk about how Wong Choon Mei was sacked from Malaysiakini for misconduct before she joined Malaysia Chronicle to become a member of Tian Chua’s team?

(2) Malaysia Chronicle, a.k.a. Suara Tian Chua, is basically Desi YL Chong, Wong Choon Mei and Tian Chua. This is the Chinese mafia in PKR that I talked about in an earlier article. Even DAP does not like this Chinese gang and many a conflict between DAP and PKR since 1999 was because of this PKR Chinese mafia. In fact, the DAP people just hate the PKR Chinese mafia and would rather negotiate with the Malays in PKR than with this Chinese gang.


(3) Shall we talk about the people Tian Chua sent to Korea for training on how to organise demonstrations so that the Bersih rallies can be turned into violent demonstrations like in Korea?
My rebuttals to the three points follow, --only where as far as YL Chong, the journalist in me, and as Desiderata, the BUMmer in me, normally signed off as "knottyaSsusual:) is concerned -- and my assessment of what FICTION RPK is continuing to churn out copiously after he was "turned over", -- for how much USD, pound sterling or RM (also short for Rosmah, what a coincidence in Malaysian history eh!):
* (1) Firstly, let me reiterate that I have been a freelance journalist-blogger for the past ten years; yes, I have been an Editorial Consultant prior to that period at Malaysiakini.com as its first News Editor. Yes, I served as Consultant Editor in the first five months at freemalaysiatoady.com from its gestation period into first three months.
But I also had served at two other online sites, for more than a year each at klsetracker.com and as inaugural news editor at cpiasia.net, for which I had given my best and I leave it to my peers who served with me to judge my record, NOT OUTSIDERS LIKE RPK AND HIS HARDCORE FANS (naming a few, Harris Ibrahim, Zorro, whisperer....I will add on more later, so Pateince OK!:)WHO RESORT OFTEN TO FOUR-LETTER RPK's  ROYAL&HALFBREEDLOUDMOUTH VOCAB LEARNT IN THE U.K. PUBS and OTHER DARK HOUSES OF PLEASURE TO CURSE AND SWEAR when they can't win a debate via reason and rational discourse.
** (2) I had also told off RPK that I am neither a shareholder or staff at Malaysia Chronicle, and the editor herself had put the record straight which RPK himself picked up for publication at m2day. However, may I just add YES, I AM A PROUD CONTRIBUTOR as a freeance journalist to MChronicle, SO WHAT? Digressing a bit/byte -- which is a Blogger's privilege to abuse, so why don't you get on board? --I  think Malaysia is STILL A FREE WORLD IN CYBER-SPACE, thanks to ex-PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's MSC and its Bill of Guarantee ensuring NO CENSORSHIP OF THE INTERNET and that bungkling olde fool of Minister of Information and Communications and Culture who tries very hard to breach to please his UMNO he's beholden to and that Omnipotent Master-you-know-who!
"Me a Chinese mafia member, along with Choon Mei and Tian Chua, Yang Mulia RPK?" - RPK, thou giveth Desi too much credit, but I don't get that sort of credit you get as a turn-around sexpert. YES, you read right! -- "Sexpert" because this coward of a fugitive thrives on making innuendoes on his opponents' sex adventures with no solid foundation -- ala Datuk T trio remember? Mr millionaire-bankrupt RPK, how about providing us with current PM's sexploit with a singer-beauty in Port DICKson one fine night not so long ago you cunt remember! Okay, go aRsEk another pendek ex-MB ISA SAMAD, now chairman of Felda despite being found guilty of MONEY POLITICS IN UMNO PARTY ERECTIONS.. Oooops, elections!
*** (3) ") Shall we talk about the people Tian Chua sent to Korea for training on how to organise demonstrations..." -- Hey, royal Blogger, thou giveth too much credit to the Batu MP-lah! He himself got that sort of money and expertise like your UMNO friends/sponsors? Either you are high on drugs, or rubbing too often that pair of Dada on a "Cina Pendek" night&day and day&night to continue spinning Arabian 1,0001 Nights tales; but this is not the era of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.(Digressing&Confession: I was "reluctant" to take a dig at that moniker reference on poor Marina Lee Abdullah who now pays for the SINS OF HER HUSBAND, what I'm doing is following the axiom WHAT IS GOOD FODDER FOR THE GOOSE, IS BADDER FOR THE GANDER, for recently RPK called Desi a "China Pendek"!)
Malaysia Today is in the ERA OF THE INTERNET AND NOW MODERN ALI  DADA like you, RPK -- and the whole bunch of 21st century daylight robbers -- won't be able to hide the ill-gotten billions they robbed from the PUBLIC COFFERS now stashed away in Swiss banks. Your fugitive days are numbered as Pakatan Rakyat supported by the Rakyat-ala-Bersih3.0 march in unison to take over Putrajaya cometh GE-13.