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From Liberation (french), Altantuya Murder - "JIMAT" Intrigue Fit For A Thriller ...


RPK has done it again!! This man is definitely amazingly fearless.
With an article published in a foreign tabloid by a foreign journalist, there is no issue of "sub judice". Moreover, if one were to sue for criminal defamation, he may not know enough kangaroos in that country, to sit in court.
His latest post - "The Truth that Refuses to Surface" is definitely a must read.

RPK posted the newspaper article from the French Liberation newspaper (reported as L’étrange affaire du meurtre d’une interprète mongole qui gêne le pouvoir en Malaisie- Translated "The strange affair of the murder of a Mongolian interpreter which is embarrassing the authorities in Malaysia" or The strange case of murder of a Mongolian interpreter impedes power in Malaysia.), which practically gave the full story on the Altantuya murder and fits all the pieces of the puzzle - fits almost too neatly to be true.
It appears to me that the real person who needs to be questioned is the man behind Azilah (I don't know how ADC Musa Safri who purportedly introduced Azilah to RB fits in the picture, though) ..... no copper/ hitman/ mercenary, no matter how demented, would go on a very specific exercise like this, without "orders from above".

Taken from RPK's MT :-
From Razak’s admission in the 24-page Affidavit filed on 4 January 2007, it is clear that:
1. Razak did not know Azilah and had never met him before the Altantuya murder.
2. Musa Safri, Najib's ADC, introduced Azilah to Razak.
3. Razak would have never met Azilah if not for Musa Safri.
4. Azilah felt he could help solve Razak’s problem because he had already killed 6-10 people before the Altantuya murder.
5. Razak’s Affidavit never mentioned whether Musa Safri knew that Azilah had already killed 6-10 people before the Altantuya murder and whether that was why Musa Safri introduced Azilah to Razak.
6. Razak did not want anything unwanted to happen to Altantuya.
7. Razak kept asking Musa Safri what happened to Altantuya but Musa Safri kept replying that Azilah had not informed him what happened (giving an impression that Razak was not able to ask Azilah himself and that the only person who was able to ask Azilah is Musa Safri).
8. If Azilah did murder Altantuya -- which we do not know yet since the trial is not over -- then it was not on Razak’s instructions and either Azilah used his own discretion or someone else other than Razak had instructed Azilah to murder Altantuya.
9. Even though Azilah and Razak never knew each other until Musa Safri introduced them, and they would have never known each other if not because of Musa Safri, Musa Safri is not one of those on trial for murder.

One would surely ask why Musa Safri has escaped the dragnet ........
So, somebody is being the fall guy for somebody else (without RB knowing it), who had a hidden agenda, and something really big to hide (or at stake) by "Jimat-ing" Altantuya .....
She (Altantuya) was apparently somebody's "mistress" & did apparently say that she was with a child, remember? If RB wanted to "Jimat" her, I'm certain that with his contacts, he could've done it in a less obvious manner.
Now - Who is this missing link? Who and what hasn't been investigated?

The scans of Sirul Azhar's full statement prior to the trial at the Travers Police station, where he practically confessed in graphic detail (refer above pic) to the brutality perpetrated by "certain quarters" who are as yet, are kept out of the trial.

It is mind boggling to imagine a highly trained "operative" coolly giving a statement that implicates himself in such a cold blooded murder in such a detailed manner. It appears to me that he might've been "coaxed" into such a statement - unless of course, he's criminally insane (which may warrant a psychiatric assessment) ...... or trusted "somebody's" promises of "incentives" a little too much. But RM430.00 is definitely a little too little for that kind of a deal.

BTW, the confessor apparently had time to take a crap (refer above pic) at Puncak Alam before perpetrating the crime!!! This statement is definitely a "collector's item", and reads like an episode of a crime thriller.
The only problem here is, we have dumb and uncooperative "Insp. Gan" from Interpol who declares the innocence of "certain parties" based on hearsay and without any investigation, instead of an "Inspector Colombo" who would leave no stone unturned...
I wonder what Interpol has to say about this "excellence in service".

The Heckler and Koch MP5 is currently one of the most widely used submachine guns today.
This is widely recognised as the most accurate submachine available today.
Popular with anti terrorist units and SWAT teams world wide.

One thing I found interesting, and learned from this is the term used for "neutralize" or kill in Malay by certain quarters - "Jimat" (refer to highlight on image). (No wonder some leaders tell us to "jimat" and "ubah gaya hidup, I guess ...)

This statement, is "too good to be true"!
Firstly, the hit-men can actually get lost in KL looking for a Hotel Malaya, which an artist at Central Market can point out in a hand drawn map!
It also amazes as to how stupid these hit-men are supposed to be in attempting to dispose of evidence - can you imagine professional assassins throwing evidence into the garbage or on the road? That too, they dump their own clothes together with those of the victim!! Or even haggling with cab drivers and making themselves more "memorable"? Denzel Washington couldn't have pulled off such a good act.

All this, while Razak Baginda is having his cigars in London while "studying", and somebody else much, much higher up the "chain of command", is silently pursuing his agenda in the background. The Russian secret service, FSB (formerly, the KGB) are apparently following the case closely. Well, I guess that it goes without saying that the Interpol, CIA, DGSE (French Secret Service) and MI6 will be on to it as well!!

Can you imagine what will happen if these agencies have any incriminating evidence against the Prime Minister of any nation? Never mind the shame that the citizens will have to shoulder when faced with foreigners/ businessmen ...... Yes - they become sitting ducks to blackmail!! He would lose control of the state, as a result of interference by different parties with vested interests, and as such would compromise the assets and wealth of the state.
Whichever that nation is, it is doomed to be sold out by the guilty party - that's for sure as the sun rising tomorrow!!

It is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY that such a person doesn't become the prime minister or head of state of any country, or the nation is for sure to be sold out to international power brokers!!

But not to worry - In Bolehsia, everything is fine and dandy. The economy is "stable", and "peace and harmony" coexists with brutal murder of suspects by "security services". Being an advocate of "free trade and capitalism", Bolehsia is apparently also a major transit point for Human and narcotics-related merchandise.
However, Bolehsia has among the best security services and personnel in the world, with a fantastic world-class track record at "solving" murder and crime mysteries.
I just had a call from a "little bird", that "a certain individual" - charged with armed robbery- managed to solve his "problem" with $15,000.00 "kautim" money at Bolehsia's southernmost city!!!
That's Bolehsian justice and security services at work for you. Never fear, though - such things can always be glossed over in the MSM as "rumours" ..... you know what they say about "rumours" in Bolehsia, right?

So Bolehsians - you guys sleep peacefully tonight.
You're all in "good" hands - just make sure you say your prayers ..... or you'll get more "holy book sworn denials" coming in your MSM!!

Dog (sic) Plays Politics ....

NST (who else would ...) published a "hard-hitting defence" of the first autopsy report - sadly the doctor has obviously forgotten his Forensic Medicine. Maybe he's just someone recruited to be a pencil-pusher with a title under the NEP ....
Not too long ago, a poll indicated that Doctors are high on the list of "trusted" people - well, I suppose that will change soon, especially if he's still involved in govt "bureaucracy", I suppose. It is sad that the Hospital authorities cannot have a spokesperson who has some common sense and wouldn't shame the medical profession.

Dang, man - you don't need to be a medico to know that a dead body doesn't bleed 5 days post mortem! Any layman with an iota of common sense, will tell you that - what more a pathologist!!
Although food does exit the stomach after 4 hours, Norzi also appears to be totally ignorant of pathological changes brought about by starvation. However, one might have to concede - maybe Norzi belongs to a different species (like camel maybe), and his GI mucosa and hepatobiliary system stays that way indefinitely .....

Well at least, I believe the "pulmonary oedema" part (which I guessed earlier, from the pics- the frothy discharge through the mouth is a giveaway) - however, that is the secondary cause. That's like saying the victim died of cardiac arrest, which is the end result in all deaths! The question unanswered was - the cause of an acute Pulmonary Oedema in a healthy young adult who isn't known to suffer from any ailments.
As the second autopsy revealed, it must have been primary to Acute Renal Failure (Acute Tubular Necrosis) as a result of Rhabdomyolysis brought about by the beating Kugan sustained.

Anyway, it is sad that there was an attempt to mislead the public and family in the initial statements, wherein it was said that Kugan died of "Asthma", when it should have been "Cardiac Asthma" and "fluid in his lungs", when it should've been "Pulmonary Oedema" (or at least swelling of the lungs, in layman terms). Big difference in the implications of those words .....
This kind of twisting of facts by certain quarters is at best, disgusting!

Norzi insults the Medical Sciences and all doctors by saying that Pathological findings is "weak evidence"!!
That is an outright lie!! It must be another attempt at misleading the public.
I believe, the MMA ethics commitee/ SCHOMOS, although has no direct bearing in this case, should make a press statement to save some face for all the unrewarded, selfless, excellent and dedicated Medical Practioners in the Government service.
And to Norzi Ghazali - go back to Med-school, or at least watch some CSI on TV, dammit!!
If not, just go hang!!
Meanwhile, we wait for images of the Kulim 6, who were apparently shot ON TOP of the head by "well trained marksmen"( MPs allege Kulim six were shot in the head ).

Over to you Ismail Merican & MMC ....
(note to MMC & Ismail Merican : please avoid jailing doctors for minor misdemeanors)

PS I hope we don't see a "Bala act" with Dr. Amberkar ....
So, here it goes the press release by NST, taken from MalaysiaToday ....

Hospital: Mob tampered with Kugan's body

(NST) - Serdang Hospital yesterday fought back against accusations of a misleading post-mortem on police detainee A. Kugan. Its director, Dr Mohd Norzi Ghazali, said a mob of about 50 people had barged in and tampered with the body before any post-mortem was carried out by the hospital's forensics pathologist.

Dr Norzi said his medical officers sought cover for two hours in a connecting room of the mortuary as they feared being hurt by the mob.

The post-mortem, he said, was supposed to take place at 8am the next day as police personnel had to be present during the procedure.

A report on the incident at the morgue by the hospital authorities stated that Kugan's fully-clothed body was in a body bag, which had been torn open by the mob.

The medical officers also reported they were shocked to see a pool of Kugan's blood on the floor of the mortuary.
This, the report said, indicated that wounds on the body could have been inflicted after his death.

The report also stated that the 22-year-old had died of pulmonary oedema or fluid in the lungs. It also stated that there were no fractures on his body or damage to his vital organs.

However, Kugan's family lawyer, N. Surendran, said the second post-mortem conducted by University Malaya Medical Centre's pathologist Dr Prashant N. Samberkar revealed that his death was due to kidney failure caused by muscle injury that might be attributed to physical, chemical or biological factors.

Dr Norzi told the New Straits Times that both post-mortems were "weak evidence" in the case as they had been conducted after the body had been tampered with.

On claims that Kugan, a suspected car thief, had been starved for six days before he died, Dr Norzi said a person's stomach would be cleared of traces of food about four hours after his last meal.

Attorney-General Chambers' prosecution division head Tun Majid Tun Hamzah received the second post-mortem report from Surendran yesterday.

Tun Majid said comparisons would be made between the reports for a just decision.

"This won't be long, hopefully within this month. The chambers will inform the public of its decision."

Kugan died at the Subang Taipan police station while being interrogated on Jan 20, six days after he was arrested in connection with car thefts.

Kapar member of parliament S. Manikavasagam, who accompanied Surendran to the chambers, said a police report would be lodged against the Serdang pathologist either tomorrow or Saturday "over a false and misleading post-mortem".

In Kuala Lumpur, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said police would wait for the A-G's decision before taking action against the 11 policemen involved in Kugan's death.

Federal Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Bakri Zinin said he had obtained a copy of the second post-mortem report from Prashant.

"As per procedure, we will record his statement," he said.

In Kota Baru, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has reiterated that the case should not be politicised.

He said he was surprised that the second post-mortem report was announced at the office of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) on Tuesday.

"When it was announced at the PKR office, it means that they are mixing a crime investigation with politics. This case has nothing to do with politics."