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SPR's maklumat aduan/maklum balas

SPR's maklumat aduan/maklum balas

I happened to check my registration status just now and got a "Rekod tidak ditemui" ( I wasted RM 0.20 to SMS to 15888 and got a "TIADA REKOD. SEMAKAN INI BAGI YANG TELAH MENDAFTAR SEBAGAI PEMILIH SAHAJA".

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For more insights into SPR's attitude towards handling of complains, pls go User's name can be found on the "Contact Us" page (look at the "name" part of the email addresses"). Passwords are (can you believe it?) same as username! :)

Pls do it soonest possible.


To all friends, Check your voter registration status by clicking on the link provided here. Have you registered as a voter yet? Is your name still in the electoral roll?

Vote to influence changes in this country.


    • The Election Commission reported that 15.47 million of Malaysians are above 21 years of age and therefore eligible to vote in federal and state elections.
However, only 11.08 million (72%) have taken the trouble to register as voters. This means that 4.39 million (28%) eligible electors have opted to forfeit their right to vote in the event a general election is held.

Go to the Election Commission of Malaysia Electoral Roll Checking website and punch in your IC No: for a quick check ...



The Registration of Electors, as provided for under the law, enables qualified Malaysian citizens to register as electors. The registration is carried out throughout the year. In addition it allows the Registered Electors who have changed their address to register at the new place of residence. Electors are also encouraged to check their names in the verified Electoral Rolls.

To secure your right to vote in an election and exercise your right as a citizen.

- A Malaysian citizen
- Has attained 21 years of age
- Is residing in any Election Constituency in Malaysia; and
- Has not been disqualified.

- Go personally to the Registration Centre;
- Take along your Identity Card;
- Ensure Form A is correctly filled by the staff before signing the form; and
- Keep one copy of the form as proof of your registration.

Election Commission of Malaysia Headquarters OR State Election Offices
All Post Offices with computer facilities in the country;

Register today
and let's vote WISELY

in the 13th General Election
for a better Malaysia ... a better tomorrow
for our children and our future generations
Please help to pass this critical message on ... far and wide
    1. Forward this email to your family and friends
    2. Talk to them at every opportunity and urge them to register and vote
    3. Urge them to do likewise ... pass it on and keep the fire burning
As an ordinary citizen perhaps this is the least you and I can do for our beloved country ... for a better Malaysia, a better tomorrow Let's do it!

RPK: “Alhamdulillah for God’s rezeki showered on me"

**Anti-khalwat team annoys hotel guests in Terengganu

Walking the talk is the main issue

Saturday, 20 March 2010 Super Admin

Yes, to Muslims, ‘crimes’ are just confined to wine, women and song. Everything else is okay. Offer Muslims pork chops and they will go berserk. Offer them a glass of beer and they will foam at their mouth in anger. Offer them a bribe and they will say, “Alhamdulillah for God’s rezeki showered on me.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Low salaries not main factor in corruption, says MACC

Low salary scales and high cost of living are not the main factor for corruption among the support group in the civil service, according to a survey by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

On the contrary, corruption is caused by individuals’ own weaknesses such as greed and having the desire to live in wealth and luxury despite not having the means to attain them.....

Is corruption on the rise among civil servants?

MACC corporate communications director Datuk Ahmad Khusairi Yahaya said there was a decline in the number of corruption involving the group in 2007, 2008 and last year.

This, he said, showed that the level of integrity and awareness among civil servants on the scourge of corruption and their responsibility in battling corruption were on the increase.....



Remember my earlier article about lies, damn lies and statistics? Well, here we go again. The MACC is giving us statistics on corruption cases and they are telling us that corruption has reduced because less people have been caught.

Is it not possible that the number of people being caught for corruption has come down because those who commit acts of corruption are getting smarter and therefore it is not so easy for the MACC to catch them like before? Is it not possible that the MACC has given up on trying to catch corrupted officials because most times when the cases go to court those on trial get acquitted anyway? Is it not possible that the MACC officers see no point in fighting a losing battle -- so if you can’t beat them then join them and now the MACC officers are getting a cut of the action? Is it not possible that the MACC officers are otak lembu (cow brains) while those corrupted people are far cleverer? Is it not possible that the MACC is too busy trying to get opposition people on all sorts of flimsy and frivolous charges like cakes and cows that there is just no time left to go after the real criminals?

Yes, there are many possible reasons for the decline in cases of people caught for corruption. It does not have to mean that the country is getting cleaner. It could just mean that the cleaners are getting dirtier.

Anyway, why talk so much about corruption and what to do about it and whatnot? Okay, corruption is not confined to just the Malays or Muslims. Non-Malays and non-Muslims are also corrupted. But then Zoroastrian, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and whatnot are not the official religions of this country. Islam is. And Islam takes preference and priority over all other religions. And while the imams in the mosque can whack the other religions and call them false religions, you may not do the same to Islam. You say Islam is a false religion you will get arrested and will be sent to jail. But you can say what you like about the others.

Therefore, people are more concerned about corrupted Muslims. In fact, the religious department wants Muslims to lead pure lives. They do not like you and your neighbour’s wife bonking in a hotel room. Non-Muslims can bonk till dawn and the government doesn’t care. At 3.00am the religious department officers will come knocking on your hotel room to check whether you have a naked woman in your bed. And if you refuse to open your door they will break it down. (Read here)

Yes, the Malaysian government is against you playing footsie and bonking pussies that don’t belong to you. And they mean business. So don’t play play. And it not just ‘illegal’ pussies that upset the religious department. Drinking, gambling, etc., are also no-nos for Muslims. You drink or play poker and they will haul your arse into court and if found guilty you can get caned; even women offenders.

So you see, with such high morals that Muslims have to observe, we are more concerned about corruption committed by Muslims, who are God’s chosen people, while we really don’t care about those non-Muslims who are supposed to go to hell anyway even if they lead the life of Mother Teresa.

Why are Muslims so upset if I check into a hotel with my neighbour’s wife and bonk her till dawn? Why are Muslims so upset if I drink and gamble? Why are Muslims not upset if I am corrupted and take bribes? Why will Muslims not vote for me if I womenise, drink and gamble but they have no problems voting for me if I take bribes?

Yes, to Muslims, ‘crimes’ are just confined to wine, women and song. Everything else is okay. Offer Muslims pork chops and they will go berserk. Offer them a glass of beer and they will foam at their mouth in anger. Offer them a bribe and they will say, “Alhamdulillah for God’s rezeki showered on me.”