Friday, 7 December 2007

Just Another Bigger and Better Show!

Exhibitors are gearing up to give their best
in the Star Education Fair 2008 with five taking up 14 booths each.

On cloud nine – in a Sukhoi
At Lima 2007, Lt-Kol Norazlan and three fellow pilots
became the first Malaysians to pilot the Sukhoi aircraft.


Khairy : Government
must not meet Hindraf


Abdul Hamid confirmed as CJ

Zaki, 62, made history
on Sept 5 by being the first lawyer
to be appointed directly
to the Federal Court.

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail
described the duo as “excellent choices”,
expressing confidence that they would be able to
restore public

in the judiciary
On Zaki, the A-G said

his good interacting skills
honed in the private sector

would be a great
The AG's (Gani Patail) most famous quotable quote is supposedly* -
"They threw bricks at his head."

Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan,
in the congratulating the duo, admitted that
she was rather surprised
at the elevation of Zaki

to the judiciary
’s second-highest position.


Poll: Malaysians most confident of their elections
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians are not only the
strongest supporters of democracy
in Asia but are also

the most confident
that their country's

are fair
and free,
according to a recent study by TNS and Gallup International.


Saadon Aksah/ES
Harakah English Section

Coalition for a free and fair election (Bersih)
is planning
a second demonstration
in front of Parliament here on Dec 11,
protest against a
Constitutional amendment
done "in haste".


EC: It’s a good boost to image

Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid
Abdul Rahman is glad that Malaysians have responded positively towards the
way the general election is conducted in the country.


ACA sets up ops room in states for polls
The Anti-Corruption Agency has set up special operation rooms
at its 16 branches nationwide to receive reports on corruption and
investigate cases in preparation for the general election.

Governmentfighting graft well
Fifty-three per cent of Malaysians surveyed for the Global Corruption
Barometer 2007 said the Government was effective in fighting corruption.


Malaysiakini web site, Petaling Jaya
- October 31, 2003

Malaysian opposition front lodges police report against ex-PM Mahathir

31 October: Youth leaders of the opposition Barisan Alternatif [BA, Alternative Front] today submitted a litany of complaints to the police on alleged wrongdoings by former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his 22-year tenure in office.


Mustapa: Students must know dangers of corruption.
Anti-Corruption Agency director-general
Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan said in 2003, a survey was conducted
among students and results showed that

30% of the respondents said they would
succumb to corruption if the opportunity arose.

"With this secretariat, we hope to reach out to the students at universities
get the message across about
dangers of corruption
as many do not know
of the consequences,"
said Ahmad Said.


-IGP: Hindraf trying to garner support from terrorist groups
-Tabling of police panel bill delayed

Cops still hunting 16 gang leaders in Sarawak

-Gang on farm-robbing spree

Model released on police bail

Woman murdered, left naked at budget hotel

Girl jumps out of window to escape sexual predators

-MB denies
taking a second wife

-Johor on red alert ....


One number for distressed folk to call for help
15999 – this is the number to call
if you are a victim of

domestic violence, child abuse or a natural

This hotline, called Talian Nur, will be the lifeline providing early intervention for these victims.


NOTE: The above is a "cut & paste" job of segments of highly "credible" news items and images available online. The writer/ publisher of the above shall not be responsible for any conclusions drawn by readers, as neither the words nor the order of the words in sentences were altered in any way (except for font size).
(*This is an opinion expressed by an acquaintance of mine).