Friday, 9 February 2007

Malay matrix?

(This was a Letter in response to Dr. Azly's "Malay matrix awaits its messiah")

Dear Sir,
As I sit here writing here contemplating the Malay Matrix, I some get the feeling that the Malay Matrix as it is now, does not wish for a messiah.

In searching for “Neo” it seems like the “Smiths” have already come out spitting fire and brimstone (not to mention excrement). The stupor in this Matrix, is what the Malay today wants to preserve.
This can be seen even in this forum from the venom and what not, being spewed by certain individuals. These venomous assaults on the intellect, in my humble opinion, is indeed the current sentiment of those that are “plugged in”.

As confessed by a very “patriotic” venom spitting “Smith” here, the question of being indigenous does not arise at all. It is not about whose land it truly is. It is about power to rule. His expression may not be too palatable – but his message is truly one of fear.

Right or wrong, what was illustrated is the fear that the Malay psyche has to deal with. The fear of being dispossessed in their own land.
It is a very real entity in the Malay psyche.
It is this fear that has paralysed the mind, and has brought on a defensive mechanism of “aggression” in ideas. It is this fear that is perpetuated and further inflamed by certain quarters, so as to prevent any form of “unplugging” from this matrix of “supremist” ideology.

How do we address this fear and xenophobia in this age of globalisation? How do we plead for reason to rule? Do we ride the choppy waters together, or do we prepare to abandon ship in the event of a wave of xenophobia? Or do we grab on to the first sign of an alternative leadership and purge the current for a simplistic solution?
Who awaits the “neo-malay”?

It isn't the patriot as defined by the current schools of thought propagated.
It is none other than the disenfranchised. Where do we find this “neo”?

He will come from this pool of this disenfranchised Malay, who strives towards social awareness with a vision of progressiveness and a distaste for xenophobia. From this pool, the ones who have chosen to use reason borne of this system of “affirmative action”, as opposed to the vast majority who have chosen to “toe the line” into stuporous comfort and self aggrandisement.

What does this “neo” need?
He needs to have a philosophy and an agenda that would (in cooperation with the other like-minded people of Malaysia) create a system that is progressive and embraces change, without a policy that works on the principles of racism, xenophobia or religiosity.
Having spoken of what is needed in the spectre of Malay politics, the other determinant in this equation are the Chinese, who dominate the economy.
Would they too, be willing to give up on their old-school ethnocentric chauvinism and be a true partner in creating the new Malaysian?

We need also the “neo” Chinese and the “neo” Indian and the “neo” Iban, Dayak, Kadazan, Dusun etc., to create a NeoMalaysia.

It is however, the Malay who will determine the birth of these other “neos”.
There is a “messiah” in each and every one of us – do we have the same message?

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