Wednesday, 6 June 2007

RPK's reply

Raja Petra wrote:

Dear cruzeiro, it IS simple. Extremists (or pelampau in BM) means people who are extreme (melampau, too much) and terrorists are people who terrorise others (menakutkan, ganas). Malays are terrified that the Chinese extremists will take away their rights and special privieges (including the NEP). They are also terrified that the Malay language will no longer be the National Language with Chinese asking for more Chinese schools and mother-tongue education. They are also worried that the non-Muslims are demanding that Muslims be allowed to leave Islam which will erode Islam.

Non-Malays support the ISA because they are scared of Muslim extremists and terrorists while the Malays support the ISA because they are scared of the extremists Chinese, Christians, etc. who challenge the position of Malays-Islam which the Constitution has already protected and given a special place.

You see, while the non-Malays have their reasons for supporting the ISA, the Malays too have their own reasons. Operasi Lalang was to stop the non-Malays from challenging the Malays rights and special privileges, Islam as the oficial religion, and Malay as the National Language.

So it is actually really very simple and that is how Malays see it. What's not 'simplistic' about this whole issue?

Oh, and of course we are all using our own yardstick as to what is extreme and what warrants detention under the ISA. But this will have to depend on the colour of your skin and the religion you believe in. The majority of Malays have no problems if murtads get detained without trial including those non-Muslims who instigate Muslims to leave Islam. Some even agree that they be put to death (worse than detention without trial).

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