Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Blogger are at fault?

It has been hot news that the police report by MMT has launched a crackdown on all bloggers.
It started with Raja Petra Kamarudin being called to Dang Wangi.
I found it strange that my blog was also blocked!
Why would anybody wanna block a blog? That too a bog that has so far not even received any visitors? It beats me - that's for sure .......
What is this thing they speak about ....... being responsible? Who incited anybody? It is a blog where where I just put up my ideas. I don't advertise it - only a couple of times I did put up the link, coz someone asked for it. It isn't a forum where I put up politically motivated ideas ..... politics isn't my cup of tea, for gottsakes!
What the hell are these people thinking? How can I of all people even think of causing "disharmony"?
It is an online diary where I just don't restrict anybody from taking a peek - what's wrong with that?
If at all anything, the reader will prolly know what kind of a person I am! All my blog contains are discussions that took place at Malaysia Today, and my submissions, and of course some of my own thoughts which I put up.
If they felt that what I had put up was inappropriate, they could've just told me via a comment or e-mail.
There was no need to block it quietly, and act cool!
Come on lah, boss - get real lah ............... I'm not troubling anyone what.

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