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Terrorist Islamist apologists

Here is my rebuttal to shahidan on the same thread on Islamist terrorism.

cruzeiro wrote:

Shahidan wrote:
My point very simply was to show that Zionists too committ terrorism in the name of God. Golda Meir and the Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel and key spiritual guide for Israeli settlers in Palestinian territory also uses the name of god to advance state terrorism.

Why then do you assert that 'nobody else screams for blood in the name of God'? You are being selective in your condemnation because you do not acknowledge extremists from other religions do the same, but you are being Islamophobic when you single out only this group. I won't go into the Christian and Hindu sources to also produce the extremist versions of these religions as I do not consider these extremists to be representative of their religions.

Yes, there are fringe sects and groups with political motives who do scream for blood - but I don't recall any that have such a worldwide appeal as seen among Islamist apologists.
Shahidan - it is you who have equated Islam with terror, and then have resorted to calling me an Islamophobe!
Zionism isn't a religion - it is a Jewish nationalist ideology.
I have a phobia for terrorists, more so for those who do it in the name of God - no matter which religion - not Islam per se. If that makes me an Islamophobe, I'm guilty as charged, and I wouldn't apologize.
Why has this blackened the face of Islam only, you may ask.
It appears to me that in no other religion, do they garner such widespread, worldwide support. In Islam, violence has become a worldwide phenomenon, unlike in other ideologies.
Then you label those who abhor these violence, "Islamophobes"!
You choose to drive a wedge between those professing Islam and other Ideologies with violence, then blame them for not understanding the peace of Islam?
Nobody said what the "neo-colonialists" that you call the Empire, isn't doing things wrong. But at least the good that they have done is out there for all to see, and it outweighs the bad.
Now, what good have these terrorists done to demand equal stature as the "Empire" as you put it? Zilch.
If at all anything, they use the resources, technology and science of the "Empire", to send any nation that they dominate to the middle ages, while hating and envying them for their prosperity!
So, they have been persecuted and injustices have been committed against them - yes, they can fight on a political platform. There is no need for them to justify their evils (they are not immune to it, you know) by hijacking a religion (or deen). It simply is not justifiable, just becos the other guy is doing it!
It is good that you have come out to say that you do condemn terrorism - I appreciate that.
I do hope you understand also that the Palestinian conflict has nothing to do with Islam.
As things are you guys have become sitting ducks to negative media publicity that you get from the "Empire" - in fact, I'm quite aware (as are many of your critics) that not all acts of terror publicised are the doings of Muslim "terrorists".
Unfortunately, these mosquitoes are so many, that even you can't deny it, if it (reports) were untrue - hence, you play into the hands of the "enemy", and destroy the kind face of Islam that you try so hard to build.
You wrote:
My own view is that throughout history, political movements have hijacked religions to advance political agendas for territorial conquests as well as for mobilising against invaders for self defence. The latter may be less pernicious than the former.

So, are you saying it is justified?
Are you really saying that every Islamist rebellion, anger, bombing, atrocity and anti-establishment action worldwide in the name of God is justified?

For God's sake, if not Islam's, I hope not.

Bottom line is, Shahidan, it is wrong to hijack a religion for a political cause, Period - no buts, ifs or why nots.

You(meaning all apologists for terrorists - not you only Shahidan), as I see it are actually trying to defend Islam (not terror), but have got it confused with political agendas.
When Islamist terrorists are condemned, you jump to their defense, thinking that you are defending Islam (as intended by these terrorists). If you (meaning all apologists for terrorists - not you specifically) do not support them, you fear being ostracised in some way for being "unIslamic", or feel that you betray your God.

That is why, the image of Islam has been tarnished worldwide.

Draw a line between the politics and the "deen" - and all will be fine again.

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