Thursday, 2 August 2007

They would've been charged in Malaysia!

I was just wondering - what if these guys wanted to do a show in Malaysia?
They would definitely be charged with racial intolerance or "incitement".

God help us, man .... where is our sense of "tolerance".
Have we lost our sense of humor?
Have we forgotten how to laugh at ourselves for our idiosyncracies or idiocy(as the case may be)?
Do we have to scream for mummy or daddy who are the authority, to make new rules/ laws so that little pee wee's "sensitivities" isn't offended?
Are we a nation of cry babies?
One thing for sure- "SOMEBODY" is out there making police reports becos he can't tolerate what he perceives as insults ....... it's a shame that some people label these guys as "big brother"!

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  1. this is truly hilarious ....


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