Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Mahathir "Unplagued" - IDR (SJER/ NSER)

The following was my interpretation of the "words of wisdom" spouted by none other than TDM - a very wise guy of Malay(sian) politics ....
It was put up in the comments section in Malaysia Today

This was the first:-

cruzeiro wrote:

Umm .... Yes, TDM!
BTW, I thot it was you who wanted that ... way to go, Tun!

More of Ketuanan Melayu rhetoric .....

Yeah Right .... "we" built KLCC, PutraJaya, Proton and Cyberjaya .... and they are doing just great.

Never mind that JB Waterfront City and Danga bay are flops, and people live in squalor - what matters is, Cinakuis don't control the indusries (which means, you and cronies, need quotas for control FOC).

Of course lah the money must be invested by the Cinakui, and they must manage it to success - then the cronies can come in and replace all of them with local grads - the menial labour force will of course be open to all races, including bangla, indon and vietnam.

TDM, 22yrs - and this all you can talk about?

Anyway, get well soon - we still need someone to voice something - even if it is crappy.

Then the next ..........

cruzeiro wrote:

At the end of the day, what TDM is try to say is (forgive me for being crude),

"We are stupid - and the NEP has paralysed us - so you who are able, must learn to feed us. Also, you should provide facilities for physiotherapy to rehabilitate us, so that we can kill you with our able arms with another 5.13.

Is that too much to ask? The cinakuis of Malaysia don't think so - so why you S'poreans so kiasu?

We know how to use money, but we don't know anything on how to make it.

Is it our fault that we are pirates? We can only live as parasites, sucking dry any industry with quotas reserved for us, while we give peanuts to the kampungs. It's genetic ... a race thing - all the Malaysians believe it! Why can't you industrious scum across the causeway believe it (that includes the Malays of S'pore)?

The land is all we have, don't take that away - even if it turns into a desert or a wasteland with flopped projects or drug haunts, and we are left hungry.

It is unlikely that we would go hungry as things are with the NEP - our cronies and cinakuis are nice enough to feed us and wash our butt (we are paralysed, remember). If they don't comply, we can always launch a compassionate campaign of you know what.

Anyway, if we don't have these cinakuis, at least we Bolehlanders can wallow silently in shit, with pride and God to fill our bellies!
That's why, in my good ol' days, I used to say Malaysia Boleh!"
05/09 16:14:29

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