Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Democracy, Mind Games, and Voter Apathy by Design.

"A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.
" -Dwight D. Eisenhower

A letter to the Editor of Malaysia Today entitled "
Never insult the people!" (written by Naruto) said, "Have they not insulted the people enough? Perhaps the DAP has come up with the perfect slogan – Just change it! This is excellent and the timing is perfect - it’s time to change the opposition. Malaysia is in serious need of one strong opposition that can measure up the formidable BN for a better and healthy democracy. That is the way forward toward better future."

This was my reply to Naruto:-
"While I may agree with you that the constantly highlighted differences between the fractured opposition that plays along with the divisive politics of the ruling BN is an insult to the people, I believe that you have missed out on the bigger insults dished out by the Racist politicians of the Ruling political bullies.

BN/ UMNO, by virtue of its actions by curtailing the freedom of the media, gerrymandering and abusing the postal votes for the sake of consolidating their power and securing the 2/3 majority is the bigger insult.
The hundreds of amendments to the constitution - that's the real Insult.
Subverting the Judiciary - That's an insult!
The 2/3 majority in parliament, stifles debate and lends a hand to the corruption that you propose, would determine "better future for all Malaysian with continuing Security, Peace and Prosperity." - That's an insult!

The ISA, Printing presses Act, OSA, stifling of student politics, subservient academics and pseudo-intellectuals, "kangkung" professors - These are Insults that you are possibly blinded to.

Expression of dissent isn't.
Freedom of thought and belief isn't.
A weak Opposition struggling to seek common ground, ISN"T!

Wake up Naruto!!!
Your ideas are laughable at best!!"

Indeed - Malaysia is in dire need of a more credible opposition that does not play along with the corrupt methods and ideas of the power brokers, who are bent on amassing wealth and consolidating power, in the name of Racial/Religious Hegemony and fascism (aka - Security, Peace and Prosperity).
Hence, the efforts by the people at beating the
"divide and rule policies" with the "People's Declaration", where the people dictate the terms to their "wakil".

Tun Musa had an interview published in NST, (and yes, I did buy NST last Sunday - My apologies to Haris Ibrahim), to read what he had to say about Human rights, Democracy, elections, and the much deplored "apathy" of the 5 million unregistered voters in Malaysia.
Tun Musa now stays out of active politics after having compromised on his principles and had joined UMNO Baru of his one time "nemesis", after the real UMNO was dissolved. It is probably understandable that the temptations that TDM laid before him were too much for some "patriots" to handle - the privileges of a "Tun-ship" accorded to giving up his principles were possibly too much for mere mortals as Musa Hitam. TDM rightfully quoted, "Every man has his price" - and Musa had his too.
He is however very much courted as a "statesman" - and his "intellectual views" are apparently much desired in order to lend credibility in an administration that is hard-pressed for it.

While I agree that the extent of voter apathy in Malaysia is at epidemic proportions, and needs to be rectified, no amount of talk from "intellectual statesmen" would change anything unless there is any political will within the ruling party.

Tun Musa Sir - How could one expect voters to be enthusiastic about elections should they be paranoid about persecution?
How do you, as one who has compromised on principles for privileges, point a finger at the electorate who only do the same?

And then you go on to say, "Bigots and dictators rose when there was apathy among those who love democracy" - rightfully so. And you argue that, if one doesn't vote, one is "anti-democratic".

How ironic ...... coming from you, who stands by the methods of UMNO Baru that undermines democracy within itself, in return for the privileges accorded to you. These are the "guardians of democracy" in Malaysia!
Dear Sir, UMNO is dead - what we have now is UMNO Baru.
You now applaud the very organization that you once stood against when righteousness was raped, and that which its own creator says needs to be corrected from the outside!

Your membership and support for this organization that extends the tenure of the EC Chairman by
subverting the constitution,through abuse of the 2/3 majority in parliament does not augur well for you, Tun!
And you call yourself a "critic of the Government"?
That is surely is a new definition of the word, Sir! Greater men such as Tun Hussein and the
Tunku have instead chosen to die outside the fold of these "political elite", who have become dictators, little Napoleons and bigots in their own right.

Dear Tun Musa Sir - you had also said in the interview," ...-if there is any "-ism" that you want talk about that really needs attention, it is not ...... It is "stomach-ism" - the issue of the stomach".
Not necessarily so, dear Sir-
This actually underlines the lack of spirituality on the part of the current crop of warlords in our political hierarchy.
If that isn't an insult, I don't really know what is - it was probably this idea that drove you to join UMNO Baru after being humiliated by your nemesis.

It is more than than, Dear Sir!
Allow me to quote a wise sociologist - "Man does not live on bread alone ....".
To justify stripping man of his dignity in return for wealth, reduces the recepient to nothing more than an animal - and this is what the ideology and doctrine of UMNO Baru is all about.

UMNO Baru and their "chamchas" seek to strip the Malaysians of human dignity, intimidate them, and corrupt their values in return for "financial incentives", scholarships, sewing machines, "kain pelikat", contracts, shares, money, glamour, pride, chauvinism and rewards for mediocrity and every conceivable sin.

Is it any wonder that many have sought refuge in "religion"?
The leaders of these exploitative policies on the other hand have resorted to "religiosity" to make up for their lack of spirituality, through attempts at repressing & subjugating the religious minorities, sometimes violently so.
Is it any wonder that there has been a public backlash through Hindraf, Bersih and the Blogs with the rise in awareness via the new media of internet which the Government appears to detest and attempts to suppress through intimidation, confiscation and harassment?

If anything is true - it is the fact that, it is the "state machinery" that encourages this "voter apathy" that you speak of, Tun. It is be design that they have been frustrated in their attempts to for human dignity. It is by design that they have been indoctrinated to believe in racial supremacy, political docility, bigotry and stripped of their human dignity. It through the propaganda tools that is called the mainstream media that dissenters are painted black and humiliated - and the ideas of fascism propagated under the guise of democracy.

It is also true that the people are subjected to a campaign of lies and deception for the benefit of bigots and fascists who rob the nation's wealth.
They are also told repeatedly that it isn't within their right to be human beings with dignity - so much so that the gullible man on the street believes in it.

The citizen that put the "leaders" in high offices are reduced to workhorses that just supposed to only work to fill their bellies - oblivious to their human rights and dignity.
Just like you, they too have come to believe that life is "better" when you surrender your soul and human rights at the altar of material gain- that righteousness, ethics, philosophy and all the values that make you a man, isn't worth the price.

That is what "Voter Apathy" is all about, dear Sir.
It is what the power brokers need to perpetuate their rule. It is what "you" desire, despite all your verbose morality.

Did I read that you said, "it is fantastic that the leadership is admitting and trying to rectify it (their mistakes)?"

Yeah, right! Maybe there are pigs flying around town, Tun Musa- just maybe!

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