Tuesday, 11 March 2008

More than meets the eye?

Today I heard the news that En. Zakaria Deros, the former UMNO Baru stalwart with a mansion to his name, had passed away due to a "heart attack" at his home.
According to the MSM, the story goes that he had just returned from PWTC (UMNO Baru HQ?) when the incident occurred.

My condolences to the bereaved family. May his soul RIP.

After a very long time, I had decided to watch the MSM news on television, and I was perplexed to see in the above clip, an adult Malay Muslim man crying ....

I watched with surprise, as two guys sort of "mercilessly and unceremoniously dragged" (not literally) by his shirt, a man mourning the death of his father, in front of the national television camera - he then apologized to the world for whatever wrongs that his father might have done!!!!

The man was so totally "broken", and was REALLY sobbing like a baby .....

The above was the scene at the funeral of En. Zakaria.

I'm quite certain that En. Zakaria's son didn't volunteer to do so in such an emotional state.

If it wasn't voluntary, What kind of man would compel someone who's in mourning for a loved one do do as such?

Is it the "body snatching" kind? Or is it the "Hadhari" kind?

Is there no compassion left for their own brethren?

I've seen many deaths, and the most "emotionally controlled" ones are those of Malays/ Muslims - never have I seen such emotional outbursts - that too a man!!

Whatever the Man might have done, he at least deserved to be treated with respect - at least during his funeral. The family shouldn't be forced to make emotional statements of apology on national television at that very moment!!

I wouldn't want to hazard a guess, as to the motives of the guys for doing this to En. Zakaria's son, nor would I wanna guess who were the ones who wanted this done.

Whatever Zakaria has done, is now between him and God - but to humiliate a family member on national television in such a manner, is so totally beyond me.

Is there more than meets the eye?

Your guess is as good as mine ......


  1. seems that Zakaria committed suicide by drinking poison.

  2. Where did you get this "inside info" from?


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