Thursday, 27 March 2008

The Party-Hopping Madness.

Pardon me - it isn't the fun kind of party gate-crashing that we speak of here, but the Political Party Hopping, that's done in search of "greener pastures".
A newspiece of late, says that some young political upstart in PKR appears to condone the "Party Hopping" activities.
It is possibly a mental disease that's akin to "opportunistic infection" in the world of politics. To say that it is an acceptable "occupational hazard" would be immoral. No Disease such as this is "Acceptable".
All efforts towards containment & eradicating this extremely dangerous communicable disease should be made (through "Pendidikan Moral untuk Politikus" classes, if not by legislation- if necessary).
It it plainly a despicable act - it only means that the "hopper" is corrupt morally and/or financially.

This behaviour (should the Hopper be an MP), has to be condemned by all parties.
Party Hoppers should be condemned if he refuses to give up the seat he contested for, under another Party platform.
It is only right that he/she seeks a new mandate from the people he represents in a by election. The same should also be done, should a party "sack" the MP's membership.
Just becos UMNO Baru did encourage such conduct, doesn't mean it is acceptable.
Just becos UMNO Baru/BN would stand to gain by this condemnation, doesn't mean it should be condoned.

This is what was said on The People's Parliament recently:-
‘Party-hopping is part and parcel of the democratic process’ - so says PKR Youth deputy chief Khairul Annuar Ahmad Zainuddin, according to a report in Malaysiakini yesterday.
Yeah right!!
Let me tell you this Khairul - If at all you did say this, SHAME ON YOU.
You had better clarify your position.
It may be part and parcel of Democracy, but it doesn't make the act morally acceptable.
Democracy does not spell out the fine print of technicalities, like a legal contract.
Just like the Law, It is an IDEA that can be twisted to your convenience, should you not understand its "spirit".
For you to say that a despicable act is part and parcel of Democracy only means that you accept cheating, and do not understand the spirit of Democracy.

Zaid Ibrahim should table the bill to enact anti-defection laws ASAP, to discourage such immoral behaviour among MPs who are entrusted with a people's mandate.
The vote that is cast, although should ideally be defined as that for a candidate, isn't quite the case in third-world nations like Malaysia.
More often than not, the voters don't even know who the candidate is! More so, when the media is so biased and freedom of information is restricted. Mr. Loh Gwe Burne (I hope the spelling is correct) would be a fine example - from the "famous" cameraman of Lingam-gate to MP, in a blink. Nobody knows jack about this cameraman, other than the fact that he's a businessman based in China (or is it Taiwan?).
That is why Party Symbols and "Iconic Leaders" are extremely important in third-world democracies- people identify more readily with images, rather than ideas of individuals.

Khairul - I call upon you to retract your statement, and make it clear that you would reject new turncoats & "CHEATING MPs" into your fold, or you would be no better.
DSAI should also make a stand, and reject the corrupt UMNO-B /BN modus operandi and culture once and for all. (We all know what happened in Sabah '94 during the UMNO Baru venture, and it isn't what we want).

On another note - the word is out (rumours lah!), that bets are now being placed on the timing of AAB's resignation "due to ill health". Apparently the dates around the second half of April and early May are getting the highest bets!

Is this the end of KJ? Are we gonna see the rise of the aristocratic Dynasties? Will TDM be back in action via his proxies? Or is it gonna be the new philandering Neo-Con (could be conservative, conmen or convict) Capitalist Malay?
Let's just wait and see .... who knows - DSAI may just get the PMship on a silver platter should UMNO Baru implode!


  1. I agree. My position on it is that party hopping is morally wrong. I say it without reservation although UMNO did benefit from it in 1994 Sabah.

    Guess who was rolling out the dough for it? The same operator as before but in a different political party now.

    An interesting information. One former Minister who hopped for RM10 million end up only getting RM500,000. Thats how honourable the man putting claim to be the future PM of Malaysia.

    ... Opps sorry party hopping is not honourable. Decaying on a dishonourable deal is double dishonourable :)

  2. Hi Voice!
    We all know who has the dough now - and where he got his "coaching" from. We also know that old habits die hard.

    Whatever said & done, it seems like the "ideologically bankrupt" old guard are in a little of a dilemma for the leadership, and we aren't really left with much of a choice.

    Definitely - such conduct is dishonorable. With the culture bred by some "luminary characters" over 25 yrs, what can we expect from these guys, uh?
    o.5mil on a 10mil deal - that must've been real sweet for the winner!
    Let's just hope the cheaters get cheated by the right people.
    So much for honor among theives ...


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