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Redefining, Respinning, Repackaging "Ketuanan Melayu".

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"If they are not successful and developed, then they are not tuan (masters), therefore they will be coolies (labourers). I am sure we do not want to become coolies who do not play any role in development because we are weak and not able.
We are not going to be a race that dominates others.
We want to be a party that represents the Malays and that is ready to cooperate for the future of Malays and the people."

'That is Malay supremacy and I hope people will understand it.'

- Mr. AAB


Oh Yes, Mr. PM - we understand it very well, alright!
Let us now see what that meant thus far ....

"If they are not successful and developed, then they are not tuan (masters), therefore they will be coolies (labourers)."

Isn't that a pity now ....
Success and development to you means - being the "Tuan"?
Yep - who cares if they are so stupid that they even "tutup sebelah mata", talk about "wayar putuih", "terowongs" or "bocor" stuff in parliament. In fact they can be so stupid that they build their mansions amidst slums.
Or maybe you could create of tax-evading, scoundrel, "kayu", successful entrepreneurs/industrialists/businessmen with mega concessions, for the swindling of Mega-corporations, to be primed for mega bail-outs "in the interests of the stupid tax-paying working class", right?
Only then can you put a face on the Tuan ... or maybe a Tuan on the face!

And you mean that Ketuanan Melayu looks down on the very respectable, vital and essential "Labour" - class? Nice thing to say with the coming Labour Day .....
No wonder we have so many instant "Malaysians from Seberang"!
No wonder Malaysia attracts the scum, while other nations take the cream!
Hell, yeah man- why didn't I think of it ......
Only then,
without their trade unions, can you pay them pittance and whack the repressed, suppressed, uneducated, "underclass" and stupid "beast-of -burden" coolies who do not play any role in development because we are weak and not able, right?

Hmmmm ... so "Ketuanan" means being the "taikor" lah - one who can only work in air-conditioned rooms, push pencils in suits, have women and wives all made-up to sit pretty or go globe-trotting with charity monies, huh!
Great - So far so good .....

"We are not going to be a race that dominates others."

How's that, Pat Lah ... I mean, Pak Lah?
You mean to say that the "Nons" can now be truly competing with "UMNOputras" on a level playing field, without paying "rent" to (30-50% stake holding) Ali Babas who push up the overheads?
All non-performing GLCs would definitely be shutdown for good to reduce wastage of public funds, .
Certainly, the same would also go for deals sealed under the OSA, right?

Then beneficieries of open tenders would surely be expected to perform in all their endeavours, and deliver the goods that they promise - or pay damages, right?
The bloated civil service will, I'm sure, start recruiting servants to serve the people instead of UMNO Baru, regardless of gender, ethnicity or political affiliation. And promotions would be granted based on the same values of merit, right?
Oh yes- I'm so sure, that I believe that you wouldn't settle for mediocrity and "connections" in selecting all future candidates for the above.
Definitely, you plan to introduce a system of Meritocracy that will reward academic excellence, right?
You'll be a national hero (to the "nons") if you can reduce our costs, Pak Lah!!!

Whaaat!! No?
What do you mean - no?
You mean the Tuans cannot be subject to the same rules becos they are Tuans?
Here I was, almost thinking that it only meant what is explicitly stated in the constitution about the "special rights" & Sultan/ Raja-raja Melayu only, as Shahrir said!

Okay, fine - Let's move on .......
"We want to be a party that represents the Malays and that is ready to cooperate for the future of Malays and the people."

Hey - but if I'm a citizen, and I'm a "non" who voted you in, UMNO Baru or not - aren't you supposed to represent me as well?
But of course, how can a nigger second class citizen be represented by the "Tuan", right?
Silly me ...........
For that I'm sure you need some second class niggers, who'll "cooperate" and do your bidding, so as to be patted like pet dogs feeding on morsels dropped from your feast at the table.
........... - and Bingo!
You've hit your jackpot in your BN allies, Pak Lah!

Yeah- now let's see what "cooperation" with niggers mean:-
We understand how the neutered running dogs you called "allies" in BN grinned, and were apologists for UMNOBaru's "Ketuanan Melayu" rhetoric and the Kris waving.
We understand how they whimpered & cowered, or were shut up with juicy morsels, while the people were getting buggered.

We understand how they have suddenly become bolder after their Tuans were raped breathless, in the elections.
Isn't that so typical of "toy" pets growling when their masters are threatened?
Yes, we understand how the "Tuans" (like Mr. Chris) are now peeing in their pants, and struggling for words to redefine your policies.
We also understand how you're begging for the people's support, by asking Mr. Chris to make a HP6 "apology", that - looks like it, sounds like it, but isn't quite it.
The silence of your hardly-weaned political blue-eyed-boy of the 4th floor is quite deafening too.

But not to worry .... those who want your head, don't have much of a choice- thanks to Che Det-osaurus, who succesfully pruned away the Malay intellectuals from UMNO Baru!
He sure is a funny guy, when he tries to be "cool" in the international media, with his foolish pseudo-intellectual and shameless antics (which happens to make some "Tuans" burst with pride!) .......
You sure are a lucky man - in a house full of blind devotees and the party-pooping has-been three stooges (of the Mongoloid, the Coolie and the Che Det-osaurus) on the sidelines, you can hold on for some more time, before the house comes down.
You want a better chance of survival, get rid of ISA and exorcise all the ghosts of "Che Det" in the party, Government, Police and Judiciary - once and for all.
That is the only saving grace and legacy that you'd be remembered for, if you so desire.

As somebody said, these nugget of wisdom, comes from the "Heart of my Bottom" for Mr. AAB!

Thank You, Mr. PM - the stupid people (or so you believe) definitely understand it when you said 'That is Malay supremacy and I hope people will understand it.'
Correct, Correct, Correct .......
Just Keep Hoping ...... meanwhile, we could be major promoters for Slumberland Mattresses, right?


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  1. Dear dr. cruz. I certainly think you are overanalyzing the entire situation.

    To understand ketuanan melayu one has to be open minded and be able to accpet a new paradigm of the whole concept. It is certainly something new, and as expected there will be a handful who would not understand it anyway.

    But still, kudos to Pak Lah for attempting to explain.

  2. Dear Daniel,
    Is it that I over analyse or, that Pak Lah has an under-nourished intellect?
    It's a "new paradigm" that escapes my understanding?
    It is something new?
    How so?
    I'd like to know ...... cos I think it is an empty and pathetically defensive rhetoric. Don't give me this pseudo-intellectual gibberish, Daniel- pardon me, but I think that's a whole load of "hot air"!

    This thing you call a "new paradigm" of Ketuanan Melayu is a little difficult to understand considering the various spin that have been continuously coming from various sources - be they Shahrir, Mr. Chris or Pak Lah.
    All becos - they refuse so shamelessly, to admit the "intellectual bankruptcy" of this 'primitive', selfish, fascistic and ethnocentric ideology that breeds and nurtures corruption within UMNO!

    To me, it appears like simply like a new coat of paint for termite infested house.

    Seriously - I'm 'impressed' that you hold Pak lah's intellect with such admiration, that you believe that it is beyond the comprehension of ordinary minds like mine.

    Maybe you can help articulate his "profoundly new and sophisticated" concept of "Ketuanan Melayu wisdom", by writing a thesis on it?

    Thanking you, Daniel - in anticipation of your take on this "new paradigm" ....

  3. To me, "Ketuanan Melayu" is UMNO way to say "I am the Boss" and "I am the Boss", nothing else!

    So dear Daniel, there is nothing new here and with due respect to you, i believe you are one of those who refuse to understand what had been written here


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