Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Reply to the Petronas fan's Letter


This post is in response to the earlier post -
E-Mail circulated by a Petronas 'fan'

Dear ......,
I'm sure you know where this e-mail comes from ..... at best, it's laughable!
What I write are things that cross my mind, and not for the reading of others, okay...... so here's what I'd say in response:-

Yes - I'm sure Malaysia is the only oil producing country that rents rigs, explores for oil, needs to transport the oil, cannot refine it and has to export it.
Poor ol' Petronas .....
I'm sure we don't sell light sweet crude on the Black market.
I'm sure we don't sell crude for 'loans' from Japan or Korea for our mega projcts that churn billions of ringgit for the economy

Yes we don't have the money - but we have money for Putrajaya, the KLCC twin phallus of pride & ego, Cyberjaya, Paperless Hospitals, PKFZ, Lumut, Bakun Dam, gambling away billions on futures trading, bailing out MISC, giving money for selling nasi lemak, sarong & MLM at work in the 1.2 million strong civil service, building millions on Brickendonbury sports Complex, Working holidays to Europe, Helicopter rides to international Golf courses for fun, Proton tin cans, Motorized bicycles, Rempit trips to North pole, failed Everest expeditions by HP6 monkeys, F1 tracks .... phew!
I'm sorry - I'm already breathless, ......

But of course - We got no money for decent schools.
We got no money for scholarships, so worthy students can study.
We got no money for REAL world-class education & Universities!
We got no money for infrastructure,subsidizing food, cooking oil.
We didn't have money for a lot of things ......

But we do have money for Monsoon Cup, Theme parks in God-forsaken places, funding Kangkung studies by kangkung Proffies who use proxies!!!
Definitely takes your breath away, doesn't it?

Does the oil belong to PETRONAS & gang or the people?
Where does Petronas get it's right to the profits?
God or Government?

Do cronies decide on this secretive Govt controllers, or the people?
I want a share in the company - why isn't it public listed like any other company?
Why can't I buy a share?
Why can't I get some of the profits, even if I have to pay taxes for it?
Why can't the accounts be revealed to the tax-payers and voters who give it the right to explore/ drill/ pump out this God-given wealth?

Of course I do ask about the taxes- and That also gives me the right to ask Petronas, where are the profits?
If I cannot ask, why not?
What have you got to hide it for 50yrs for?
Who are your "external auditors"?
Who are the beneficieries?
Who are the decision makers, shakers & movers??
Where are the AGMs?
Who votes?

Now show us your accounts!!!
Thank You, Petronas!

(images inserted are from Mob' s Crib)


  1. Dr. Cruz,

    Probably we should all be asking our dear Tun Mahathir who is Petronas advisor for some light to this. He's been "advising" Petronas all this while right?

  2. Tun is the one who is responsible in spending money for those project KLCC, Putrajaya and such. Lets just ask him..

  3. I agree guys .....
    How come nobody in power can come up with this idea?
    Are we geniuses or what?


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