Monday, 7 July 2008

"Clean" Politics, "Blog-Strikes" & "Carburettor Dung".

"And even bloggers are getting sick of all the shenanigans - and are laying off politics for awhile."
- The Sunday Star

I wondered why Rocky would wanna "go on strike" when he sees the can of worms being opened ......
And Marina would say, "I don't know anything at all .....and I will blog about things that I hope will make us smarter, not stupider."

What - we cannot throw dirt back at those who whack us?
Isn't this what we have all been silent about?
We cannot demand accountability?
Wow! Now we have become 'political moralists' have we?

Suddenly some people have become all soft and sentimental?
Everything's "fitnah semata-mata", and it can destroy the "ummah".
Aaah ... I get it - it is not in our culture to speak of the dirt that hasn't been flushed out - we just put the lid on them and spray some perfume on it. We as responsible "bloggers" have to shut our eyes to the "boogers", lest we throw up.

The dirt has to be sorted out and swept up "behind closed doors", so that the people think highly of our politicians and inspire confidence.
I'm sure that will fill all the hungry bellies, empty fuel tanks and depleting cash reserves ....
We can only speak of things that are prim and proper in public.
We need to molly-coddle all our politicians ......
That definitely will make us all smarter ...... Malaysia Boleh style!!!
Thanks for the tip, Rocky and Marina - I'm sure everybody (especially Saiful, Bala P.I. & Setev Sharibuu) will love you more for that.....

Semut has some interesting photos on the evolution of Malaysian politics, that has approached its heights in CarburettorDung - from goodbye umno, goodbye hadhari to the sodo mee story..
All we need as a wake-up call now is "Carburettor Dung" and a Mooning show!

Moving on ...... Many asked me yesterday, if I'd be heading to Kelana Jaya for the "carnival" - since I'm not into "wholesome family entertainment", it was a negative.

I had a good laugh today morning, though ... Hard-T has some really good pictures to illustrate what I had only imagined could have happened at the "carnival".

My goodness gracious me ......!!!!!
(Marina & and Rocky might've decided to shut down their blogs forever ..... and Malaysians would be deprived of getting "smarter"!)

Thank God it didn't take place at padang timur Amcorp Mall.

Protes rally turn ugly (Now showing) -Hard-T

AMK Security (Angkatan Muda Keadilan) we're really F'in up....
So, when he dropped his pants ...., trouble makers (monkeys) & conservative elements in the crowd that started the violence & started throwing bottles......
Throughout the day, there were many trouble makers & probably UMNO youngster gangstas there (as usual). All the monkeys came out to play!
To wrap up this part, some AMK guys could have roughed up the members of Carburettor Dung as they we're 'taken' out ....
They went missing after,.....

Rocker strips pants and bends down at audience - The Star

Hishamuddin Rais yang menjadi pengarah persembahan telah berjanji untuk membatalkan pertunjukan beberapa kumpulan underground dan digantikan dengan kumpulan nasyid dan dikir barat. Beliau menjaminkan bahawa persembahan nanti akan tertumpu pada isu minyak dan juga kezaliman kerajaan. - HermanSamsudeen


"Oi! Cukuplah!"........ the audience managed to rain blows on the performers..... band had been performing a number titled "Liwat" .... The last straw was when the lead singer, turned around and pulled down his pants to expose his underwear..... one of the organisers of the event went on stage to publicly apologise ... adding tearfully that he did not understand why the crowd was behaving so uncivilly against his "anak buah" ....

- TheMalaysianInsider


Now, for Sham's SHAME ...(aka dungtertainment)

Hello Sham Rais,
DAMN - Good show Sham!
Are you out of your skull or something?
Did you think they were supposed to perform to junkies or feng-thou crowd or something?
You didn't know that mindless antics on stage, isn't what people wanna see?
You call that "music"? You call that "entertainment"?
You gotta have more sense than put up a cheap trick like that to rile up the crowd!
One doesn't have to be "square" to be disgusted with such performances, Sham - you just need common sense!
One could have found ten other bands/ performers who'd perform for free, with some real music
Jeez Sham - shame on you.
Wake up, grow up and stop the "F"-ups, for gottsakes!!


  1. Is this what we call a peaceful rally? the one that suppose to highlight the people's concern about the petrol's hike.
    But at the end, the rally is more remembered as being the 'butt of the joke'.

  2. It's called Sham's Dungtertainment, dude!
    Peace ???

  3. Hello Dr Cruz.. I certainly feel the whole event defeated the whole purpose and "pure" intention of it all. And the butt-showing antics certainly did not do much to impress. Probably this is not the image PR is planning to convey to the public, I shall say it is quite bad publicity.

    And I have asked even from before, is this event to create awareness, a political boycott campaign, turun minyak kempen (yeah right, like it would help) or merely a carnival? More like an angsty teenage fest to me.

  4. Shame is how these bloggers are painting themselves all high and mighty now..have they played no part in the mud slinging, name calling, speculation, conspiracy theories and spreading of ppl's fiancee's pictures 1st thing whenenver something sensational happened recently? So easy to say that the March 8th change was because of the blogosphere, well then, so is our present confusion

  5. what a joke lah..and they claimed they're representing the voice of the ppl who are suffering because of the fuel hike?

  6. I have to agree with Penn, it is quite ironic any mabye a little hypocritical for the bloggers (Rocky mostly) to react that way. I'm not sure, is it because the whatever palnned sentiment or agenda they were meant to spread didnt really go according to planned? Hmm... Fishy indeed. I think the blogs should also work on being ethical and credible too. Sooner people will be meluat of blogs too.

  7. Dear penn & darcwil,
    It is justified for you to say that about bloggers for "smearing" the families of aggrieved parties.
    That was definitely uncalled for, and I sympathise with their predicament.

    Taking the "big picture" into consideration, it is but a relatively minor matter - as compared to the refusal of certain aggrieved parties to be proactive, that has provoked it all to a frenzy.

    Denials upon denials as a "defence" against "charges/ smear", just doesn't cut it - even if it may be "fitnah semata-mata" as they say it.

    Resorting to cheap tricks of emotional appeal of religious recitals and quotes on TV/ media, brings more questions to mind.

    Isn't this the real cause of all the confusion that distresses you and all the others?

    For one to baulk at the mudslinging at this stage is quite strange, when it was what the people had bargained for, when they demanded accountability.
    The people are actually falling for the "moralist trap" that certain 'almighty holier than thou' characters desire, so as to calm the tide.

    With 50 yrs of clean stories in the media, the people just don't seem to be able to stomach the the can of worms that malaysian politics is, in reality.

    Indeed - ignorance is bliss and "bloggers are to blame" for the weak Malaysian stomach and "perasaan meluat".
    No wonder we've had racism, apartheid, nepotism, cronyism, corruption, Altantuya and what not for so many years - precisely what I wrote about in "A disease of Fear & Apathy".


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