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The Rise of Apologists for Racism!

All 13 Umno divisions in Penang backed embattled Bukit Bendera Umno chief Ahmad Ismail in not apologising over his alleged racist remarks.
-Malaysia kini

Penang opposition leader: Reporter should be shot
Penang opposition leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim, who was at the press conference to show support for Bukit Bendera Umno head Datuk Ahmad Ismail, criticised the reporter from the Chinese newspaper who allegedly twisted Ahmad's words during the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign. However, the state Umno secretary did not name the reporter but claimed that only one Chinese publication reported Ahmad's statement. "What was written may lead to a racial riot. If such a thing happens, he is the first person that should be shot," he said to loud cheers from Umno supporters who packed the meeting room at Menara Umno here.

- The Malaysian Insider

Sebenarnya orang Melayu sekarang amat takut jika mereka diberi label "racist". Mereka menulis dalam akhbar yang orang Melayu bukan racist. Demikianlah ketakutan mereka sehingga apabila hak mereka di buruk-burukan dan diserang, mereka tidak berani mempertahankan diri mereka.
- Mahathir,

You cannot reason with thugs.
Especially thugs who believe that it is their right to
"live by force, yet count on those who live by trade to create the value of their looted money"
That it is their right to "get richer by graft and by pull than by work",
to have "money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors"
and your "laws don't protect you against them",
but "protect them against you".

This is the true color of some thugs who smile sweetly when they dish out chicken feed to the people, while they get drunk on luxuries at the expense of the hard working citizens.
It is indeed shameful that there are people within the fold of the very organisation that questions their citizenship of Malaysia, who are blind to this fact.
It is probably time for all allies of Umno to pull out of the coalition and support the Government of PR, and leave Umno out in the cold by themselves, should they not have the guts and decency to censure the hate & war mongers!
That is if they have an iota of self respect and honour left in them!

Notice how Mahathir has subtly supported this thug, despite having said a fortnight ago, that what is perceived as rights aren't actually so?
He justified racism and hate mongering, and only stopped short of saying that Racism is right! He probably saw the "opportunity" in this conflict and wishes to stoke the fire!
He actually shamelessly equated a kid's Negarakuku, which was just a parody for which he apologized, to this questioning of the citizenship by a leader at a public rally!
It's probably what all gutter politicians do - I have no way to confirm that.
Mahathir even uses Hindraf as an excuse to justify this.
In his typical style, he then makes a U-turn within 24hrs, and says:
"I am not defending nor do I like what Ahmad Ismail of Bukit Bendera said. It does not contribute to lessening the tension between the races. But I feel disgust at the inability of the present Malay leadership to manage racialism.
"It took a long time for me to live down the label as a Malay ultra. I had gained such strong support from the Chinese community in the 1999 general election when the Malays deserted me that I felt I was no longer regarded as a Malay ultra by the Chinese generally (the Opposition Chinese excepted).
"I was grateful for the Chinese support and I had many times publicly acknowledged that much of Malaysia's development was due to the dynamic Malaysian Chinese entrepreneurs and businessmen.

For more on Mahathir's mind, click here & here.

He seems intent on "shaming" the Malays into anger, should they speak the truth out of their conscience.
He even berates the Malay leadership for being afraid of being labeled as racist!
He appears to advocate arrogance and retribution upon the men of goodwill for this "shame" .....
This time, he doesn't condemn racism unequivocally, or even apologize for the racism that he preached but counters it with an accusation. Just like the Kinabatangan Bung, Mr. Chris, Zulkifli and Ahmad Ismail, he claims to be "misunderstood"!!
Maybe it is a new pathological disease spread by a "denial virus" among certain mentally handicapped politicians - but for heaven's sakes ......
Someone, anyone ..... please tell me Mahathir isn't a Racist and a Fascist!

I wonder if anyone remembers RPK's "It's the Arithmetic, Stupid!" and an earlier one along the same lines, which advocated cutting deals with "some blackmailing elements", to "keep the peace".
They wish to blackmail the people, and creating discord among the people under the guise of "racial conflict" is the easiest way.

With the dawn of 916, there is a nervous/desperate attempt among "certain quarters" at recreating 5.13, so as to keep their grubby pirate's hands on the pie. That's why I said that "it's about the money, stupid" - and not race, religion or "Malay rights", which they want you to believe. Some excerpts of what I had written on my blog was posted (with links) in the comments section of the "Arithmetic" article in No Holds Barred.

Before we decide to to cave in to hate politics and 'subtle threats', let us consider the facts, and the corruption/decadence that would be inflicted upon everybody in future, should we do so.

This is a turning point in History, and it is in the hands of our good Malay & Muslim brethren this Ramadhan.
Search your hearts, brothers - These guys wish to hold the country at ransom, and rule with impunity in a climate of fear.
These guys will rip your hearts out, so that you will live as an empty shell of a person, devoid of a conscience, ignorant of ethics, and without a sense of right & wrong - all these while making you recite scriptures for consolation. This is what I meant when I wrote a year ago, "Even if we aren't too accurate in our assessment, much of what has passed off for Islamisation by the govt was nothing more than frothy God-talk, mindless, thoughtless, and in its exploitation of people, heartless."

The question is, do the people of Malaysia, regardless of race or religion, wish to live as slaves to these thugs, or do we wish for a brighter future without the lodestone of 513 hanging around our necks.

Come Sept 16, we will know .....


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  1. Dr.D'Cruz!
    If u are here in Malaysia,
    then I take my hat off to u!
    But if u are some where else,
    then pls stop pontificating,
    as u have no clue of the pressure
    and I will say the same to Azly Rahman!

  2. What pressure?
    The pressure is on "them".
    Note their acts of desperation, and watch Mahathir in the next few days. He's the man to watch ....

    There'll be very subtle threats that get more brazen and vocal/open in the next few days coming from "them". There will be staged attempts at creating strife perpetrated by those who stand to lose the pie ....

    Watch also the flight of capital from our markets. If they try to stop the inevitable, they'll have to face the wrath of the international community (not to mention a certain ASEAN neighbor of ours).

    Umno is quite upset that none of the NGOs or the blogger community seems to criticize the takeover plan of Anwar - they are out in the cold and are shivering!

    Anyway, a man's gotta do what he's gotta do - that's all.
    Stay cool, bro!

    Obviously you don't even remember shaking my hand - maybe it was the beers ...... but it's okay.
    Thanks for the hat anyway, mate!
    I'm truly humbled ....


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